Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi – all the nuances

I already have a series of posts about getting a Thai visa in one of countries adjoining Thailand: Laos, Malaysia or Cambodia. Vietnam Thailand is no longer a border neighbor, but still this country can be used to obtain a visa, especially since citizens The Russian Federation in Vietnam have 15 days of visa exemption. Time enough and for acclimatization after the flight, for inspection attractions, also get a visa without any problems.

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  • 1 Making a Thai visa in Hanoi
    • 1.1 General Information
    • 1.2 Consular fees, term of registration
    • 1.3 Consular hours
    • 1.4 List of documents for visa in Hanoi
    • 1.5 Where to stay in Hanoi
  • 2 On the map

Registration of a Thai visa in Hanoi

I myself have not used this option to get Thai visas, but judging by the reviews of travelers in RuNet – get it in Vietnam does not make much difficulty. Thank you, reader Xenia for the information for this post.

From the outside it may seem that the issuing country is very exotic and hardly of interest to a wide range tourists who mainly fly from Moscow to Bangkok. But You’d be surprised if you start to compare the cost of some direct flights Moscow-Bangkok and Moscow-Hanoi. Not that constantly, but sometimes a rather tangible price difference is found. And from Hanoi low-cost companies are already flying, which can be cheaply reached anywhere in Thailand.

Thai visa in Vietnam can be obtained in the two largest cities of the country: Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi. Hanoi, I remind those who slept on Geography Lessons is the capital of Vietnam. Consulate of thailand Located at 26 Phan Bội Châu, Cửa Nam, Hoàn Kiếm, Hà Nội, Vietnam (there is a marker on the map under the post). Consulate website – here, and here’s another embassy page on Facebook. I leave them just for propriety because you don’t need to count on relevance of information in both sources. Thais are amazing irresponsibly lead their sites, often forgetting to notify people about moving the consulate, some innovations, or not at all indicate a complete list of requirements and documents for obtaining visas These guys are able to maintain adrenaline in your blood.

Above, I have already briefly pointed out the advantages of obtaining a Thai visa in Hanoi: the price of the flight and the 15-day period of time when you can be in vietnam. But there is one more, not the most critical, but An important plus: Hanoi is an undiscovered path. The consulate is almost never crowded, employees have not had time to get angry from an endless stream of incorrect or forged documents they have have not yet stolen a pack of brand new visas-stickers (now some readers heard the echoes of the lute embassy in Kuala Lumpur) and The procedure for obtaining a visa in Hanoi is a pleasant pastime, not a problem. For now.

general information

Let me remind you again about the main tourist visas for which you you can count: single and multivisa. Multivisa you will be issued only at the embassy of the country whose passport you have in pocket So, if you are not a citizen of Vietnam, then in Hanoi you have There is only one option – a tourist trip. Remember! AT The visa question “month” is always 30 days. One time allows you go to Thailand for two months with the right to renew for another month: 60 + 30 days. The extension is carried out in the immigration office police at the place of residence. The cost of extending a visa – 1900 baht.

Attention! At the time of this writing (March 2018) I strongly I do not recommend “forgetting” about obtaining and extending a visa to children. Regularly there are cases when, due to a children’s overstay in child’s passport, denied entry to the whole family. It is possible that This is a temporary trend, but Thais can easily run full-scale capture of both adult oversteers and children. Not take seriously the “experienced” advisers who “passed a hundred times and everything is normal. “The fact that they were lucky to break the law was not means that you, too, will not fall particularly zealous border guard officer who needs to carry out a waiver plan.

Consular fee, term of registration

Consular fee for tourist one-time – $ 40 for one visa. And it is important to know in advance – the ambassadorial ones take dollars, but in Vietnam there is no free currency trading. Even in banks. So take the dollars with you and preferably without change. On if you forget about this nuance, write down the name for yourself Hà Trung Street – approximately in the center, near the Golden Cyclo Hotel , there is a bunch of jewelry stores where dealers illegally bargain currency at a divine rate.

The term of the visa – 2 working days. Today you have passed documents, and tomorrow you already get them in your hands.

Consulate opening hours

Do not forget to check the schedule of holidays in Thailand, they also love to rest for several days. On the website of the consulate in Hanoi can see the list of official weekends in state institutions of Thailand. The embassy is open from Monday to Friday, excluding holidays, from 8:30 to 13:00, two o’clock lunch, and then from 13:00 to 17:30.

Reception time of documents: from 08:30 to 12:00.

The time of issuance of documents: from 13:00 to 17:30. Better not come to 13 hours, and an hour and a half later.

List of documents for visa in Hanoi

One of those few cases where the list of documents on The embassy site almost coincides with reality. To receive You will need a Thai visa in Hanoi:

  • Completed Visa Application form (download in advance, print and you can fill it here).
  • Two fresh photos of size 4 x 6 cm. If the pictures are old and on they are clearly visible difference in age or appearance – they are not will take
  • Passport, at least until the expiration date 6 months at the time of filing.
  • Paid tickets from Thailand. And I will give an exact quote with site: “Evidence of travel from Thailand (air ticket paid in full) “. That is, only paid air tickets are chanted. And, although The site does not say about tickets to Thailand – they are also required.
  • Confirmation of adequate financial status. For one time that’s 20,000 baht per person or 40,000 baht per family.

At the same time, there is always the option that the embassy officer will require any document from you if necessary or suggest conduct an interview without warning. Money you pay when applying for a visa, in case of refusal are not refundable – work is something done, and verification of documents and persons made. Everything honestly.

According to reviews of those people who have already passed this procedure, money can be shown when submitting documents to the secretary in cash, provide an extract from the bank, show an adequate account on your mobile smartphone banking and (in exceptional cases) just show banknotes on hand The main thing is that they belong MasterCard and VISA payment systems.

Where to stay in Hanoi

The embassy is located in convenient proximity to the railway Station Hanoi and near Lake Hoan Kiem (Hồ Hoàn Kiếm). From the airport is at an amazing distance so I wouldn’t I began to look for a hotel further than a kilometer from the embassy – and so have time to roll. I propose to see this selection here decent places up to 2500 baht per night, with free Wi-Fi and Airport transfer:

  • Splendid Star Boutique Hotel Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • Lenid Hotel Tho Nhuom Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • OGallery Premier Hotel & Spa Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • Golden Cyclo Hotel
  • Hotel Urban Alley

Do not forget to check discounts on the Roomguru service where you can see prices for the same hotel in different booking systems. On the example of the above hotels:

  • Splendid Star Boutique Hotel Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • Lenid Hotel Tho Nhuom Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • OGallery Premier Hotel & Spa Registration of a Thai visa in Vietnam in Hanoi - all the nuances
  • Golden Cyclo Hotel
  • Hotel Urban Alley (renamed to Hanoi Grand Hotel)

On the map

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