Koh Samet is a great place to relax. recreation!

Samet Island is located twenty kilometers to southeast of the city of Rayong, standing on the north coast Siam Gulf. This is a narrow piece of land with a length of seven kilometers. From a bird’s eye view, it looks like a heron’s beak, stretching from north to south. You can reach it by booking a combined route on the site 12 Go Asia.

It is part of Khao Laem National Park, therefore, rest on the island of Samet necessarily will appeal to lovers of a relaxing family holiday in Thailand aspiring to communicate with almost virgin nature. Industry entertainment on it is practically not developed. On this island, residents Bangkok love to spend weekends.

Tourists vacationing in Pattaya are very attracted to themselves beaches of the island of Samet. This is partly due to the fact that the waters surrounding the island are incomparably cleaner than on the beaches Pattaya But the broad lanes of the sandy beach themselves are framed The tropical vegetation is admirable. Even more an attractive beach holiday in the area makes the weather on the island of Samet.

All year round the temperature of the water and air here does not fall below. 250 Celsius. This island is open to southeastern winds with South China Sea, so even during the rainy season sunny days more frequent than in other parts of Thailand. Hotels on Samet Island – This is a one-story bungalow, so in the high tourist season and days coinciding with national thai holidays book Places in them are necessary (see our selection at the end articles). Read more about how to book a hotel at Hotellook.ru orRoomGuru.ru sites.

Samet Island

The most famous beaches of the island of Samet are on its east coast. The largest of them – Hat Sai Kaew, in a European manner called Diamond Beach. The sandy strip of this beach has a width of 25 to 30 meters Tourists can get windsurfing lessons (read More information about surfing in Thailand), hire a boat for riding on water skiing. The main number of this beach is concentrated. restaurants and bars.

Samet Island

Very beautiful beach Ao Wong Deuan. It is located on coast of the bay, almost closing in a circle. There can also be found interesting nightlife and a full range of beach service. The main diving centers are located on this beach, but excursions on nearby islands where you can go diving and snorkeling, are organized everywhere.

A beach where you can find expensive hotels offering the most pacified rest, called Ao Phrao. He is on the west coast of the island is the only one there, and therefore – inimitable.

Samet Island Beaches Map

Map of Samet Island Beaches

Shopping on Samet Island is limited to sales beach accessories. Bata is worth spending in restaurants on the island the most delicious and fresh seafood of all that is in Thailand.

A selection of the best hotels on the island of Samet

Samet Island on the map of Thailand

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