How to extend a visa in Hua Hin

If you relax in Hua Hin and you have expired tourist visa, it is recommended to request its extension in near the immigrant office. Procedure for extending Thai visas is quite simple and does not involve huge packages of documents.

The most convenient recently considered the extension of a visa in Local Immigration OfficeHua Hin for 1900 baht For this it is necessary to be attentive so that overdue if the last days fall on the weekend better worry about everything in advance. Be on the safe side and take a trip to Immigration office a couple of days earlier. Not everywhere allowed to serve documents for a visa ahead of time, but in Hua Hin troubles this issue has not yet occurred. You will put a new visa, counting from the last day of the old action, and not from the number on which you came to extend the stamp. How to extend the visa on Samui, read in a separate article.

Why you should follow the dates in the visa?

After the expiration of the vizyz, every day of the overstay There is a fine of 500 baht. Also Immigration Office can refuse to issue subsequent visas. Although the reality is rarely happened.

How to extend a visa in Hua Hin

Documents required for a visa

  • Copy and original passport
  • 1 standard photo for documents, suitable options for passports and Schengen visas in color and b / w
  • A questionnaire that is filled out neatly by hand
  • 1,900 baht in cash

If you are unable to make a copy of the documents in advance, then in the office for 3 baht per page, you will remove a copy of your passport from visa, Thai migration card and entry stamp. Photo for an additional fee are made here in the office.

Filling out a Thai visa application form

Application form for visa extension is available. on the Immigration Bureau website, but you can leave it blank. beforehand as it comes in Thai with marks on English, so easy to get confused. At the entrance in front of the office will lay blank forms, and volunteers will help you answer for free all items and if necessary make copies of documents and orient as act on and where to go.

Sample of filling in a form for extending a visa in Hua Hin

Sample filling form (Source:

What to do by going to the Immigration Office?

As in most visa centers, immediately after entering you need will take a token for the electronic queue. Next, sit down and wait for your number on the immigrant office screen. After your number is highlighted, come up with all the documents and filled questionnaire to the desk officer. Then he checks all the documents and puts stamp. To avoid any problems, immediately look at the date of the fresh stamp. It should be counted from the end of the last stamp plus 30 days. So you increase the opportunity stay in Thailand for another month. That’s all the question regarding Hua Hin visa extension can be considered resolved … oh yeah, completely forgot to show you the location of this office … turns out to extend the visa at Hua Hin not so difficult!

How to get to Hua Hin immigration office

The immigration center is located on Canal Road, directly opposite Soi 16. It opens at 8:30 and is open until 16:30 with lunch at 12:00 exactly one hour. However, you should come here beforehand, otherwise you risk staying in a queue for a long time. Also do not forget about holidays, in which the office is usually closed.

Attention! The office has moved to a new address, now it is located near the sea, turning at Soi 19, where is the temple, near the King’s residence and the Hua Hin city beach.

Hua Hin Immigration Office on the map

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Immigration Office (Immigration Office Hua Hin)

(Calculate route) Immigration office. Hua Hin 12.603899, 99.954354 Immigration Office (Immigration Office Hua Hin) (Calculate the route)

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