Prices for holidays in Turkey in November 2019

Prices for holidays in Turkey in November 2019

What will be the prices of the rest in Turkey in November 2019? In the article we will talk about the cost of tours to the main resorts, let’s consider options for 10 or 5-7 days stays with different types of food (all inclusive, with breakfast and without power).

The content of the article

  1. What is attractive in Turkey in the fall?
  2. Prices for Turkey tour in November 2019 for 10 days
    1. Prices for holidays in Alanya
    2. The cost of the November holiday in Istanbul
    3. How much is a holiday in Antalya
  3. Prices for vouchers for two for 5-7 days
    1. Alanya
    2. Istanbul
    3. Antalya
  4. The cost of rest in the Turkish resorts in November with a child
    1. Prices for tours to Kemer
    2. Prices for tours to Belek
  5. Guided tours not to be missed.

To spend holidays in Turkey in the summer has become a tradition. Resorts Mediterranean are associated with beach holidays and water entertainment. However, Turkey is a multifaceted country, and rest there. possible at any time of the year, only in different ways.

In November, autumn comes, the air warms up to 20 ° C in sunny days, and night temperatures do not exceed 10 ° C. Water still rather warm, 20–21 ° С, but it will come to mind only by the most desperate tourists. Usually it is Russian!

What is attractive in Turkey in the fall?

  1. First, low prices!
  2. Secondly, a small number of holidaymakers (it will be enjoyed for those who love a relaxing holiday, without the crowd and screams of daring compatriots).
  3. Thirdly, you can spend days on end in museums and temples. After all this ancient country in which historical monuments are preserved thousand years ago.

It is during this period that the heat will not prevent long excursions, walks in the mountains and seas, that is, active recreation.

Of course, the wind is blowing, sometimes it is raining, but in Russia it is winter is generally time. And in Turkey, you can walk in a light windbreaker or the jacket.

Holidays in Turkey in November 2015 - prices are all inclusive

Want to know where the cheapest tours are?

Where are the cheapest tours: 10 rules for buying a tour →

Prices for Turkey tour in November 2019 by 10 days

If you are interested, we will tell you about the prices of the main resorts, beloved Russians.

Note that the number of charter flights in November is small, because that the number of tourists decreases sharply. Airlines take off flights. But you can still buy a good tour!

Prices for holidays in Alanya

In the so-called “off-season” hotels prefer not to spend money on All-inclusive and offer guests only breakfast, and in some places they are generally placed without food. Is it bad? On the contrary, it is possible to visit various Turkish “edalnah” and taste national dishes. This is delicious!

With active walks around the city eat in the hotel restaurant uncomfortable, so there you can only have breakfast or not to eat at all.

  • The cost of the tour to the hotel 5 * for two will cost from 49 to 79 thousand r. without power. Price with breakfast from 61 and up to 400 thousand rubles. (at super chic hotel!)
  • The 4 * hotel with breakfast costs from 52 to 87 thousand rubles.
  • In 3 * you can find a tour for 32 thousand p. without power and for 57 thousand with breakfast

Prices for tours to Turkey in November 2015 for 10 days

Holidays in Alanya in November, all inclusive

What to do and what to see

Spending time in Alanya can be different: enjoy SPA salons, Turkish bath, gatherings in bars and restaurants. You can walk around the city, visit the famous Byzantine fortress Ich-kele, the Red Tower is a symbol of Alanya, a mausoleum built in XIII century, as well as the shipyard Tersane. In the vicinity there are several natural scenic caves.

Where to rest in Turkey in November

Where to rest in Turkey in November 2015

The cost of the November holiday in Istanbul

November vacation is good to spend in Istanbul. Air tickets from Moscow for sale is enough. Weather 16–17 ° C allows you to enjoy all the beauties of this colorful, vibrant city.

Prices are just happy!

Tour to a five-star hotel for two without power from 62 thousand rubles. 4 * hotel – from 48 thousand rubles. without power and from 52 thousand rubles. with breakfast

There are almost no last-minute tours in November, but also tax rates. is small. There will be money for excursions and cafes. And eat in Turkey can be varied, with even a small amount.


Istanbul is a huge city and it’s impossible to get bored there. Wake up early, have breakfast and go for impressions. By the way, if in there are no breakfasts, the room certainly has a refrigerator and teapot. Buy groceries in the supermarket and cook your own food. So you can save a lot!

The cost of the November holiday in Istanbul

Fortified, you should immediately go on excursions or shopping. Even if you don’t like sights, be sure to go see the palace of the Ottoman Sultans Top Capes. On his inspection will have to spend almost a day, but as interesting! This is a whole city with a mosque, school, harem, exhibition halls, etc.

The mysterious landmark of Istanbul is the Yerebatan cistern. This is an underground palace with marble columns 9 m high. Total of them 336. Here in the VI century BC there was a reservoir.

Tourists love to visit Hagia Sophia. It is built in the times of Byzantium, when Istanbul was called Constantinople, was originally an Orthodox church, then became a mosque, and today This is museum.

The cost of excursions in Istanbul from 10 to 25 lire. One lira equals about 19 rubles.

November weather will not spoil the impression of a walk on boat on the Bosphorus and Dardanelles.

Fascinating walks to the ruins of the Genoese fortress, to the Spice Market and the Museum of Kariye, which will replace the Byzantine murals created in the XI century.

So, arriving for the first time, be sure to look:

  • Palace Top Capa,
  • Saint Sophie Cathedral,
  • blue mosque
  • spice market
  • Museum of Caria,
  • ruins of the Genoese fortress.

How much is a holiday in Antalya

This resort gives heat even in November. We have here at some time snow lies and the thermometer falls below zero, so the weather of Antalya will seem heavenly: 22–23 ° С during the day and 10 ° С at night. Issued of course cloudy days with rain, wind, and this must be prepared.

Do not forget warm clothes and shoes so that your walks are long and comfortable.

Unfortunately, the choice of tours to Antalya at this time is very modest. AND they all come at the beginning of the month. But there is an opportunity cheap buy a ticket to a luxury hotel with food “all inclusive ultra”.

The hotel 5 * can accommodate for 84 thousand rubles, the maximum price tour reaches 100 thousand. In a five star hotel with breakfast you great rest for 65 thousand

In November, Antalya’s guests are mostly hosted by expensive hotels, but There are offers in 3 *. The cost of the tour will be from 51 to 54 thousand. depending on the type of food. You can choose breakfast – dinner or same three meals a day.

Which option is better, you decide. But if you plan spend whole days in the city, you can eat deliciously everywhere. Hotels 3 * often save on food and, according to reviews of tourists, food can be monotonous.


Inquisitive tourists will definitely visit the archaeological Museum of the city, in the tower Hydyrlyk, National Park, Duden Waterfalls and other significant places. For shopping you can go to the big local bazaar or shopping centers.

In 2012, an aquarium was opened in Antalya, where fish and sea ​​animals living in the world ocean.

Prices for holidays in Turkey in November 2019 for two for 10 days
five* four* 3 *
all inclusive with breakfast without power with breakfast without power with breakfast without power
Alanya 960-1549 $ $ 1196-7800 1000-1700 $ from $ 1100 from $ 610
Istanbul from 1200 $ $ 1019 $ 941
Antalya $ 1600-1960 from 1274 $ from 1058 $ from 1000 $

Prices for rest in Antalya in November 2015

Prices for tours in Antalya in November

Prices for vouchers for two for 5-7 days


Weekly rest in Alanya will cost even less:

  • 5 * without power costs from 47 to 66 thousand rubles.
  • 5 * with breakfast – from 54 thousand rubles.
  • 4 * with breakfast – from 49 thousand rubles.
  • 3 * without power – from 36 thousand rubles.
  • 3 * with breakfast – from 53 thousand rubles.


The cost of trips to Istanbul:

  • 5 * without power – from 50 thousand rubles.
  • 4 * without power – from 41 to 47 thousand rubles.
  • 4 * with breakfast – from 40 to 49 thousand rubles.
  • 3 * – from 39 thousand rubles.

Prices for vouchers for two for 5-7 days

Prices for vouchers in November 2015 for 5-7 days


  • 5 * all-inclusive ultra – from 52 thousand p. up to 77 thousand rubles.
  • 5 * with two types of food (breakfast or breakfast – dinner) – from 60 thousand r.
  • 3 * with two types of food – from 46 thousand rubles.

The cost of rest in the Turkish resorts in November with a child

How to relax with a child in November? You can not swim in the sea, walking all day in the city is tiring. What to do?

The best resorts for family holidays are Kemer and Belek. Although it is impossible name the place where children will be bad. But not to make a mistake, we act like this: choose a good 5 * hotel with animation, children’s room and indoor pool. There you can swim in any season. Food varied, a lot of fruit.

It should be noted that in November there are a lot of strawberries in Turkey oranges! You can eat to satiety!

These hotels offer childcare services, and does it mean if you don’t want to carry your baby on a tour or shopping, leave her with a nanny. The baby will be more fun, and you calmer

As we already wrote, not all hotels offer food “all included “, but if you take children under 5 with you, look for such. It is easier and more convenient.

In Kemer there is a dolphinarium, a zoo. A child of 5–6 years old can be taken with a short excursion to the city. By the way, sea boat trip will appeal to all. Do not forget only warm clothes.

In Belek, visit the National Park, there are collected the most unusual and beautiful trees and plants. Children will be interested in learning about them. is useful.

The cost of rest in the Turkish resorts in November with a child

Prices for holidays in the Turkish resorts in November with a child

Prices for tours in November with a child

Prices for tours in November with children

Prices for tours to Kemer

We will consider only hotels 5 *, so that the child was exactly things to do:

  • 5 * all inclusive from 78 thousand rubles.
  • 5 * Ultra All Inclusive from 91 thousand rubles.

Prices for tours to Belek

Hotels in this resort are distinguished by luxurious infrastructure, Service and spacious rooms. It’s hard to find a hotel below. four*. After the end of the “high” season, only five-star trains work. hotels

Prices for vouchers are high even in November, and the range of prices is very high. big.

For example, a 5 * hotel without meals for three for 10 nights will cost from 111 thousand rubles. up to 600 thousand! And with breakfast from 135 thousand p. up to 700 thousand r.!

But it must be said that even with “inexpensive” accommodation from 100 thousand. the hotel will have everything you need and even more, that is, and children’s rooms, and rides, and an indoor pool. Can safely buy such tours.

Guided tours not to be missed.

Where to go to brag friends? Even those who are not going to travel a lot sometimes want to crawl out of hotel and see the sights of Turkey.

The main places visited by all tourists in the world:

  1. Pammukale – the snow-white cliffs in Denizli, formed by lime deposits of thermal springs. Water temperature in them 36 ° C, one of the pools is called Cleopatra’s pool, which often visited Pammukale to extend its beauty.
  2. Church of St. Nicholas in Demre, built in the IV century BC,
  3. The ruins of the ancient city of Ephesus on the Aegean Sea.
  4. Cappadocia (in ancient times the so-called terrain on territory of modern Turkey, its history is from the 5th century. BC e.) Over the centuries, interesting rocks, caves, underground cities and canyons.
  5. Monastery of Sumela (was cut down in the rocks by monks).

Excursions in Turkey

What to see in Turkey

Sights of Turkey

In Turkey, many mysterious places that store history several millennia. In November, when the heat is not annoying, the most time to study this ancient country.

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