Lake Garda (Italy)

Lake Garda (Italy) – the most detailed description with photos, the main attractions, how to get and the location of Garda on map.

Lake Garda (Lago di Garda)

Garda – the largest lake in Italy, located at the foot of the Southern Alps at the junction of three areas: Lombardy, Venice and Trentino-Alto Adige. This is a very popular tourist destination with beautiful nature and excellent infrastructure, beloved Italians Lake Garda is often called Benaco or Garda by the lake.

Panorama of the lakeLake panorama

Interesting Facts

  1. The area of ​​Lake Garda is 370 sq. Km.
  2. Maximum depth – 346 meters
  3. Height above sea level – 65 meters
  4. Garda – navigable lake.
  5. The southern part is the moraine hills that remained from the onset of the glacier, the northern – the ridges that protect lake from the cold winds. Because of this, the climate here is more soft.

Northern part of the lakeNorth Lake

Garda – one of the most beautiful lakes in Italy, along with Como andBries: bright nature, clear water with beautiful blue tint, mild climate, picturesque landscapes with olive trees, palm trees, cypresses and oleanders, as well as interesting attractions and cultural monuments.

Night on Lake Garda Night on Lake Garda

How to get there?

Convenient location between Milan and Venice quickly turned Garda in a popular tourist center. Of course, if you are visiting cities like Milan, Verona, Venice, Trento, Brescia, Padua and etc. I highly recommend to allocate at least a day to visit this. wonderful place. If you travel by car – you should go on motorway A4 Milan-Venice. If you are planning to go by train or bus, then buy tickets and see the schedule here -http: //

View of the Garda View on Garda

The main attractions and places of interest of the lake Garda

One of the most interesting and famous places is Gardaland. it the largest amusement park in Italy, a kind of Italian Disneyland, comprising 460,000 square meters. meters of rides, shows and thematic sites.

Garda is a place for those who love history and art. fascinating immersion into the past: medieval cities with ancient walls and towers, castles, churches and luxurious villas, unique colors of Northern Italy and beauty of nature.

Castle in Sirmione Castle in Sirmione

Due to its rich history, a large number of medieval castles. The most beautiful of them:

  • Castello di Desenzano – Desenzano del Garda
  • Castello di Drena – Drena
  • Castello di Moniga – Moniga del Garda
  • Castello di Pozzolengo – Pozzolengo
  • Castello di Soiano – Soiano del Lago
  • Castello di Tenno – Tenno
  • Castello di Valeggio sul Mincio – Valeggio sul Mincio
  • Castello Scaligero – Sirmione
  • Castello Scaligero – Malcesine
  • Castello Scaligero Torri del Benaco – Torri del Benaco

Scenic vintage borgo:

Borgo Medievale di Canale di Tenno – Tenno – one of the most beautiful historic borgo (villages) of italy with stunning medieval atmosphere.

The flowering streets of SirmioneFlowering streets of Sirmione

Beautiful religious buildings:

  • Basilica Minore – Lonato del Garda
  • Chiesa Collegiata – Arco
  • Chiesa di San Bartolomeo – Ledro
  • Chiesa di San Sisinio – Dro
  • Chiesa di San Zenone – Tignale
  • Chiesa Parrocchiale di Gargnano – Gargnano

Panorama of the town of SirmionePanorama of the town of Sirmione

On the shores of Lake Garda there is an entire placer of resorts – picturesque town and villages. The largest of them: Garda, Sirmione, Desenzano del Garda, Bardolino, Malcesine, Riva del Garda.

Come to Lake Garda – here you can not only see, but also relax and have fun!

Video – Lake Garda

Lake Garda on the map

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