Koh Lanta Island – description, beaches, climate, hotels to go to and how to get

Koh Island Lantaran is located in the province Krabi not far from the mainland of Thailand. From the island to The capital of the province is only 80 km away, and Bangkok is 930 km Lanta is not even a single island, but a group of two sections Sushi, closest to the mainland – Lanta Noynaselentaytsami, built up his one-story houses. But on an island paradise Lanta Yai is loved by the guests of this country.

By area double island fourth in the country, after Phuket, Co. Changa and KoSamui. He is part of the archipelago, including besides him 50 islands, most of which uninhabited.

Koh Lanta Island in Krabi

LantaY Island

Koh Lanta Island in Krabi is certainly divided by tourist and residential parts. In the eastern part of the island live mostly locals, there are few hotels here, except in There are several southeast parts. Normal beaches, like tourist infrastructure concentrated on the western coast of the island. From here, locals drive excursion groups. in the eastern part of the island in the old town of Lanta Town, a gypsy village and mangroves.

Koh Lanta Island

Along the perimetric island of Koh Lanta in Thailand non practical an asphalt paved road. In different parts of the track It takes 10-200 meters from the coast. From west to east of the island stretches a few highway. There are practically no roads in the southern part.

Koh Lanta Island

The landscape of the island of Lanta is predominantly mountainous, eaten caves and few valleys. Almost all sea coasts covered with sandy beaches, some of them wild, bordered by thick vegetation. Near the coast There are several diving sites.

Who would like on the island?

Lanta is, first of all, beaches, excursions on the most beautiful places with stormy vegetation and stunning panoramas. Lovers of nightlife, rest in noisy clubs and discos, Here you might like it very much. However, find a girlfriend on night is possible on local beaches, despite the fact that officially there are no brothels here. There is hardly a place in Thailand where No girls of easy virtue and Thai alcohol.

Koh Lanta Island

Like Lanta residents of megacities looking for a holiday tranquility and peace. Crowds of tourists and noisy youth There are almost no companies here. But the species, as if painted by a realist artist in love with tropical vegetation, the purity of white sand and the beauty of water smooth

Koh Lanta Island

Be sure to be satisfied with the rest on a double island family with kids. But it’s dangerous to take kids here, it’s not uncommon There are problems with the search for infant formula, as well as acute shortage of pharmacies and doctors, especially pediatricians. But question what to do on Koh Island Lantaradoko who arises, there is enough entertainment.

How to get to the island of Koh Lanta?

Although there is no airport on Koh Lanta, there not difficult. The easiest way to get to this peaceful place in the midst of nature from Krabi or Phuket airport, from there carried out by the hotel transfer to comfort minivan Guests of Thailand arriving at the airport Bangkok will have to take advantage of local airlines to get to Krabi or Phuket, and from there all the same transfer Naminiven and transfer to the ferry (book the ferry to Thailand can be on the site 12 Go Asia). Read more in articles:

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Koh Lanta Island Transport

The easiest way to travel around the island on a rented in KlongDaomotobike or by car (more about renting a bike in Thailand). Rental price average is200batza day. Tourists preferring not to get behind the wheel, can ride a Thai taxi. A local taxi is more like a motorcycle with a sidecar in which can fit up to three people. Paid trip agreement with the driver, on average zakilometrrprosyat 20-30 baht, and from one to another beach fare will cost 100-120 baht

Transport on the Koh Lanta Island

Beaches on Koh Lanta

In comparison with the coasts in Pattaya, on other large Thai island territories, beaches on Koh Lanta Island is especially wide and spacious. There are not so many holidaymakers here, sometimes the distance between sunbathing tourists can be 100-150 meters, no one interferes. “In detail” we list the most popular:

Map of the beaches of Koh Lanta

Map of the beaches of Koh Lanta

BeachKor Kwang beach

Kor Kwang beach is located right on the island’s headland with the same name is the most northern beach located near the town of Ban Saladan. Its curved shape offers You will enjoy the sand and clear coastal water. it the most populous sandy beach of Koh Lanta. Definitely it one of the best beaches of Thailand!

Kor Kwang beach on Koh Lanta

Beach Klong Dao Beach

Klong Dao Beach is located south of Kor Kwang and is The most popular destination on the island. It offers 3 kilometers beautiful white sand and clear sea. It is the perfect combination. near by the facilities for tourists with silence and peace

Klong Dao Beach on Koh Lanta

Pra Ae Beach

Pra Ae Beach on Koh Lanta, also known as Long Beach is one of the longest on The island is 5 kilometers of pure white sand. On This beach built luxury hotels. Due to the large size of the beach, you will always find a secluded place ideal for long walks.

Pra Ae Beach on Koh Lanta

Klong Khong Beach

Klong Khong Beach, located in center of the island’s west coast is the most beloved tourists vacationing on the island of Koh Lanta. This the beach offers many rooms in bungalows, and also ideal for sunbathing and long walk along the coast but does not give normally swim because of the rocky terrain.

Klong Khong Beach on Koh Lanta

Klong Nin Beach

Klong Nin Beach is the most beautiful south-facing beach. with numerous coconut palm trees and tropical forests. It offers fine soft white sand along with calm and peaceful setting. The northern part of the beach due to rockiness is not very suitable for swimming.

Klong Nin Beach on Koh Lanta

Kantiang Beach

Kantiang Beach is one of the smallest but perhaps one of the most beautiful on Koh Lanta. He is famous its transparent waters and coral reefs are ideal place for diving on Lanta.

Kantiang Beach on Koh Lanta

For those who are interested in near the place of rest shops, stalls and tents with food, then you should prefer the northern and central part of the island. And fans of wild rest on the island of Koh Lanta, not spoiled by traders and girls of the lung behavior, it is better to go closer to the south coast. There for a whole day may not seem a single tourist.

Climatic features of the island

Weather on Koh Island Lantatakaya same as in the whole Krabi province. It’s most comfortable to be on the island since December and until the end of March. At this time there are almost no rainy days, the sea remains relatively calm, not hot. For thailand temperature maximum of this period + 28 … + 32 is considered cool time of year. From March to the end of spring, thermometer indicators can reach the mark of + 34 … + 36, but the lack of rain and comfortable humidity indicator allows you to spend a lot of time by the sea. BUT here summer and autumn on the island and in the whole province are rainy, heavy rain may not stop for weeks. Due to the high humidity on the island is getting cold, but the sea all year round does not get cooler +27 degrees.

Tip! You can watch the weather in Thailand right on our site! Actual weather informers from Yandex update several times a day and provide an opportunity show the weather for the week ahead. And also you can see real weather using Thailand’s online webcams.

Koh Lanta Island Hotels

Hotels on Koh Island Lanta is often cottages and primitive bungalows scattered around the coast, between the beach and the main asphalt road that goes around perimeter. On the other side of the highway almost everywhere tropical jungle hotels are not building there. Besides those of high there are no buildings on the island at all, local laws prohibit the construction of built higher than local plants.

Hotels on Koh Lanta

The red-tiled houses are hotels.

The largest selection of hotels in the northwest and west islands, south building density decreases, and with it rising cost of living. In season, comfortable room with air conditioning costs in 800 baht. If you wish, you can find option baht 500, but usually these rooms are far from shops and catering establishments. Fan room will cost in the range of 400-600 baht. a double island is slightly more expensive than on the same AoNang. Read more about hotel booking features at Hotellook.ru and RoomGuru.ru sites.

A selection of the cheapest hotels in Koh Lanta

Map of hotels in Koh Lanta with the option booking

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