Mystical Istanbul

Today I will tell you about the most interesting and mystical places. Istanbul Places where your heart stops and then begins beat harder, and the eyes do not believe what they see.

We all know that Istanbul was once a Constantinople and, not despite the fact that today the main religion there is Islam, it was in this city that Orthodoxy originated, and it is from here that came to Russia. Right on the shores of the Bosphorus, there is truly a huge Saint Sophie Cathedral. It was here that the delegation of Prince Vladimir came, and it was in this place that the decision was made to adopt a Christian faith. In the history it is written that upon entering this temple, the delegation of the prince was, simply, shocked by the luxury and glitter of gold in the decoration Hagia Sophia. When we entered the temple, we immediately understood what was discussed. From the preserved frescoes you can see that everything was made of gold. Walls, ceiling, mosaics, icons. When sunlight hits the temple glows and glitters with the brightest light ever possibly.

Unfortunately, with the arrival of the Sultan, they made a mosque from the cathedral and all It was plastered around. Relatively recent steel restore the temple and found these golden murals and icons. Watching on them, you fully feel the scale and holiness of this places.

If you look further into history, then to Hagia Sophia, on this site was a temple dedicated to the Greek goddess Artemis. Thus, we can conclude that this is exactly the place possessing tremendous energy and combining several different beliefs on which people have prayed for centuries. If you have not visited it place, then you were not in Istanbul, Constantinople, and maybe in one of the cities of ancient Greece.

Across the road from Hagia Sophia is the Cistern. Basilica This is an ancient water storage, so to speak, underground storage tank. But when you go down there, you find yourself in the indescribable mystical setting. A huge number of columns of ancient Greek temples, darkness and only small lanterns to highlight. On the floor some water and swimming fish. You go, and the imagination draws such that scary to think.

At the very end there are huge columns with the head of Medusa Gargona. By legend, they are specifically turned upside down so that no one turned into stone, and next to “weeping columns”, which are always water flows down. The atmosphere, as if, got into the plot of a movie about adventures of Hercules.

And one more very interesting place, it is Rumeli fortress. AT it is nothing mystical, with its help it was simply captured city. But this kind of as with this fortress, you will not see more nowhere. If you climb to the top, it will open just awesome view of the city and the Bosphorus, the Golden Horn and the most beautiful cable-stayed bridge. If you are lucky and the weather is sunny, then the impressions of this species will stay with you for life, even if you are sophisticated traveler and saw a lot of things.

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