The beaches of Bangkok or where to swim near the capital Of thailand?

Theoretically speaking, beaches in Bangkok could be, because the capital of Thailand stands on the banks of a mighty river Chao Praiai is bordered by the Gulf of Thailand. In this city you you can find almost everything that attracts civilization Southeast Asia, including the exotic and not completely legal ways to get pleasure (read more about sex tourism in Bangkok), but not a place where you can sunbathe, undressed to from the bottom, and cool, heated by the Thai sun, body. You can enjoy exotic cuisine, enjoy the views of the statues Buddhas and temple complexes, visit shops, supermarkets and shopping centers, with a head plunge into the boiling night passions … But if you need sand and a gentle sea wave, you will have to drive off from the metropolis kilometers at 100-150.


The story about the rest on the beaches near Bangkok is best to start from this tourist center, closest to the capital of Thailand. From Suvarnabhumi Airport go to her for two hours (all the ways how to get from Bangkok to Pattaya). Choose a place to relax better than ever. the northern and southern beaches of Pattaya are Naklua or Jomtien, as well as at the hotels of Long Beach and Aysawan. Sandy beaches, much cleaner than in the center, with a well-developed infrastructure. In some places come across reef shoals. According to many tourists, The transparency of the water in Pattaya leaves much to be desired. therefore the services of small fleet owners who are ready to deliver for a modest fee to the island of Koh Lan.

Jomtien Beach in Pattaya

Hua Hin

On the opposite side of Pattaya, and southwest of Bangkok, is the safest resort in Thailand – Hua Hing. This city was honored by the monarchs of Thailand, by building in it is the Royal Palace. The beaches in Hua Hinjegara cleaner “Pattaya”. The length of the beach with clean white sand is about six kilometers The entrance to the sea is shallow and shallow, the most for those who resting in Thailand with children. The infrastructure is well developed. Lounge chairs and sun beds with umbrellas in abundance. It is possible to take in rent scooter, ride the “air banana” and more weight activities described in the article “TOP-10 entertainment in Hua Hin.” Lot cafes and restaurants where food is tasty and relatively inexpensive. Go to this city the whole 200 kilometers, but the ride itself will justify.

Hua Hin Beaches

Kao Takiab

We advise you not to wonder if there is any beaches in Bangkok “, and go immediately to Khao Takiab – A great place for a relaxing stay. Again, move will be in the direction of Hua Hin, right down the soyuzhnogo foot so called Monkey Mountain (Khao Thakiab). It is also sometimes called “black beach” for the fact that the sand having an admixture of volcanic rocks, not white, but gray. The beach will give you peace of mind Cheap and delicious authentic Thai cuisine coastal restaurants.

Beach Kao Takiab

Bang saen

If you are interested in authentic Thailand, then go from Bangkok to the town called Bang Saen. Everything is there for “internal use” and only a quarter of the population understands English. It is a small campus with excellent same beach, where they prefer to relax the capital of the Thai. For them, there are even built comfortable hotels. Cheap you will not find hostels there, but cafes and restaurants Europeanized. After Pattaya, saturated with forbidden entertainment Bang Saen beach may seem excessive boring.

Bang Saen Beach

Getting to Bang Saen conveniently from Bangkok “Victory Monument”, near which is the fourth bus station Thai capital. There you have to take a taxi, which in about an hour and a half will take you to Laemthong. it a mall that stands on bangsaenlang road leading to the beach. There are many cafes and restaurants, it is shady, therefore A quarter-hour walk will not be exhausting. Route taxis from “Victory Monument” go from five thirty in the morning up to 11 tivechera.

Bang Saen Beach on the map

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Bang Saen Beach

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