The best beaches of Koh Lan

If you chose to rest in Thailand, Chonburi Province, then do not waste time on the dirty beaches of Pattaya, for swimming best to visit the best beaches of the island of Ko Lance white sand and clear water! From Pattaya seafront to this island ferries go, but if you want to overcome the distance of 7.5 km “with a breeze”, then better speed boat. Buy tickets awesome views transport is available on the website of the company 12 Go Asia.

The main advantage of a beach holiday on Koh Lan is cleanliness. sea, which does not shine urban area Pattaya. Among the islands there are quite a few around this resort, Koh Island Lansamy large, so that the beaches on it abound on any taste and color.

Snow-white sandy beaches of Koh Island Lanramirley palm thickets, coral reefs literally seethe exotic life. You will be offered a whole range of beach activities, so the rest is for sure will be remembered for a long time.

Map of Koh Lana with beaches

Map of Koh Lana with beaches

Among the many beaches of the island, there are undoubted leaders popularity and little-known tourist community, but all equally beautiful, having something that is not on others beaches.

Tien Beach on Koh Lan

Tien Beach on Koh Lane is the gathering place itself great and lively get-together. Its length is about half a kilometer. Here you can rent not only a sunbed or awning, but also a bungalow. On the beach of Tien (Tien Beach) you can find any of the usual rides – banana rides, paragliding, you can Snorkeling. The only negative is a large number boats blocking the view of the sea.

Tien Beach on Koh Lan island Tien Beach on Koh Lan island

BeachSamae on Koh Lan

Samae Beach on Koh Lana – the most Europeanized, it is a little less Thien, just three hundred meters long A place for swimming is surrounded by awnings and nets. From one hand, this is good – guaranteed not to step on a sea urchin. WITH the other is a boring European beach without exotic, nothing more. To find free lounger is a big problem. But there is on the beach Samae Beach a few restaurants and a wide variety of water amusement rides.

Samae Beach on Koh Lan Island Samae Beach on Koh Lan Island

Monkey Beach on Koh Lan

In the south of Koh Lan there is a monkey beach. This is a heavenly place for lovers of relaxation. It is also called Monkey Beach, because there you can see monkeys. It’s 300 meters long. It is not very suitable for swimming – many coral reefs. But wishing to admire the marine fauna will be delighted. There is no queue for sunbeds, you can eat several restaurants located right there. Also on this beach You can meet nudists, read more about this in the material onudist beaches of Thailand.

Monkey Beach on Koh LanMonkey Beach on Koh Lan

Tawenna Beach Koh Lan

If you want to feel at home – step on Tawen Beach (Tawaen Beach). Lately he very popular among our compatriots. The rest is the most incendiary, almost like in Pattaya itself. From the underwater world Siam Gulf does not protect tourists (take with you rubber slippers, so as not to spoil the vacation). On the shore – several restaurants and cafes. There are lots of water rides.

Tawayen Beach on Koh Lan Island Tawayen Beach on Koh Lan Island

Ta Yai Beach on Koh Lan

Ta Yai Beach (Ta Yai Beach) – a place to romantic getaway. He is very small, having a rest at all Little. A cozy cafe on the beach and the azure sea. For lovers – better places to find. Anyway, in my opinion this is the best beach on Koh Lan Island !!!

Ta Yai Beach on Koh Lan Island Ta Yai Beach on Koh Lan Island

Video review of the best beach on Koh Lan

The beaches of Koh Lan on the map

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Tien Beach: 12.917484, 100.770035 Beach Samae: 12.911963, 100.769949 Tavaen Beach: 12.924763, 100.778532 Apebee Beach: 12.900668, 100.776987 There is no beach: 12.931329, 100.784798Ta Yai Beach: 12.935805, 100.787888 Beach no: 12.923633, 100.769906 Kameny bottom: 12.900794, 100.772653 There is no place to swim: 12.915560, 100.786128

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