Koh Kood Island is one of the best places for romantic getaway!

Koh Kood – the third largest island in the Gulf of Thailand after the islands of Koh Chang and Samui. Isle Phanganna fourth place. Positioned thirty kilometers south of the Au Hai district of Trat province. You can reach it by booking a combined route on 12 Go Asia site.

Koh Kood Island in Thailand is considered one of most “young” resort areas, where the foot of a tourist has stepped only in most recent years. Therefore, choosing it as a place vacation, you get to your services underdeveloped tourist infrastructure, but practically virgin, not trampled nature and crystal clear, azure sea. This is one of best places for young couples who love calm and romantic relaxation.

Koh Kood Island

Hotels on Koh Kood Island

Koh Kood hotels will please those who want feel yourself in the role of Signor Robinson. Bungalows standing around coast, very similar to the huts of this adventurer, but offer almost European level of comfort. Even in thatched huts for 400 baht a day there are fans, for whom this is not enough – they can choose air-conditioned apartments, at a minimum of 700 baht. Some hotels boast a free Wi-Fi zone. AT the village of Klong Chao has one-story capital buildings, consisting of 8–10 rooms.

Hotels in the form of a bungalow on the coast of Koh Kood

Hotels in the form of a bungalow on the coast of Koh Kood

On Koh Kood, only coastal territory is inhabited, therefore all hotels of Koh Where are “in the first line”. On The west bank has resorts located near two major rivers. islands. For those who settle there, special service is available – rent kayaks for travel deep into the jungle.

Hotels on the coast of Koh Kood

Can meet and such container-type hotels

The popularity of the island is gradually gaining momentum, so in high season, which lasts from December to March, it is better to take care of book hotels.Select and book liked you, a hotel on the island of Ko Kut can be on the sitesHotellook.ru orRoomGuru.ru. Map with hotels located in end of article

Beach holiday on Koh Kood

The beaches of Koh Kood are located along west coast. There are several of them, but the most popular are three of them.

Klong Chao Beach on Koh Kood

Klong Chao Beach

Klong Chao – the largest, located near the administrative capital of the island. Around him most hotels and guest houses. It is best developed tourist infrastructure. Next to it there is a waterfall – one of the main attractions of the island.

Bang Bao Beach on Koh Kood

Bang Bao Beach

Bang Bao is surrounded by hills covered with lush tropical vegetation. The sea is quiet, the white sand of the beach is interrupted here and there. large rocky boulders.

Taphao Beach on Koh Kood

Taphao beach

Taphao – delight of the eyes, on the edge of which palm trees grow, giving blissful shade. It is best to meet sunsets. Nearby from it is the village of Klong Mat.

Transportation on Koh Kood Island

The island is quite small, there is only one road. She goes from marinas in the bay on the north coast to the west, then along him almost to the southern tip of the island and turns to the eastern shore. Its total length is about 25 kilometers. Public and commercial transport on Koh Island Kudpolnostyu missing. There is only one resident, apparently a local madman, working on his tuk-tuk izvozy. You can search for it or wait for hours, therefore it is better to rent a bike in a hotel (bike rental in Thailand). Worth it about three hundred baht. If you have a tendency to masochism, then rent a bike. The island is replete with elevation changes, so you have to sweat a lot.

Transport on Koh Kood

Weather on Koh Kood Island

The weather on Koh Kood is determined to be wet. tropical climate. As in all of Thailand there are only two seasons – dry and wet. Dry to predominate from November to March sunny weather. Air temperature is kept at quite tolerable. for Russians plus 28–30ºC. In April – May, the inferno begins to plus 36. From June to October it rains. At a temperature of plus 30 this season tourists feel like visitors to the Turkish hamam. Temperature water does not depend on the season, it does not fall below plus 27ºC. Read more about the climate in Thailand in the article “When is it better to go to Thailand? ”

Koh Kood Island at night

Coastline of the island at night

Koh Kood Island on the map of Thailand

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