Koh Chang – a paradise island in Thailand

Koh Chang Island in Thailand is not less attractive and heavenly for tourists than advertised Phuket The island is located in the Pacific Ocean, and more precisely, in the eastern parts of the Gulf of Siam. “Elephant Island” (Ko – island, Chang – Thai elephant.) A little less than Phuket. His tourist infrastructure today can compete with the “big brother” But the development of the resort area of ​​the island of Koh Chang began relatively recently.

Virtually untouched human resources can be called a highlight of the resort. 80% of the area of ​​the island of Koh Chang everything still covered in the wilds of the jungle, and some beaches of the ocean coasts remain “wild” and belong to protected natural zones. And only 20% of the area is actively built up by hotels, restaurants, wellness and entertainment centers.

Just south of Koh Chang is exactly the same popular, but with less developed infrastructure, the island of Ko Kud

Koh Chang Island in Thailand

At night, Koh Chang calms down. The regulars of Phuket and Pattaya are hardly accustomed to such calm. Only a small number of discos and nightlife does not make the island a resort for seniors (read more about the life of pensioners in Thailand). There are a lot of bars, where You can successfully meet a nice Thai girl and invite her to a room. Locals claim they are most likely to stay awake holidaying alone on White Sand Beach, but if you came to Thailand for sex tourism, it’s still better go to more zalachnye resorts. Moreover, Ko Chang is not the most cheap place in Thailand, comfortable apartments are noticeable here more than modest bungalows.

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How to get to Koh Chang Island

Read more about how to get to Koh Chang from Bangkok and from Pattaya

How to get to Koh Chang Island Little. There is no airport on the island, but buses from here Bangkok, Pattaya. The bus is only 5 hours away. Even faster fly from Bangkok by domestic flight to Trat, from where again by bus, and then you have to transfer to the ferry (by the way, in article “How to buy tickets for the ferry, bus or train in Thailand” The whole process of booking this type is described in detail. transport).

Also, get to the island by booking a transfer to Thailand. Transfer to Koh Chang- not always cheap, but safe, comfortable convenient access to the ferry to the island in the province of Trat. For more information about this is described in the material “How get to Koh Chang. ”

Beaches of Koh Chang

Map of the beaches of Koh Chang islandWest Coast practically completely covered with beaches. And all the beaches of Koh Island Chang is different and collect completely different guests. So, White Sand Beach is a noisy and crowded place in both parts divided by expensive beach scattered around a lot of bars and open restaurants with national cuisine and a rich bar. Youth be sure to get to the noisy beach parties at Lonely Beach Discos are especially bright until the morning in the days full moon. But at Pearl Beach (Pearl Beach), sprawling a few kilometers away is a road for all who seek peace and appeasement, wishing to be alone with the ocean surrounded green wall of lavish island vegetation. Same calm reigns on Bang Bao. Also look at Klong Prao – one of the best beaches of Thailand.

The eastern part of the island is not inhabited, and in the north tourists you can hardly find something interesting among several coastal fishing villages.

White Sand Beach on Koh Chang

White Sand Beach

Lonely Beach at Koh Chang

Lonley beach

Pearl Beach on Koh Chang

Pearl Beach

Bang Bao Beach on Koh Chang

Bang Bao Beach

Transportation system

Even drivers with years of experience are better off arranging. rest on Koh Chang island without your own car. The road that passes through almost the entire perimeter completely covered with dangerous slopes, only forces can hold onto it to the locals. Good with the same and public transport at the resort no problem. Buses ply between towns, price directions in which ranges from 50-120 baht.

Koh Chang Island in Thailand

A selection of the best hotels in Koh Chang

Below is a selection of the cheapest, most expensive and popular. island hotels that can be booked on Hotellook.ru orRoomGuru.ru is convenient and popular hotel search services all over the world, including including in Thailand.


The weather on Koh Chang is quite predictable. and sudden temperature changes here do not happen often. Total There are two seasons in this climate zone: rainy and dry. In season rain in Thailand, which lasts from June to October, temperatures held at the mark of +30 – +35 degrees. The dry season is not at all cooler, but precipitation is rare from November to April, which makes heat of 30 degrees is much more noticeable. To find out what the weather is like island today, use our weather widget. Thailand.

Interesting video review about Koh Chang

Koh Chang Island on the map

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