How to avoid queues in Disneyland Paris

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I decided to share my observation on the other side. the fabulous world of Disneyland Paris.

The magical world of Disneyland Paris attracts like little ones adventure seekers as well as adult connoisseurs of thrills. AND as soon as everyone gets into it, immediately faces problem queues. Even the delight of what he saw, eclipses the gloomy waiting for 70-120 minutes, on the popular rides. Basically, with bursts can be encountered in 2-3 cases.

1. At the checkout. Here you can lose up to 40 minutes. By this, if you don’t order tickets online, through the Disney website, the best thing to do time allowance, idle time in line.

Ticket price (February 2019) 2 parks / 1 day – 104 euros adult / 97 euro children

2. If you want to take a picture in Mika’s house, with the legendary Mouse, photo paid 20 euros / pcs. have to wait 100 minutes

3. The most popular place of queues is rides.

So, how to get rid of the queues.

Buy tickets on the official website https: //, you need to choose 2 of the park and that the currency was euro, and then you will be shown the whole cost, if you choose English, will issue a price in pounds, pay attention to it.

Order VIP escort service to Disneyland Paris that will allow you to get rid of queues and get only positive emotions.

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