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Notre Dame de Paris Cathedral: detailed information about Notre Dame Cathedral, architecture and history Notre Dame de Paris, location on the map.

Notre-Dame de Paris Notre-Dame de Paris

Notre Dame Cathedral of Notre Dame – the oldest and most The famous cathedral of Paris, located in its oldest part – island of cite. This is a magnificent masterpiece of Gothic, immortalized. brilliant Victor Hugo and turned into a cult place of the capital France, along with the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre.

In addition to the magnificent building of the cathedral and its interior there is an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of Paris from the height of the towers. To them climb need to overcome more than 350 steps. You can also see an archaeological crypt that tells the story cities from Gallo-Roman times until the 19th century.

Notre Dame de Paris - view from the SeineNotre Dame Cathedral – view from the Seine

The history of Notre Dame de Paris

Already in the 3rd century, the first Christians appeared in ancient Paris. Here was sent over. Dionysius, executed on the hill of Montmartre, and became subsequently the patron saint of the city (the Saint-Denis suburb of Paris also named after him). After the adoption of Constantine Christianity, as the official religion in the Roman Empire, in the 4th century on the site pagan temple was built the first Christian cathedral on the island Cite – Cathedral of sv. Stefan. It is not exactly known how he looked and his exact dimensions, but it is believed that it was a large five-nautical basilica, rebuilt in the 6-7 century.

Stone Cathedral of Sv. Stefan was able to stand the test time, but in the 12th century, Louis VII and Bishop de Sully accepted the decision to build a new, more magnificent cathedral. In 1163 was laid the first stone of the future of Notre Dame. Building lasted until 1250.

Throughout its history, before the Great French Revolution, Notre Dame Cathedral was rebuilt several times and repaired. The revolution caused the cathedral terrible damage – were destroyed the statues of kings on the facade, destroyed all large sculptures, damaged stained glass windows and portals. Notre Dame came to so miserable condition that the possibility was seriously discussed his demolition. Fortunately, thanks in large part to Victor Hugo and his the legendary novel “Notre Dame de Paris”, the cathedral was decided to restore. In the middle of the 19th century, Notre Dame was reopened.

Notre Dame de ParisNotre Dame Cathedral at night


The architectural style of the cathedral is Gothic. The western facade is divided into three pieces vertically and horizontally.

The lower tier is the three portals (entrance): the portal of sv. Anna, portal Virgin Mary, portal of the Last Judgment. Each portal is decorated bas-reliefs. Above the portals is the arcade of kings – 28 sculptures of kings of Judah damaged during Revolution.

Above is the western rose, the figure of infinity and infinity squared. Built in the early 13th century and is one of the three roses of the cathedral and the oldest of them.

In the architecture of the cathedral there are two tower-belfries – North and South. At the same time, the South Tower (closest to the river) looks less massive.

On the south side, the facade of the cathedral is also decorated with a rose and a spire, around which are 12 figures of the apostles.

The roof of the cathedral is lead. Made of thin lead overlapping records. The weight of the roof is about 210 tons. also in the top of the facade of the Notre Dame de Paris is decorated with figures gargoyles and chimeras. It is interesting that in the Middle Ages there were no chimeras. Their established in the 19th century during the restoration, as well as a new lead the roof.

Notre Dame insideNotre Dame inside


The interior of Notre Dame can not boast a fancy wall painting. But such is the specifics of the harsh gothic. The only the source of light and colors are the most beautiful stained glass windows. Original 13th century stained glass windows were preserved only on cathedral roses. The remaining 110 stained glass windows were restored.

In the center of the nave are sculptural compositions from the Gospel. In the right chapel of the cathedral are paintings and sculptures, brought as a gift. The cathedral chandelier is made of silver plated. bronze.

In the Cathedral of Notre Dame there is one of the greatest Christian Relics – Crown of thorns.

Gargoyles of Notre DameGargoyles of Notre Dame

Mode of operation and input

Notre Dame Cathedral is open daily from 8.00 to 18.45. AT weekend until 19.45. Admission is free and free.

To climb the towers and admire the panorama of Paris from heights of gargoyles need to pay 10 euros. Also paid entrance to crypt.

Behavior rules

  1. Notre Dame Cathedral is a functioning cathedral, so here need to be calm, quiet and respectful.
  2. It is forbidden to carry luggage.
  3. It is forbidden to take pictures with flash.
  4. Can not let in short skirts and shorts.

How to get there?


–Line 4, CitéouSaint-Michel –Line 1, 11, Hôtelde Ville – Line 10, Maubert-MutualitéouCluny – La Sorbonne –Line 7, 11, 14 Châtelet


–LineiaB, Saint-Michel – Notre-Dame –Lineia, C, Saint-Michel– Notre-Dame


–Troutes 21, 38, 47, 85, 96, ArrêtCité – Palais de Justice –– Route 47, BalabusArrêtCité – Parvis de Notre-Dame –Troutes 24, 47ArrêtNotre-Dame – Quai de Montebello – Routes 24, 47ArrêtPetit Pont – Routes 24, 27, BalabusArrêtPont Saint-Michel – Quai des Orfèvres –Troutes 24, 27, 96, BalabusArrêtSaint-Michel –Troutes 21, 27, 38, 85, 96ArrêtSaint-michel – Saint-Germain

Notre Dame Cathedral on the map of Paris

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