The best parks of Bangkok with large ponds and lush green

Bangkok – the largest metropolis of Southeast Asia, it is a real a human anthill with round-the-clock boiling passions. None however, there are oases of peace and peace – parks, where in the womb urbanized nature you can get rid of continuous mental pressure of civilization and relax in silence. Today we are to you tell the best parks of Bangkok, which there is even in its center.

Most of these recreational areas are organized in Traditional Thai style. Park in Bangkok is necessarily a pond surrounded by tropical trees, bridges, gazebos and other small architectural forms. However, they are not typical. platforms, in each of them there is some kind of feature. Thanks this you can easily find for yourself the cutest and Bangkok’s favorite park.


Lumpini Park

Lumpini Park in Bangkok

Lumpini Park in Bangkok, located in the same area, the oldest, it was founded by decree of King Rama VI in the 20s last century. At its central gate there is a statue of this monarch. He received the name of the place in Nepal, where Buddha was born. On his The territory has two ponds and a palm garden, where in the dry season musical evenings are held. Its tracks are used for walking, jogging and cycling. There are a few sports grounds as well as tennis courts. Set up a few playgrounds for children. Park, previously located on the outskirts of the capital, has now become the center of a prestigious business district. However, it is a small corner of almost wild nature. There live turtles, monitor lizards. In the ponds a lot of fish, and on their shores walking herons, storks and pelicans. Nearby are located famous skyscrapers – MahaNakhon and Baiyoke Sky, from the viewing sites which offer beautiful views of the city. Located Lumpini near the MRT Lumphini underground station and Silom. The territory is guarded by the police. The park is open from four :3 0 to nine. evenings


Queen Sirikit Park

Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkok

Queen Sirikit Park in Bangkokodin is one of the most romantic. Many call it female. It opened in 1996 , to the sixtieth anniversary of the august spouse. He is famous for his botanical garden and canals through which the openwork is laid bridges and arranged foot transitions from the stone plates whimsical forms. As well as a pond, the coastline of which forms a monogram Name of the queen, consisting of the Latin letter S and Thai. AT botanical garden collected trees named after members royal family. The center of the landscape composition is a fountain, jets which hit a height of 72 meters. Artificial flows above they are no longer in the country. Thailand’s Traditional Pond Launched carp and goldfish. Black swans live in it, and along the shore walking domestic geese. On the picturesque paths of the park, you can just walk or jog. There is a bike rental, allowed to spend a family weekend on lawns and the shore of the pond. The park is open from five :00 to 20:00, admission is free. Nearest station Bangkok Metro MRT – Chatuchak Park, and BTS – Mo Chit.


Butterfly Garden (Butterfly Garden and Insectarium)

Butterfly Park in Bangkok

The Butterfly Park in Bangkok is the only one recreational place located under the roof. True she is so high (15 meters) that when you visit it you will feel like in a tropical forest. Under this dome arranged rock arias (picturesque artificial rocks covered with vegetation), shady avenues are broken and whole thickets of ferns are planted. there is even an artificial waterfall. The main decoration of the place are tropical butterflies. They contain more than five hundred species. Big and small, bright and inconspicuous. The park has a museum where you can learn a lot of interesting things about the life cycle of these insects. Flying exhibits can be photographed, but you can not catch. Besides the butterfly museum, acts insectarium, which collected other tropical insects – crickets, bees, spiders (including especially large and poisonous). To visit the insect is safe, all its inhabitants live in their terrariums. The park is located between the Queen’s Park Sirikit and the garden of Rotfai.


Benchasiri Park

Benchasiri Park in Bangkok

Benchasiri Park in Bangkok is commonly called “royal”, because he was settled on the 60th anniversary of Queen Sirikit. is he can be considered a model of landscape art. Its highlight is a large number of garden sculptures having symbolic meaning. A two-color pyramid is set up in the middle of the park. But the main feature of the place is a dancing color music fountain, included at six in the morning, at noon and at 18:00. There is a traditional pond, but there is no boat station. You can rent a bike and ride almost all day along specially equipped tracks. The park has sports fields, basketball fields, tennis court, a place for rollerblading and skateboards. It is located close to Emporium shopping center (Sukhumvit, 23). Open to visits from 5:00 to 21:00. Nearest Metro Station is BTS Phrom Phong.


Park Rot Fay (Wachira Benchathat Park)

Roth Fay Park in Bangkok

Roth Fay Park in Bangkok is a former golf course. Overall area of 60 hectares Since 2002, bears the official name of Wachira Benchathat Park, which is given to him on the fiftieth anniversary of the hereditary the prince. Officially positioned as a family park. For children there are several playgrounds and a motorway layout where You can learn traffic rules. Many shady paths and cycling routes. There was enough space in the park for several football fields, and on a huge pond, you can even practice sailing. it a favorite place of Bangkok, who gather there whole families and spend the weekend in nature. The park is located to north of Queen Sirikit Park and is its organic sequel. Open from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. The nearest MRT Phahon Yothip subway station, and BTS – Mo Chit.


Chatuchak Park

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Perhaps the most visited recreational area is Chatuchak Park in Bangkok. It is located near the highway leading to the old Don Muang airport. Him the southern part is occupied by a large pond, through which two are thrown bridge in thai national style. Works small boat station. Chatuchak Park is more of a leisurely place. outdoor recreation. There are no rides and other entertainment institutions. Lush greenery, flower beds, small architectural forms and even a small pagoda tune into a lyrical mood. Thais they like to rest there, settling down with the whole family right on the lawns. A park open from 4:30 to 21:00. It is located near the metro station MRT Chatuchak Park.

Best parks on the map of Bangkok

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Lumpini Park in Bangkok: 13.731406, 100.541440 Queen Sirikit Park In Bangkok: 13.807512, 100.550558 Butterfly Park in Bangkok: 13.809571, 100.554910 Benchasiri Park in Bangkok: 13.730513, 100.567438Park Roth Fay in Bangkok: 13.812869, 100.554529Park Chatuchak in Bangkok: 13.809493, 100.556316

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