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I continue the rubric 365 for those who do not follow us in social networks, but who cares what we have new. At the very To do this kind of posts quite quickly and conveniently. Uploaded photos without processing in the last month, added captions and case in Hat. And it’s probably better than not writing at all, because hands to detailed posts about us rarely reach. Now here in general it is necessary to disassemble a bunch of material from all the recent sorties, I will probably post a month in a non-stop mode. I really want to this year they will return to Moscow without tails, because there are so many Immediately do –

Last time I stopped on a trip to the north of Thailand. Then I spent a couple of days in Chiang Mai, then returned to Bangkok, where we quickly packed up and set off in a rented car in Krabi. We drove the whole 5 days, of which we spent 3 days in Sam Roi Yot National Park, the family rested, and I ran along nat park. Well, in Krabi we spent 5 days in a hotel (2 days on the beach Klong Muang, 3 days in Aonnang) while I was looking for a house, and then settled into the house, and continue to live here to this day until our departure to Moscow.

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Chiang mai

There is a nice Bua Thong waterfall not far from Chiang Mai, mostly ignored by foreigners and chosen by the locals)) All farang, which I saw were with cocks. Another strange thing is that the input free, although nat park.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-01 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-01

Just down the road and just beautiful :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-02 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-02

While I was in the World Cup a couple of days, my friends all the time took me to a cafe with Japanese cuisine. Appreciated!

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-03 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-03

As in the good old days)) And then all by car, yes car—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-04 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-04

Today is a weekend, so I do without touristic attractions :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-05 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-05

I read on sticks in the temple. The monk said that with karma everything OK :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-06 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-06

Flora Garden is a very nice place— Something I have lately love all these parks with flowers, getting old? :) In the photo zone China, went to look for Russia :) P.S. Russia did not find—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-07 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-07


Do you know what is one of the most important things about traveling? That someone is waiting for you and you have someone to come back to))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-08 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-08

A large-scale cleanup of the aftermath is carried out around BigC in Bangkok rally. But the rallies in Tae were not over—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-09 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-09

Here it is progress! The man himself drove the cabinet, he climbed himself turned on the water))) And we think, where did the child go?)))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-10 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-10

Well, almost 18 kg left for Moscow. Called women bought a pair of blouses))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-11 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-11

We went here to the Thai diner to learn the essence of lobster— Bye I see that its essence is not cheap.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-12 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-12

All right! Krabi wait for us))) P.s. For electricity with three kondeyas for the last month 3300 baht came out, something is superficially—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-14 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-14

Sam Roi Yot

This is probably our best accommodation in Thailand! Spacious room near only one neighbors, the area is very green and deserted, around national park. There is nobody at all on the beach, and don’t care that he doesn’t too presentable. The soul just sings! More about this place wrote here – Cheap apartments near the sea near Khao Sam Roi Yot – relax and silence

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-15 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-15

Awesome beach! But bounty lovers will not support me :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-16 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-16

My sequel—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-17 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-17

Finally I visited the cave, where I was going 2 years ago :) Dreams Come True!

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-18 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-18

What a good day today was!

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-19 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-19

Somewhere on the way to Krabi in our room some Professor :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-20 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-20

We spent the night on the road at the next deserted beach. He is handsome only under a certain angle (see photo trace), and there are such beaches here kilometers from Bangkok to Malaysia. So don’t always believe in beautiful pictures! ))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-21 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-21

But another angle is a little less beautiful—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-22 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-22


Uh, come to Krabi! Settled for a couple of days in the apartment on Klong Muang. The road to this beach is tryndets – now there is a couple of days on house searches.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-23 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-23

Ready to search the house!

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-24 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-24

It was because of this road that we ran off with Klong Muang to Ao Nang :)

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-25 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-25

They gave me some strange pepelats today, have not yet traveled to such, with the extreme on the side. What is extreme in it, not clear))) I tried Daria with Yegor to smuggle a little, 500 meters, so Egor pressed himself into his mother, merged with her)) However, I was more afraid of him, how people carry and not seek—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-26 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-26

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-27 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-27

I took the car for a month from Avis for 16 thousand baht. All is well yes only She is on the handle, I will get a new skill)) I will write an article a little later about car rental in Aonang.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-28 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-28

We moved into the house)) Now a couple of days of arrangement and it will be possible sit down to work! Read more about our house in Aonang. If you will rent a house in Krabi, I remind you that we have personally collected me Directory of houses in Krabi, where more than 70 houses with a map and photo. Housing for a short period while you are looking for a house, you can chat through RoomGuru, This is the most convenient service.

I went to the store for some bread—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-33 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-33

Aonang Beach is similar to Gelendzhik, a lot of people and traders. Only in Gelendzhik, they are not so intrusive—

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-30 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-30

They came to celebrate DR Darya, and as a result, 4 adults ran back and forth for the little boy take turns and tried it with something to occupy. Even the waiters helped us, but apparently we need 10 people, not less )))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-31 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-31

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-32 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-32

Many choose Krabi because of its proximity to Malaysia, such as Vizaire easy to do. But he gave us something hard. We left at 10 am, returned at 21 pm, a total of 11 hours. Road places repaired, there is often no markup and it’s scary to go in the dark, Egor did not sleep and jumped over our heads. The border itself is passed behind 20 minutes))

We hurt, who came to visit us girlfriend, Thai food, around piles of garbage lie, and slop flows along my legs. Oh, this Thailand, obviously not for everyone :) This is sarcasm, if someone does not understand.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-35 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-35

Sweet Cherry 20 baht / kg, I love Macro! And Auchan is coming forest))) I’m already afraid of returning to Russia, that we will be there, not understandably.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-36 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-36

Worked well today, traveled almost all the beaches in a day Phuket :) I really liked the north of Bang Tao. Pity not only was bought, but that is the policy of the company.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-37 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-37

Oh, looking at the good bikes, I want to go off on my own right away. ))

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-38 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-38

The life of a freelancer is hard, food has to be mined in dangerous jungle, swarming with tigers and poisonous snakes)) coconut, not cleaned, 15 baht piece.

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-39 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-39

One of the best rehabilitation is the sea and sand two times in day!

chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-40 chiangmaj-bangkok-krabi-40

This time I say goodbye to you, the next such post somewhere in 3-4 weeks. Although we will not have more saturation. House removed, all that was needed was bought, a friend was carried out, they drove off to a vizaran. Everything! I will go to work, Daria will deal with Egor, grandmother massage. Such labor boring weekdays :)

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