How to get from Bangkok to Ayutthaya – all ways

There are many ways to get to Ayutthaya from Bangkok, but I I will tell one, in my opinion the fastest and most convenient. And in fact the Ayutthaya business is so close to the capital that it is too strong with a choice There is no way to bother.

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  • 1 How to get to Ayuthaya
    • 1.1 On the minibus from Victory Monument
    • 1.2 Bus to Ayutthaya
    • 1.3 Transfer from Khaosan
    • 1.4 Transfer online
    • 1.5 By train
  • 2 Map of Ayutthaya

How to get to Ayuthaya

On the minibus from Victory Monument

From October 2016, minivans no longer go from here to others. city of thailand. The military junta fought with traffic jams on the square, which arose from the activities of 4,000 minibuses, essentially created an illegal bus station in the middle of the city. Minivans distributed between the three main bass terminals of bangkok and from Victory Monument now runs free shuttles to these three. bus terminals. If you are closer to the monument than to the stations – come here Shuttles run from 4:30 am and until 20:30 every 20 minutes

It used to be gorgeous – brought right to the old city on mini-bus terminal (the usual bus station is in a new city and far from here), where there are a dozen hotels, the market and Family Mart. You can immediately settle here, rent a bike and go Watch the ancient capital of Siam.

During the season it is better to book in advance, and then there are few rooms. it will not happen, it almost happened to me, took the last one and waited for more long until free. And you can and without settling, and leave in the evening back to Bangkok from here.

Bus to Ayutthaya

Bus. I think this is not very convenient, because at first you need to get to the northern bus station Mo Chit, and the bus goes a little longer, and not all the buses in Ayutthaya itself call in. I rode with Chiang Mai there and just ran into it. And if you stop, then then from the Ayuttai bus station to saw.

But if you decide by bus, you can make it easier for yourself to live and at least Buy tickets in advance through 12GO. Actually, they have there and mini-bass too. Also convenient to take.

Tickets to Ayutthaya →

Transfer from Khaosan

There are many travel agencies in Khaosan selling tickets for all directions. And if on the night bus from them it is better not to go anywhere (they steal at night), then on the mini-buses it’s the most. But it is convenient, only if you already live in a hotel on Khaosan.

Online transfer

Anyone who wants a minimum of gestures can order a transfer online in KiwiTaxi or 12go. You will be met in the arrival hall, they will take the luggage will be put in the car and taken to the right place. The way is good that there are no problems at all, while it costs like a regular taxi.

There is still a taxi, but you have to look for it on the spot, and bargain, to bring down the price. I don’t know the exact price, about 2000 baht in one the end is probably taken.

By train

A way for those who want to ride on the train and get a little extreme. From the Hua Lamphong train station she walks often 30 times a day. Schedule here, ticket costs 15-20 baht, travel time 1.5 hours, but may be late for another 2 hours. With another hand does not depend on traffic jams.

Comes to the local railway station and it is located a little further from ruins than if you were driving a minivan, you will need to cross the river swim across the ferry (3 baht). You can also tuk-tukerami take advantage of.

Schedule of trains and electric trains passing through AyutthayaSchedule of trains and electric trains passing through Ayutthaya

The train schedule and trains passing through Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya Map

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