Koh Lipe Island – a truly paradise on edge of Thailand

Koh Lipevos Island in the archipelago Adang Ravi, located in the Andaman Moraine distance 70 kilometers west of the coast of the province of Satun (in the south bordered by Malaysia). On the map, its name may be indicated. differently: Koh Lipe, Ko Lipe or Ko Lipey. Directly Ko Ko Adang is located next to it, and Ko Tarutao, named which is named the Marine National Park, is thirty seven kilometers southeast. Island sameLangkaviv forty kilometers to the east – but this is Malaysian territory.

Koh Lipe Island in Thailand, despite its small area (about two square kilometers) is truly a paradise corner on the edge of Thailand. A little more than 700 people live on it they all come from Malaysia and are members of the same Chao tribe Lei (Chao Lei), which is often called sea gypsies.

Koh Lipe Island in Thailand

Koh Lipe Island in Thailand unknown to the Russian tourist, and those who have been there, say unusually clear sea and magnificent white sand beaches. On This piece of sushi will be boring for those who love crowded parties and extreme fun. Daytime relaxation on the shore gives way quiet gatherings in one of the many bars. By midnight life on the island completely freezes. Attractiveness to him adds a lot of uninhabited islets nearby where you can spend a day in solitude – fishing, snorkeling and diving.

Koh Lipe Island in Thailand

In spite of the living animal life of the Andaman Sea, There is no special variety in seafood dishes. But everything that is on the plates is guaranteed fresh. Also by very affordable prices. If you are not tempted permanent fish day, you can go to a restaurant, and there are a lot of them where they serve familiar European dishes. In general, the cost of the check in the restaurant the same as in Phuket.

Koh Lipe Island in Thailand

If you want to see in Thailand something that is not too trampled by tourists, you should hurry to visit this Isle. In recent years, the pressure of civilization has increased. For example, electricity is given 24 hours a day, there is even internet (true speed “not so hot”). Bungalows on the shore are replaced by fairly decent. hotels


Koh Lipe Island in Thailand beaches. There are four coastal areas on it – Karma Beach, Sunrise Beach, Sunset Beach and PattayaBeach. Unpretentious and aspirants to solitude can be advised Bila Beach and Sanom Beach. There are even more wild and smaller in size. All plots the coasts are connected by footpaths and bypass them in a few hours will work. You can stay wherever you like.

BeachSunset Beach

Beach Sunset Beach on Koh Lipe (also known like hat pramong) is the smallest beach compared with two main –Sunrise and Pattaya. is he located in a secluded lagoon with large boulders protruding from sand and water. From this place are stunning sunsets gathering a crowd of onlookers.

Sunset Beach on Koh Lipe

Vacationers come here to relax and distract. from the busiest places on the island. Road from Walking Street to Sunset Beach takes no more than 10 minutes. Near it can be found several restaurants and bars, therefore, to satisfy hunger, far do not have to go.

Sunset on the beach Sunset Beach on Koh Lipe

Beach Sunrise Beach

Beach Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe (also known as Hat Chao Ley Beach due to its proximity to the village of natives Chao Ley) has the longest coastline and a wonderful view of the nearby mountain islandKo Adang.

Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe

Although Sunrise Beach is less frequented, than PattayaBeach, he constantly attracts tourists, loving diving at shallow depths. This beach is probably the best. a place for this kind of activity. A lot of representatives of the underwater world, floating in this area, undoubtedly hit the rest.

Sunrise Beach on Koh Lipe

Tourists visit it in the first place in order to admire beautiful sunrise (in Russian, this beach called “Sunrise”) and enjoy the cool breeze in hot days

Pattaya Beach

Pattaya Beach because of its beauty called the “postcard of To Lipe”. This is the main beach the island is 1.5 kilometers of absolutely white sand turquoise water. In addition, this beach is crossed by a pedestrian street. Walking Street that attracts tourists from all over the island.

Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe

Some tourists visit the beach Pattaya Beach for the sake of taste the menu in dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes, others – play volleyball, frisbee, do kayaking, massage or spa treatments in one of the salons or just nap in a hammock under the palm trees.

Longtails by the beach Pattaya Beach on Koh Lipe

In the evening, fishermen come to the log houses from the village Chao Lei for catching crabs. This time is considered very interesting for visiting the beach.


The island of Koh Lipe in South Thailand is patriotic and patriarchal. Of entertainment offers fishing, diving and snorkeling, as well as excursions to the islands, of which in the Maritime National The park Taruta is countless – from the uninhabited rocks to relatively large and well-lived.

Walking Street on Koh Lipe

In the evening, you can choose from many restaurants, focusing on taste preferences (European or Thai kitchen), the level of service and prices. The larger number is on Walking Street– the street that stretches across the island from PattayaBeach beach to Sunrise Beach (not to be confused with street of the same name in Pattaya).


Ko Lipe is the closest in Thailand to the equator. Therefore there is bright pronounced tropical climate in which only two seasons – rainy, from late April to November; and dry – all rest of the year. The best weather and the most Tourists stay on the island from December to January.

If you are not afraid of occasional rain and want relative peace, go to Koh Lipe at the end or at the beginning high season is October and November, as well as February and March.

From April to September, the most risky period: at sea storm, and the rains are protracted. However, miracles happen, when the whole week in the sky not a cloud.


Koh Lipe Island Hotels in Thailand varied in terms of comfort and price. Can be found quite cheap Guesthouse with one air conditioner or stay in a room with all imaginable European amenities. It is worth noting that in low the season most of the hotels are closed and the choice is essentially is limited. Minimum price per night 500 baht. A decent number at the beginning and end of the high season from 1.5 to 2 thousand. baht At the height of tourist agiotage, prices soar – they are higher than times at two. However, due to the growing popularity of the island, you should take care of booking a hotel on the Hotelslook.ru or RoomGuru.ru in one and a half or two months. Otherwise you risk remaining on the street.

How to get there

The answer to the question of how to get to Koh Island Lipa in Thailand is both complex and simple. Airport there aren’t any, there are ferries or speedboats. In season rains (from the end of April to November) the only point of departure – This is a Pak Bara pier. Other months you can get there with Langkawi Islands (there is an airport), Pier Pier nearby with Trangom or Phuket, going to all the islands starting phi phi Airports are located in the cities of Trang and Hath Yai, the latter is more comfortable. For those who are not particularly in a hurry, Ferry departure points can be reached by bus or by rail. Preference is given to state to companies. With private owners most likely you will commit more than one transplant. Try to look for tickets in the Thai service by booking public transport 12go.asia.

Ferries to Ko Lipe

Koh Lipe Island on the maps of Thailand

Koh Lipe Island on Google-maps with the map of hotels is the best way to explore the terrain from a height with a choice and booking hotels in the most suitable place for you.

Route map of boats and ferries

As we wrote above, get to the island of Koh Lipe will only on water transport whose route charts Presented As you can see, ferries go from the very Phuket, making stops in many provinces and islands.

Map of Water Transport Machines to Koh Lipe in Thailand

Map with beaches and hotels

Ko Lipa is so small that it does not go public transport, you can get from one point of the island to another for a couple / three hours. Hotels that make up each other competition, more than enough. The cheapest hotels are located on the street. Walking Street.

Map of the island of Koh Lipe with hotels

Walking Street map

Koh Lipe Island got a pedestrian street, Walking Street, where are located pubs, hotels and other entertainment. Well, what is not Volkin Street – the one in Pattaya? Lacks only sex entertainment (but it’s possible that Thai carrots are already got to this island).

Volkin Street on Koh Lipe

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