Hua Hin is the safest resort in Thailand

Resort cityHua Hinw Thailand (open map) considered the most expensive city in the Land of Smiles. Located he is in the north of the province of Prachuap Khiri Khan, right on the coast Siam Gulf. Here is one of the four royal residences. She, almost a century ago, was built by King Rama VII, with since then the palace of Klai Kangwon (translated as “Far from bustle “) remains the favorite resting place of monarchs. Most time they spend it in Hua Hin. Thanks to this circumstance the resort is well guarded, there is practically no crime (more about crime in Thailand). And this is what attracts wealthy vacationers here, because it’s calm and a feeling of security is necessary for people on vacation, and for that they are ready to pay. By the way, it is also recommended to visit another Hua Hin. Royal Palace, entirely made of teak wood.

Rest in Hua Hin

Due to high prices, almost only rest in Hua Hin wealthy people in very respectable age, young people there almost none, only one in five of the rest has reached thirty years old. Perhaps that is why everything here is designed for a comfortable rest of people. older So it is not surprising that this resort is preserved unofficial name “City of Pensioners”. Read read more article about a carefree retirement life in Thailand!

Life in Hua Hin

For their good and quiet life in Hua Hin created all conditions. Here you can walk for a long time on the wide and long beach. (more about all the beaches of Hua Hin), its length is more than five kilometers, play golf on one of the many fields, and young people can indulge in romance, meeting the sunrise on the coast. AND this is not all that the hotel owners offer. Just worth it all quite expensive, and you can see this at the booking stage hotel in Thailand on the cost of a room in them is the most High. On Phuket, Samui and other resorts they are essentially below, not to mention Pattaya.

Hua Hin in Thailand

Therefore, if you are going on vacation Hua Hine, take some more money with you. After all, this is a city representative and successful retirees who love luxury.

A selection of the best hotels in Hua Hin

Video Guide to Hua Hin Resort Town

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