Independent trip to Bangkok

It so happened that we are waiting for each of our holidays with great impatiently. Naturally, I want to spend it meaningfully and, with This is a good time to relax, having gained impressions for the whole year. In this material, I want to give some advice to fans of Thailand, and also to those people who do not like to use the services of travel agencies, and planning independent travels to Bangkok (open the map of Bangkok). This type of holiday has a lot of advantages! By the way, if you are traveling alone, we advise you to read about everything. dignity of this type of holiday.

Independent journey, in my opinion, must begin with Bangkok Let this city be your calling card country. I’m not mistaken if I say that the sights in Bangkok waiting for their guests at every turn. City with pleasure are visited by both organized groups of tourists and those who love make trips by yourself.

To independently get to Bangkok, you need to buy a ticket to the international Suvarnabhumi Airport (on how to get cheap to Thailand, read in a separate article). To do this, or go to the airport your city, or we purchase it via the Internet (it is possible commission). Let’s make a reservation that travel agencies charge more for air tickets than they stand at the box office. It is always pleasant to save (well, almost :))! And not worry about getting a visa to thailand. Thai will give it to you customs at Bangkok airport, most importantly, do not forget even in the plane fill out a Thai migration card.

Bangkok from a bird's eye view

Bangkok aerial view

I must say that the weather in Bangkok is almost always beautiful All because the rainy season in Thailand only lasts from June to October. Little cooler in Thailand is between mid-november and the beginning February The hottest time is from mid-March to May. Special crowded in Bangkok happens in the New Year.

By the way, it is desirable to take care of housing in advance and Book a hotel at the website still at home. But if you didn’t, do not be upset. First, Bangkok is full of private owners and Guesthouses, where you can save money on the hotel, rent a lodging (more about renting a home in thailand renting apartments through the AirBNB service). Secondly, directly in Suvarnabhumi airport building is located a service that engaged in the selection of hotels for arriving tourists. Make a choice at a suitable hotel for you and start your journey!

A selection of the best hotels in Bangkok

Settled in the hotel, then you will want to learn everything. Bangkok sights on their own. The hotel staff will kindly help you get to any place. cities. Relax – everyone here is so kind and helpful, believe me, nothing to worry about.

Start your independent journey in Bangkok with visiting the Royal Palace. This building, built in the 18th century, can be called the pearl of Bangkok. If a you are lucky, then you will see the official ceremony, which will be take part of the royals of the blood. Here the ceremony is not rarity.

Royal Palace in Bangkok

Royal Palace in Bangkok

If you are not very tired after visiting the Royal Palace, then you can continue your journey straight to the national museum. is he located within walking distance of the palace. In Thailand is the number of temples and museums that could make them dizzy. Soak up – you have arrived in a country of unique culture.

Arriving in Bangkok by yourself, you can travel it freely without restricting yourself the program. Actively use buses (buy tickets for them available on 12 Go Asia), Thai taxi or tuk-tuk. But if you do not like these types of transport, you can rent a bike (More information about the rental bike in Thailand). Only Be careful, follow the traffic regulations of Thailand, because if anything happens, the tourist will be guilty!

On the nightlife of Bangkok, a separate conversation. This is a perpetual show, for those who are over 18. Do not forget to try on yourself body massage (more about all types of massage in Thailand), not will regret. Very, you know, invigorates!

VIDEO: The beauty of Bangkok at night

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