Nightlife in Bangkok – search for the best of clubs

Bangkok is a city that never sleeps. At least so Tourists consider people far from everyday worries. Can not get in time the sun to touch the horizon, as the streets are flashing thousands, millions of lights and bangkok clubs appealing open their doors. In the article we described the best places for entertainment with a map of locations and official sites (to Unfortunately, some were not found) with detailed information about entertainment venue.

Bangkok nightlife is a whole industry has penetrated into every corner of the capital of Thailand. Lovers night drive and detachment often do not even have to go anywhere. For This will suit the hotel bar. And if you happen to be a guest Hotel Oriental Hotel, then look for the best bar in the vicinity of the street Oriental Lane and not have to.

Escobar Nightclub in Bangkok

Night club bar Escobar

A classic set of entertainment, not beyond decency, offer nightclubs of bangkok located on the streets of Sukhumvit, Royal City Avenue and Silom. And if you you are going to rest in the province of Chonburi, then and there you expect not less worth the nightlife of Pattaya.

Night clubs on Sukhumvit street in Bangkok

In the prestigious area of Sukhumvit, built with fashionable villas apartments, restaurants and dance floors, settled the best clubs in Bangkok. Him Usually expats are chosen for life, so in “Q Bar and Bed supperclub is dominated by the New York style. The interior of the “Bed Supperclub” is reminiscent of what you saw in Star Trek movie. In addition to the energetic music there is offered and hearty dinner. Starting cocktail visitors receive free presenting the entrance ticket.

Q Bar Nightclub in Bangkok

Q Bar

Night Club Bed Supperclub in Bangkok

Bed Supperclub

Night club “Sugar” is preferred by men, since the most enchanting striptease session can only be found there. To far to don’t go there, you can book near Cheap hotel Smart Suites. Youth comes off in “Escudo”, offering two dance floors: one in the hip-hop style, the other – with club music. The cheapest alcohol in “Escobar”, “Glow” is also interesting for those who have a personal economic crisis.

Trance parties are held on the longest street in Thailand in the club “Narcissus”, remarkable also by the fact that it is under the roof of a luxurious mansion.

Narcissus Clubhouse in Bangkok

The building of the nightclub Narcissus

Nightclubs on the Silom Street in Bangkok

Bangkok night clubs in the area are the center attraction for the local LGBT community. But brutal straights, accidentally strayed on the pink light, no one dismisses, The atmosphere is quite comfortable and tolerant.

In the nightclub “Taras” the bar is located on the roof, from where offers a great view of the night of Bangkok. Twice a week there Live music sounds. The most original interior design in “Lucifer Disco “. There, the vaults of a stylized cave are shaken by style music. techno Jazz lovers have a straight road to “Brown Sugar”, but hip-hop served in the “Home”, most like a residential high-rise building

Sugar Nightclub in Bangkok

Sugar nightclub

Night clubs on Royal City Avenue in Bangkok

This is a place for youth parties. The most pretentious and promoted RCA clubs – “Flix & Slim”, which are almost under the same roof. Hip-hop and rhythm-and-blues sounds in “Slim”, and the dance floor “Flix” treats house music.

In this area you will find the largest disco Bangkok It is located in the “Club Astra”, her the dance floor accommodates one and a half thousand “disco dancers”. In this club institution of great music, touring famous DJs. Club “Dude” attracts lovers of trance parties and electronic music.

Ночной клуб Flix & Slim в Бангкоке

Nightclub Flix & Slim

For lovers hotter

For those who “love hotter”, in Bangkok, operates a whole network institutions specializing in sex tourism. Usually they are called Go-Go bars (by the way, we recommend reading about Go-Go bars on Samui). The greatest concentration provided by savory services is observed on Soi Cowboy. But there you have to be like a mine field: if not STD, then pickpockets or a banal base with the purpose of blackmail is quite ordinary and not surprising to anyone.

The district of Patpong will suit the fans to “change the subject”: in addition to clubs, where erotic performances are given, there are quite respectable: “The Irish Exchange”, “O’Reilly Irish Pub”, “Barbican”.

A few words about face control

The dress code in clubs and discos in Bangkok is quite democratic, but to go there in shorts and an alcoholic shirt is not recommended – stay at the door. Most pathetic discos can weed out visitors paid entrance. The price of the visit comes to six hundred baht. It is better to go to any club with a certificate. personality.

Night clubs on Bangkok map

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Night Club Q Bar in Bangkok: 13.745180, 100.557572 Night Club Bed Supperclub in Bangkok: 13.744429, 100.556939 Escudo Night Club Bangkok: 13.733590, 100.582108Escobar Nightclub in Bangkok: 13.733372, 100.585316 Glow night club in Bangkok: 13.738478, 100.564266 Narcissus Nightclub in Bangkok: 13.737249, 100.564374 Lucifers Nightclub in Bangkok: 13.728213, 100.531801 Nightclub Brown Sugar in Bangkok: 13.758686, 100.503767 Nightclub Flix & Slim in Bangkok: 13.751443, 100.575296 Astra Nightclub in Bangkok: 13.723491, 100.476140 Nightlife The Irish Exchange club in Bangkok: 13.727530, 100.533644 Night Sugar Club in Bangkok: 13.743595, 100.556424

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