Such a famous unknown Istanbul.

We continue our walk through beautiful Istanbul. Considering that our hotel was next to Taksim Square, from which it originates Istiklal street, every morning began with them. On the side of Square there is a bus stop, which is very colorful the drivers loudly invited to go with them to the area ……. What kind of I don’t know the area, but they were inviting so actively that I wanted to go. Passing by them, and having rounded a huge mosque under construction, we fall immediately to Istiklal Street. This is a long street called “Istanbul Arbat”, they say it goes on weekends several million bangs! Walking on it and not turning anywhere, you can come straight to the center. On the street a huge number of shops, cafes, kebabs, hookah and street performers, various chain stores clothes: Zara, Mango, LC Waikiki, etc. Right in the middle of the street walking old tram, where you can ride for 5 lira, and istanbul card for 2.65. Istanbul card is an analogue of ours. travel card. On this card travel on all public transport cheaper. After passing about half the street, you can go and ride on an unusual funicular, but about him next the story.

In the end, Istiklal smoothly flows into the Galata Bridge, connecting the European part of the city with “old Istanbul”. On The bridge is always a huge number of fishermen. What and in what quantities they catch, hard to say. But a couple of times we saw how they pull out some small fish. Located under the bridge small restaurants with hookahs, delicious food and very beautiful views of Bosphorus and the city. I must say that the prices in these restaurants are quite democratic and unnecessary to be rich to rest in them. Crossing the bridge, you find yourself in a very colorful place – right on small boats stand on the shore, where fish are fried and served in bread, cut in half with the addition of green onions. Called This is delicious – Belik Ekmek. The cost of 12 lire. Along with this fish sandwich serve a glass of pickles. Belik Ekmek on lover, but pickles, straight, very tasty. But the smell that standing around, just suicidal! Like a school of fish rushed out on shore and a week lay. If someone was in Istanbul and also drew attention to this smell, write in the comments sensations. By the way, Belik Ekmek is served in restaurants under the bridge, about which I said before, and also 12 lire.

There is an interesting tradition in Istanbul related to tea, but about it in the next story. And by tradition, at the end of the story I attach videos from our YouTube channel so you can not only read, but see with your own eyes how everything is nasamomdele! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and see the whole world with us!

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