Thai mail – how to send a parcel from Thailand to Russia?

Thailand Post is the embodiment of a Russian dream the average man that I would like to see in the department is not gloomy, zatlopatannuyu aunt, and smiling staff, rejoice in your coming. To have comfortable chairs, and follow your turn by received voucher. In this article we will tell you how to send a package from Thailand to Russia, and We will also try to touch on many of the nuances associated with this procedure.

Official site –

Visual Signs of Thai Mail

If you want to send Thai goods by mail, then you need find a building on the street with a red banner and a big white lettering Thailand Post. If you do not have time or do not want do a search, then ask about the location of the office landlords you rented or Thais arming you. A clue will give and Google Maps service – maximize geographic object (city, island) and write in the search box Post Office. You can even write, for example, Post Pattaya, if you want to go from home tab to the desired object instantly.

Post Office Thailand

Schedule. Thai mail has a single work schedule for throughout the country. On weekdays, offices open at 8 am and work until 17 in the evening. Saturday is a short day – from 9 to 12, and in Sunday and national holidays she has a day off.

We send a package to Russia

Sending a parcel from Thailand to Russia consists from the usual actions for us – you need to take care of the packaging and fill in the form.


Boxes of different sizes are right on the mail. Do not be shy communicate with employees in sign language. Show your favorite copy, and if the desired is not on the counter, you can say Small or large and size the hands. Packing cost depends on the size. At least 9 baht, more than fifty we do not greeted.

The price of boxes at the post office of Thailand in baht

Price boxes in baht

You can create a parcel at home and at the post office. The only difference is that in the first case you will have to visit the office twice. Scotch for pasting corners and sealing the box is provided is free.

How to send a parcel from Thailand to Russia

Important: the parcel can not be heavier than 20 kg. A preponderance even in grams, not allowed. In this case, the content is divided by two. departures Best of all, if they have different addresses. For example, one of yours, the other best friend. Then in Thai customs there will be less questions for you.

Filling the form

Thai postal box is similar to ours – there are fields for it addresses and the name of the recipient. For reliability, duplicate the name countries and destination cities in English. Other information already our postmen will read. Although, if you are in trouble with in English, write the whole address. And it is quite prudent can specify the phone number of the recipient of the parcel.

Filling the address on the box

Having coped with the address, fill out the form-receipt. In it except addresses, data of the sender and list of contents are specified the boxes.

How much is and how long is the parcel to Russia

Thailand mail pricing takes place based on the same criteria as in Russia. Decisive factor is the country of destination, then comes the weight, and then – desired delivery time. To know exactly how much it costs shipment from Thailand to Russia, go to the official website mail of Thailand. The Calculate Fee block is on the main page. right above The results of the calculation will be several, because there are several delivery options, among which we are interested in three. At the same time with the price, you will find out how much the parcel is shipping from Thailand to Russia.

  1. Int’l Parcel-Surface. Economy Departure. Small parcel weighing up to 2 kg. Charged as land delivery, so it goes from 20 to 30 days, and if during the journey holidays fall, then the arrival time shifts.
  2. Int’l EMS-Package. Parcels weighing over five kilograms. Delivery by airmail and courier to the door of the recipient. In our opinion The most economical and fast option. Delivered in 10-14 days if no holidays.
  3. Int’l Parcel-Air. Courier airmail. Way is expensive but profitable when sending a parcel weighing from 2 to 5 kilograms. Greater weight is better to send EMS, get cheaper. Estimated delivery time no more than a week. If you send before the holidays, get ready wait longer.

Price table for sending international parcels from Thailand

Price table for sending international parcels from Thailand (Russia is not here)

How to track the parcel from Thailand

After delivery of the parcel to the mail worker and payment, you receive receipt receipt. It must be protected, it contains a tracking number, according to which is tracking parcels from Thailand to Russia. AT Networks have over a dozen resources that allow you to track packages, however, we recommend using this service on This page is the official site of Thai mail. Let’s say when the parcel crosses the Russian border, track already on Russian Post website.

Some customs restrictions

If the parcel from Thailand to Russia contains goods of the same name and more than five of them, then it can recognize a commercial party. She will not be “wrapped”, but you have to go through the process of customs clearance, for which you need to pay the fee. To speed up the delivery process in this case you can contact specialized cargo companies.

Thai cosmetics may only be sent from relevant stores. To do this, just refer to the seller for such a service, he will pack you and send where necessary. They say that cosmetics can not be sent to individuals, only legal, ostensibly because of some kind of spill insurance.

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