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The small resort town of Hua Hin is the administrative center. municipality bearing the same name is small sizes. Native people in it are about 90 thousand people. But for Thais, he is a sacred place, because Rama VI – King of Siam – chose him to build his summer residence from teak tree, where you can relax away from worries. Such proximity to royals reflected on the lifestyle of the city, which is more strict compared to Phuket or Bangkok. Shopping in Hua Hine does not result in a state of euphoria, but in stores, and especially in the markets, the “royal resort” you can buy a lot interesting and even unique things. What to buy in Hua Hin such what is the rest of Thailand? For example, brightly colored decorative pads, bags, stoles, cravats made printed cotton in small local workshops.

Shops in Hua Hin are accustomed to Europeans gradation. There are large shopping centers (malls), where under one roof are collected several branded retailers. There are and hypermarkets, as well as specialty stores and markets. Expanse for shopping!


Marketplace, which we used to refer to this term, Hua Hin alone is Market Village, located Petchkasem Road, almost in the very center of the resort. Ground floor fully occupied Tesco Lotus supermarket – network retailer, spread throughout Thailand. There is a small pharmacy department. The second and third floors are occupied by expensive boutiques. brands Timberland, Lacoste, Wrangler, Li. They also trade shoes, toys, jewelry, perfumery, electronics. Shopping can be alternated with visiting a restaurant, bowling, cinema

Market Village Marketplace in Hua Hin

Colonnade Mall, located on Kamnoadvitee road, inferior to him in size. He specializes in clothing trade and footwear famous brands. In principle, it can be considered an outlet – trade there is almost always with significant discounts. Still one retail outlet for this format – Premium Outlet – located outside the city, in the town of Cha Am.

Colonnade Mall Shopping Center in Hua Hin

Petchkasem Road in Hua Hin is the main marketplace. On she still has shopping malls where they sell everything little by little – with clothes, shoes, stationery, toys and electronics, as well as Power buy – a paradise for fans smartphones and gadgets.


The hypermarkets in Hua Hin are large shopping points where you can buy food, but part of their space is given industrial consumer goods – household chemicals, electrical goods, Thai cosmetics, toys (read more about Thai hypermarkets and supermarkets).

At the intersection of 84 Soi and Petchkasem Road is Villa Market – a shop that sells uncharacteristic for Thailand products imported from the USA and Europe. There you can buy the usual sour cream, yogurt, choose a good piece of meat, without fear that he was part of some exotic Thai dweller during his lifetime the jungle. This is the best place in Hua Hin to buy Thai of alcohol. Prices there are the highest in the city.

Hypermarket Villa Market in Hua Hin

In the area of ​​Chit Sattha Alley works about the same the assortment of the Big C food hypermarket where more local products. There you can buy exotic fruits and along with other goods – small Thai souvenirs. Prices democratic. Not only cash, but also cards are accepted for payment. He works from early morning to ten in the evening.

Hypermarket Big C in Hua Hin

If you prefer to do grocery shopping a week, then go to the intersection of Soi 4 ​​and Pertchkasen Road. Гипермаркет Makro Cash&Carry торгует именно по такомуprinciple. It is convenient because it opens at 6 am, and there are also fantastic generosity discounts on fruit.

Гипермаркет Makro Cash&Carry в Хуа Хине

Online store Tesco Lotus, located under the roof Market Village in Hua Hin, has a special format. Besides food, they sell clothing, shoes, household chemicals. There is a culinary department where you can eat and taste the local baking They also sell plastic containers that are convenient for transportation of fruits in the plane.

Supermarkets and shops

Literally on every corner in Hua Hin you can find a shop popular network 7-Eleven. It trades in all sorts of things – as a grocery, and the fact that we have called haberdashery. And also – toothpaste, insect sprays and other household trifle. The most pleasant thing about him is that sausages, hamburgers, etc. can be warmed in the microwave right at the box office.

Shop 7-Eleven in Hua Hin

There are similar to him in the format of chain stores Family Mart, but they are not so common and popular with the Thais themselves, however, shopping is good.

Trade in parks

Shopping in Hua Hin can be done, not even going to some store purposefully. Brisk trade Souvenirs, clothes and Thai delicacies are conducted in two Amusement Parks – Venezia Hua Hin and Santorini Park Hua Hin. In Santorini, styled as Greek island, the fun is quite stormy: the water park, the museum of voluminous paintings, ferris wheel, other attractions. It is located 30 km outside the city in the direction of Bangkok.

A park

Park “Venezia Hua Hin”

A park

Park “Santorini Hua Hin”

In the toy Venice you can travel on a gondola for children there is a contact zoo (rabbits, goats, sheep). Work attractions, but the place is calmer and it is located closer – 20 minutes to go to him (there is a separate article on this topic “TOP-10 entertainment in Hua Hin “).


Markets in Hua Hin are all but most interesting to tourists those who are located on the water. On these floating market can plunge into the authentic atmosphere of Thailand, chat with the aborigines and relax.

On the territory of Sam Phan Nam Floating Market shopping souvenirs and Thai dishes can be alternated with a trip to a rented catamaran or boat, feed the fish and gaze at waterfowl.

Sam Phan Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin

Night Market Hua Hin Floating Market, working up 23.00, more noisy place, prices are too high. There works a lot restaurants and street makashnits.

Shops and markets on Hua Hin map

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Hua Hin Market Village Shopping Center: 12.557730, 99.960178 Colonnade Mall in Hua Hin: 12.568465, 99.957224 Supermarket Villa Market in Hua Hin: 12.564292, 99.959010 Big C hypermarket in Hua Hin: 12.576204, 99.944268Гипермаркет Makro Cash&Carry в Хуа Хине: 12.620714,99.949788Park Venezia Hua Hin in Hua Hin: 12.649971, 99.951172Park Santorini Hua Hin at Hua Hin: 12.830841, 99.933706 Sam Phan Market Nam Floating Market in Hua Hin: 12.501610, 99.914732

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