Museums of Paris

Museums of Paris – description and photo. The most interesting Parisian museums.

In Paris, art is especially revered. Local museums are strictly observe their traditions, showing visitors true masterpieces classics and new authors. Some art historians point out that Paris has long surpassed Berlin and New York in the highly artistic sphere. Getting to the capital of France, every tourist will certainly seeks to visit the unique museums of Paris.

The Louvre

Louvre The Louvre

The Louvre is the largest and most famous museum in Paris. Connoisseurs believe that in the Louvre is impossible to view all the exhibits. In the museum there is a unique collection of various art objects, which were made before the beginning of the XX century. The Louvre is considered The main museum of Paris. It is in it are unique Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. Should I continue that the Louvre – amazing rare value museum?

Museum of Contemporary Art at the Pompidou Center

Museum of Contemporary Art at the Pompidou Center The museum Contemporary Art at the Pompidou Center

The museum has two interesting and amazing collections. art of the XX and XXI centuries. They include 50 unique masterpieces. There are subjects of various directions – from surrealism to cubism. In the museum you can fully enjoy the exhibition of pop art. Himself Pompidou Center itself is a very interesting place, past which is better. do not pass. Exhibitions held here every year, constantly are updated.

D’Orsay Museum

D'Orsay The museum d’Orsay

The museum is located on the left bank of the Seine (from the Louvre, which located on the right bank, you just need to go over the bridge). Here collections of impressionists and post-impressionists are kept: “Water Lilies” K. Monet and “Dancers” Degas. Also presented work Van Gogh, Delacroix, E. Manet, Gauguin. Should certainly visit this museum.

Small Palace

Small Palace Small palace

The Small Palace contains an amazing collection that includes 1,300 exhibits. The museum is located near the Champs Elysees. Login for everyone is free. The museum presents antique items and vintage antiques.

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo Palace

Museum of Contemporary Art in Tokyo Palace The museum contemporary art at Tokyo Palace

To the delight of the public in this museum exhibited 8,000 exhibits, who are rightly recognized as true masterpieces. Presented here works of the XX and XXI centuries. From the palace terrace opens magnificent view of the eiffel tower.

Cluny Museum

Cluny Museum Cluny Museum

The museum offers unique exhibitions of objects of the Middle Ages. Here you can find interesting ancient artifacts, weapons, objects. knightly use. Tourists should in no case be missed. out of sight this museum. Interesting collections are unusual. Cluny Museum – most interesting place of the French capital.

Rodin Museum

Rodin Museum The museum Rodin

The museum is fully dedicated to the work of the great sculptor Rodin and his students. A visit to the exhibits presented here will allow get acquainted with the masterpieces and deepen their own knowledge. In the garden of the museum is a large number of magnificent sculptures, including the famous “Thinker”.

Carnavale Museum

Carnavale Museum The museum Carnival

Paris City History Museum will help you get the most interesting information about the French capital and learn it from another parties. Any tourist must visit unique halls this museum. Every corner of it fascinates about unusual Paris. Exhibits tell about the times of revolution creative ups, coups. The entrance is free.

Luxembourg Museum

Luxembourg MuseumLuxembourg Museum

The museum is located in the Luxembourg Garden. Park is a favorite place rest of all Parisians. The museum presents interesting informative Exhibitions. They will be interesting to every visitor to the museum. The Luxembourg Garden is the most beautiful place in Paris where you can relax and get new knowledge. The garden is especially popular on over several centuries.

Jacquemart Andre Museum

Jacquemar-Andre Museum The museum Jacquemar-Andre

Specialization of the museum – the French school of the XVIII century. No one from visitors will not leave indifferent fine collections art objects and luxurious interior decoration. Going into this museum, you can experience a real delight from dazzling splendor.

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