One 1 best areas of Bangkok to stay, shopping and festivities!

Through the passenger terminal of Suvarnabhumi – the main airport Bangkok – more than fifty million people pass this year almost every one of them stayed in this city at least for the night. AT the proposed article we will tell you which areas Bangkok become objects of attraction of this human flow and why it is worth staying (see Top ten budget hotels in Bangkok), and which ones to do shopping.

For Thailand, which by area is often less than others Russian regions, the capital with a population of more than ten million a man is an unusual lot. In fact, Bangkok is not only metropolis, but also a regional center successfully competing with such giants like singapore and hongkong. This is the largest intersection roads of Southeast Asia, dusk passions on its streets and squares very serious. Not everywhere farang, as foreigners call the indigenous people of the kingdom of siam can be comfortable, interesting and safely. Therefore, the question of which area of ​​Bangkok better to stay far from idle.

The best areas to visit and stay for foreigners

Do not think that the best areas of Bangkok, where foreigners may well satisfy their curiosity, touch colorful and alluring forbidden entertainment culture Southeast Asia are located exactly in the city center, as it may to be, if you follow the European historical tradition. This opinion true, but only in part.

For the Thais themselves, the Rattanokosin district (indeed geographical center of the city), where the Big Royal palace and most historical architectural attractions of the city, is the sacred center of the country. Other interesting places for tourists to do shopping, have a night out or find sexually forbidden entertainment (read more about sex tourism in Bangkok) are scattered around the metropolis in picturesque mess. This fully reflects the essence of the mentality. residents of Southeast Asia, who obey unquestioningly common administrative will nevertheless constantly retain desire for anarchy and personal freedom.

Administratively, the Thai capital is divided into five 0 districts, referred to as khets, and more than one and a half hundred khvengov, which in our Manners can be called municipal districts.


Ko Rattanakosin

District Ko Rattanakosin (Ko Rattanakosin) in Bangkok

District Ko Rattanakosin (Ko Rattanakosin) in Bangkok is really central. Both geographically and spiritually. It is located on man-made island, separated from the rest of the city by the Chao Phraya River and channel, straightening its bend. There is a complex of Big Royal Palace and the temples adjacent to it – Wat Phra Kaew and Wat Pho. The mound on which these religious construction, plays a role and the observation platform of Bangkok. Main capital tourist center, but linger in it will not succeed – hotel or hotel near the royal residence you will not find.



Riverside District (Riverside) in Bangkok

Riverside district in Bangkok is located on the waterfront Chao Phraya River, in its most landscaped and beautiful part. There there is a constellation of luxury hotels. For example, “Penisula”, “Sheraton”, “Sofitel”, “Oriental”. From the windows of rooms a wonderful river panorama of the city opens (watch webcam on the Chao Phraya River). The area is full of souvenir shops, old (not older than the middle of the XIX century) buildings. For fans shopping district unattractive.



Bamglamphu district in Bangkok

Banglamphu in Bangkok is best known for Taosan Road, attracting a lot of tourists. Among the backpackers (travel fans “savage”) she is considered the Gateway to Asia. Noisy and disorderly on the east, it is full of small benches, cafes, restaurants and establishments of dubious nature. Weight cheap guest houses, there are no pretentious hotels. Leads predominantly nightlife. East of the Democracy Monument there is a wide a set of local attractions: the Golden Mountain sanctuary, a museum King Prajahipok …



Chinatown District in Bangkok

Located southeast of the Grand Royal Palace, along Yaowarat streets. District Chinatown in Bangkok largely preserved the atmosphere and spirit of colonial Indochina. Of course, the number of dens in it has noticeably decreased, but the quenching of passions and today may seem excessive to the tourist. In small adjacent to Yaowarat Road lanes you can find a lot of jewelry salons. A lot of idle people, street vendors of all stuff – edible and not quite. There are two Buddhist temples. In wat Trimit can go to look at the statue of the Supreme Deity of pure gold. Adventure lovers on the fifth point recommend go to the side streets at the hotel Texas Suki. Top Hotels located along the main thoroughfare.



Silom District in Bangkok

The Silom area in Bangkok during the day is the business center respectable and slightly prim. Place where are located headquarters of world famous companies. It collected the greatest the number of high-rise buildings of the city. For example, State Tower. Hotels work with the maximum number of stars. Promising place for shopaholics, who attract many shopping centers and boutiques. Of the sights only Hindu temple Wat Kek Silom. At night, turns into a cloister of entertainment and debauchery. On patpong located quarter “Red Light”.



Lumpini District in Banquet

The district Lumpini (Lumpini) in Bangkok is the Mecca of martial lovers. arts They regularly gather at the stadium of the same name and conduct fights. It is also one of the rare metropolitan places where There is a large green park Lumpini.


Siam square

Siam Square in Bangkok

If you are a shopaholic, then you go there. Siam Square in Bangkok is a place where there is a huge number of large chain supermarkets and shopping centers. Even more there small shops. Shopping here is less destructive than in Silom. Prices below on order. Jogging shopping can be alternated with visiting the Siam Ocean World Aquarium, the Museum of Wax Figures, Suan Pacad Palace, a local culture and arts center.



Ploenchit Road District in Bangkok

Another center of attraction is shopping lovers. Ploenchit District (Ploenchit) in Bangkok is not the cheapest place to live, the price The rooms are the same as in the Silom area.



Pratunam District in Bangkok

The Pratunam district in Bangkok is a place where you can meet a lot of compatriots. They are attracted by affordable prices. accommodation and very good conditions. A little fun, but is the most famous metropolitan observation deck – the skyscraper Bayok Skye, and the huge Pratunam Market – a market with very democratic prices.



Sukhumvit District in Bangkok

The Sukhumvit district in Bangkok is the place where respectable and reasonable tourists should not go, as he more suitable for night celebrations. The greatest concentration brothels, go-go bars and other dubious establishments. Complex criminal situation and very anarchic manners. Farangi considered easy prey.



Ratchadapisek District (Ratchadapisek) in Bangkok

District Ratchadapisek (Ratchadapisek) in Bangkok – the main competitor Silom, a new business district, not yet designated at all maps. There is everything for a good time: big supermarkets, nightclubs and pubs, cabarets. Works Thailand Cultural Center is the main cultural venue of the capital. Prices hotel rooms are very high, cheap guest house here you are not will find.

The best areas on the map of Bangkok

The best areas on the map of Bangkok

Map of Bangkok (Download original)

The best areas on the map of Bangkok

Bangkok Center (Download original)

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