How to get there – Cappadocia on the map

This post is informational, for those who are going to Cappadocia. Before the trip there I was faced with the fact that this place is enough hard to find on the map. Yandex didn’t really know Turkish names. The route of our trip can be seen here – Alone in Turkey.

Let me remind you, Cappadocia is the name of the locality in which there are stone remnants of volcanic rock in the form of mushrooms, and in which people used to live. Also here are the underground cities. About our trip there you can read here: Goreme National Park – Cappadocia tours.

All the sights of Cappadocia are not far concentrated. each other and around the village of Göreme, in the national park Goreme. From here you can already go to the neighboring villages, and, for example, to the underground city in Derinkuyu.

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Where to stay in Cappadocia

– If you prefer to live in a hotel, then on the spot you will find them for every taste, prices are on average 35 lira (700r) per person. There are hotels conveying the whole flavor, they are located directly in the stone tuffs – If you are traveling with a tent, there are several in Göreme Campgrounds cost 10lir (200r) per person, price includes shower and toilet. – There are a large number of places where you can get up with a tent alone and not pay anyone. National park not guarded and free to visit.

Cappadocia how to get there

First of all you need to get to the city of Nevsehir. From any cities go buses in this direction. For example, from Kemer the bus goes at 21.40, the cost of the ticket is 45lir (900r). And already from Nevsehir on dolmush (minibus) you will go to Goreme, there literally half an hour to go. Sometimes you can buy a bus ticket right away. Goreme, but it is less common. You can also first get to these cities like Aksaray, Nowhere, Kayseri, and from there already go to Nevsehir or Goreme.

Area Maps

All neighborhoods can be visited independently, having on hands just a few cards. You can download them from my blog or take in any of the travel agencies in Göreme, they are distributed free of charge.

All images are clickable. Click on image and it will open in a large size.

Map of the whole of Cappadocia. Map of the whole of Cappadocia.

Map of the whole Cappadocia.

Goreme neighborhood map. Goreme neighborhood map.

Map of Goreme neighborhood.

Göreme Card Göreme Card

Göreme Card

Goreme National Park Goreme National Park

Goreme National Park

Cappadocia on the map

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