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Recently, we went to a visaran in Cambodia and for this we took a car for rent. Since Bangkok is a very big city, so here just on the street, as in the resort, you will not go out and a car for a couple of days does not take off. Since time was running out, it was decided to book car over the Internet, so as not to waste time searching. True, I ran into another problem – almost nowhere free cars because of the New Year holidays, all dismantled (the same the same thing can happen with housing, so for confidence I advise pre-select hotels, for example, on RoomGuru). But about everything order.

General information on renting a car in Thailand laid out. Under the link you will learn about the types of insurance required documents, deposits, and the difference between small rolling offices and large network.

The content of the article

  • 1 Rent a car in Bangkok via the Internet
    • 1.1 Broker and network distributors
    • 1.2 How to use reservation sites
    • 1.3 Toyota Vios by National car
    • 1.4 Toyota Vios from Hertz
    • 1.5 Return of the car and deposit
  • 2 The principle of renting a car through a broker
  • 3 Pair of small offices in Bangkok

Rent a car in Bangkok via the Internet

Broker and network distributors

As already said, I did not look for a car in small offices and went directly to the large, whose names are familiar to many others countries (Hertz, Avis, Sixt, etc.). Pre read reviews and I realized that in general, no fundamental difference between them in Thailand is not.

In my case, the problem, as I said, was that everywhere everything was already taken on my dates, which is understandable too I started to look late (for 4 days somewhere), and there were already New Year’s holidays are coming.

Therefore, having seemed to check all the sites, I remembered that there are Economybookings broker, where you can punch availability for all existing network distributors. And it turned out that I completely forgot look at National. So take note that broker is best to start and then punch prices at distributors, if something suddenly does not like. Although, as a rule, broker will be cheaper.

How to use reservation sites

To take the car and then use it you will need: international passport, international law (national and national in case of problems, no one knows how the case will turn out) and banking map. And you should also be more than 21-23 years old.

Use car booking sites that brokers that by the distributors themselves is very easy: everything is the same as when searching hotels or air tickets, both on and, eg. Choose a country, city, place in the city (airport, office), dates you want, your age and click search. Then you A list of free machines is issued.

Typical search form Typical search form

Typical search form

Often the model of the car is not specified specifically, for example “Honda Brio or similar (COMPACT Group)”. That means you get a Honda Brio or something similar to it, that is, in this case, only the vehicle class is indicated (Compact, Economy, Intermediate, Standart, etc.). Unfortunately, sometimes a class can To differ from your ideas about it, order “Toyota Vios or similar “, and you will be given Honda Jazz on the spot, because concepts it is similar (similar).

Search results with prices Search results with prices

Search results with prices

Choosing a suitable car from the list, you go to the page booking, where you can add various options: full insurance, additional driver, child seat, navigator, car delivery to the hotel. All this will increase the rental price. As a rule, initially franchise insurance is offered to you, but you can expand it up to full extra charge. About what a franchise is and what are the insurance, I already wrote. Sometimes all the listed options can not be added to the site, and then it will need to be done already on the spot upon receipt.

As a rule, to reserve a car (booking), you you will need to enter your bank card details (which choose to travel). Depending on the specific company with you may withdraw the full amount of the rent, part of the amount, or nothing at all do not take off. The missing amount you pay on the spot (for the same banking map) when you take the car. They will also charge you a deposit he, too, will be written off from a bank card. Do not worry, he will return back after a while (from several days to a month) after the end of the lease.

Be sure to read what is included in the rental price and what insurance conditions. Even if through the translator to read, everything will be more or less clear. Note that even full insurance may not cover, for example, mirrors.

Toyota Vios by National car

In the end, I booked myself a “Toyota Vios or similar” for 2 days 1500 baht / day in National car. This amount includes unlimited mileage and deductible insurance 5,300 baht

Point of delivery (pickup locatiion), I initially chose the airport Suvarnabhumi is convenient because you can get there by metro. (City Line), which branch is located near our house. I arrived there at the appointed time. Since I don’t do anything through the site paid for (there was such an opportunity), then I have Withdrawn from the card the amount of rent for 2 days and a deposit of 20,000 baht. Next i signed the contract and took the car on the inspection sheet (recorded all scratches and fuel level). The car was a new, white Toyota Vios with mileage of 11 thousand and almost in perfect condition. She had only one minus – tinted windshield. They love tint everything in a circle.

Contract, checks, checklist and inspection sheet Contract, checks, checklist and inspection sheet

Contract, checks, checklist and inspection sheet. Clickable can take a closer look.

New Toyota Vios New Toyota Vios

New Toyota Vios

Run only 11 thousand Run only 11 thousand

Run only 11 thousand

Hertz Toyota Vios

Another time, we decided to go from Bangkok to Krabi by car and I took the car already from Hertz. For 7 days I paid 6125 baht, quite good price! The scheme is the same, I will not repeat, only on the account froze 10,000 baht. Reserved through Economybookings, arrived to the airport and took the car. Also almost new, on the machine and with mileage of about 5 thousand. And yes, lobovuha tinted again, well, here what for?!

The only difference with this rental is that I gave the car to another place, that is, in Krabi. Almost all offices want this. service extra money. BUT! If you charge for a period of 5 days, then this service is free (not at all, but Hertz for sure).

Return of the car and deposit

I handed over the car in both cases, too, without any problems. Inspected quickly in a circle, checked the fuel, said thanks and that’s it. Moreover, in the case of Hertz, I slightly kotsnul Bamber and in principle was ready to pay for it, but did not pay attention. Maybe lucky and just did not notice, I do not know.

A deposit from National Car returned to your bank card somewhere in 3 days. They manually canceled the transaction. I know about it because they themselves told me that they would do that.

The deposit from Hertz is back after 25 days. Basically, this normal practice, because if you manually cancel the transaction (and usually nobody bothers about this), then the amount lock is hanging 20-30 days, depending on the bank. I think my amount too would have hung for 30 days (for Sberbank, it seems so), but I wrote in Hertz, after what money immediately fell into the account is hardly a coincidence. Generally to it’s much more convenient not to wait for your own funds to return use a credit card, then no matter how much time there The amount is blocked.

The principle of renting a car through a broker

Separately, now I will write about the broker aggregator. Its main the advantage is that prices are often lower than those of themselves. distributors, and you can also get a free bonus in the form additional driver (additional driver). And no trick not here, already tested by many people. Here I will bring those who often I just use: Economybookings

Discounted car rent →

Everything is exactly the same, go to the site, choose a country, city, start the search and you get the results. Choose options and book on the map. Then, on the spot, the distributor will take more deposit, block it on the card.

A broker can also offer you a bonus or offer a small fee. full insurance without deductible on my own. It may be more profitable than taking a car with full insurance from the distributor. It works like this: you hire a car from a distributor, where insurance with franchisee If damage occurs, you pay the bill in the limits of the franchise on site to the distributor. After that, write to the broker, he says which documents to send, and returns this amount to the account. The chip is working, proven. Only sometimes return money happens for a long time, as the distributor behaves, they will expect an answer from him regarding damages and amount.

A couple of small offices in Bangkok

The detailed experience of renting in small offices is described in my article. Rent a car in Samui. It doesn’t matter where you find yourself, even if not this island, the principle is identical and the nuances are the same. Prices too similar.

While searching for a car in Bangkok, I came across a couple companies where people took the car. Here are their addresses and contacts.

Lumpinee car rent center Address: 167/4 Wireless Road, Lumpinee, Pathuwan, Bangkok 10330 Tel 02-255-3482-3, 02-255-1966-8

Maneeda tour (near Suvarnabhumi airport) Lat Krabang Rd, Khwaeng Lat Krabang, Bangkok 10520 [email protected] + 668-1933-9226, 08-9667-5551

P.S. If there are any questions on booking cars through Internet, ask, I will try to answer.

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