Food in Istanbul – more than food

One of the most vivid impressions of any journey is local food. Istanbul is no exception! Food in Istanbul is more than food. This is a whole cult! A variety of flavors and flavors, simply, not convey in words. Various cafes, restaurants and of course a lot street food. Just walking along the street and walking up to the street tents with food, you can eat to satiety. Roasted chestnuts, boiled corn, various pastries. Very popular local pastries – Simit. In fact, a small bagel dusted with sesame, but tasty until madness. It can also be cut and spread either with cheese or Nutella. I liked it more with Nutella. Many Istanbulers are so have breakfast. There is also a dish that you can try only here. It is called Belik Ekmek. Sandwich with fish. Or rather the fish in the bread. It is eaten in tons by both locals and tourists. In a nutshell, it’s just a piece of loaf cut in half which put the fried fish, onions and herbs. According to the description of nothing special, but it tastes very good. And also, to Belik Ekmeku they serve a glass with very tasty pickles and it all goes well just perfect. Of course, a huge number of kebabs and doner (in our opinion it’s a shawarma or, as many are used to, shawarma) different tastes and technologies. Thus, in every cafe they are, Indeed, differ in taste. Somewhere sharp, somewhere sour, somewhere with different spices. I write and, straight, drool flow. Döners are mostly chicken or lamb, but there are also exotic options. In some places there are tar products. Who not knows these are the insides of animals. Of course, I decided to try it. I will not describe much. Better watch the video from our YouTube the channel that I attach to this story, and you will see everything eyes. In one story, everything does not fit, so in In the following stories and videos, we will definitely cover the topic of food and prices on her, which, by the way, is very accessible! Wait for the following stories, subscribe to our YouTube channel and always watch Reviews of countries and cities first!

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