The most romantic places in Paris

The most romantic places in Paris – a guide with detailed description and map.

Paris is the most romantic city in the world.

It so happened that Paris is considered the most romantic city ​​on earth. Here go lovers, newlyweds on a honeymoon, spouses to enjoy a holiday in the company of each other. In In many ways, this status of Paris is supported by literature, art and cinema. But agree that having learned this city, we are only in this we are convinced.

Paris is first of all not ancient sights (although they too). This is a special atmosphere of romance, this is fashion and shopping, this gourmet and cozy cafes. And incredibly romantic spend a vacation with your loved one here – admire the views Paris from the height of the Eiffel Tower, visit the legendary Notre-Dame de Paris, take a stroll through Montmartre.

Top of the most romantic places in Paris

The Eiffel TowerThe Eiffel Tower

The symbol of Paris – the Eiffel Tower, will give not only stunning views of Paris, but also the opportunity to visit famous restaurants or Admire the beautiful light illumination in the evening.

Notre Dame de ParisNotre Dame Cathedral

You should definitely admire the Cathedral of Notre Dame, sung by Victor Hugo. And let in this work a lot of drama, but no less in it and love.


A very romantic place is the Montmartre district, where they were looking for their inspiration famous writers and artists. Here you can sit in a cozy romantic cafe with a glass of wine or draw his portraits from numerous street artists.

River SeineSeine River

It is also very romantic to walk in the evening along the banks of the Seine and numerous bridges, or take and take a ride on the river ship.

Saint-SulpiceChurch of Saint-Sulpice

Saint-Sulpice will give you a sense of connection with the famous the work of Dan Brown “The Da Vinci Code”.

Saint-MartinSaint martin

A romantic walk or a small picnic on the waterfront Canal Saint-Martin will help you to feel relaxed and calm

Square du Wert-GalantSquare du Vert-Galant

Square du Vert-Galant – a picturesque park on the western tip Sita. I especially recommend to meet the sunset here.

Island of Our LadySwan Island

Swan Island – an artificial island with a beautiful alley, view on the Eiffel Tower and a copy of the Statue of Liberty.

And what romantic places in Paris do you know? Waiting for comments :-)

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