Istanbul – without tourists!

As you are probably used to, in the stories about attractions I don’t like to talk about dates and historical references. I try to always convey my feelings from what I saw. And now I will tell you about the place, the sensation from which to convey words difficult, but very desirable. This beautiful sunny Istanbul day, we decided to visit the ancient monastery of Chora, preserved from the times of Byzantium. But everything could not be smooth! First we left the wrong way, then we left at the bus stop, around which cemetery, and, as a result, lost. To put it mildly, the beginning it turned out funny, and we, almost, left everything and wanted to go back, but in Kate the spirit of the navigator awoke, and we finally found the way. The first on this road were the walls of Constantinople. We approach them, and I immediately remembered the story of how Prince Oleg hung a shield on the gate of this great city. Since childhood, I wanted to do this, but here’s the bad luck – I don’t have a shield! Immediately behind the wall begins the old residential area. Tourists do not go there, and this is doubly interesting and more pleasant. Moss-footed chickens run along the wall, climb on the wall children, and in the cafe they smoke hookah local men. In the depths of this area and is located the monastery of Chora. To our great regret, the walls monasteries were surrounded by scaffolding and were restoration work, but going into the monastery itself, we just froze. All walls are decorated with golden frescoes depicting saints. Just like in Orthodox churches, but only completely from gold On both sides of the entrance of the frescoes of the apostles Peter and Paul in full height, Jesus on the ceiling with all the apostles, and one part The temple is completely dedicated to St. George. Spirituality of it places you feel right away. Coming out of the monastery, we headed to side of the center through the old areas with narrow streets, small crooked houses, ropes with linen, stretched between houses and boys playing football on the street, each of which shouted to us that he is Neymar or Messi. To say that there is very soulful say nothing We decided to try how to prepare doner in this area and went to the first kebab, where the father with his the little son together cooks and serves one of the most delicious and The cheapest doner in our lives. Total 60r. on our money but delicious to madness! Satisfied and chewing, we headed towards Bosphorus and came to a very colorful place. You walk down the street from old houses, some of which completely collapsed and suddenly in front of you is a long street with modern cafes and restaurants as in Europe. A lot of people, tea, coffee and a manual carousel! Hard to explain in words, watch the video below this story and see everything eyes. Very atmospheric place.

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