Comfortable sightseeing in Cambodia from Bangkok + boundary instruction

This time we went to Thailand with a double-entry visa obtained in Moscow The first extension we did on Samui, and now in Bangkok the turn came to get to the border and back to use second short Were considered various options, ranging from vizarana to Cambodia before the flight to Vietnam / Burma. By the way, you can say no vizaran, and border wounds, because the trip is carried out only up to border (border), and the Thai visa at the embassy does not work, although vizaran more accepted word to appeal.

Unfortunately, with a vizaran I pulled to the last, because really did not want to go anywhere with Egor, so cheap There were no options left. As a result, we still have chosen to go by rented car to the border with an overnight stay around her For those who are forced to carry a child with him to the vizarans and wants to do it more or less comfortable, perhaps our experience will be helpful. But I will talk about other more economical ways too. ABOUT why vizarany need to read in the article All about visas in Thailand.

The content of the article

  • 1 Comfortable vizaran from Bangkok to Cambodia
    • 1.1 The cost of our vizaran in Cambodia:
    • 1.2 Road
    • 1.3 Hotel and infrastructure
    • 1.4 How to cut costs
  • 2 Border crossing
    • 2.1 From Thailand to Cambodia
    • 2.2 Cambodia
    • 2.3 From Cambodia to Thailand
  • 3 Other Vizarana Ways to Cambodia from Bangkok
    • 3.1 Vizaran from travel agency
    • 3.2 By Bus or Mini Bus
    • 3.3 Taxi
    • 3.4 By Train

Comfortable vizara from Bangkok to Cambodia

From Bangkok the easiest and fastest way is to go to Cambodia, because just 250 kilometers, and with a strong desire you can turn around for half a day. Since various services vizaran not take small children, we did not even consider them, and initially were going to rent a car. Moreover, we need the opportunity stop at any time, a suitcase of toys and space for games, as well as the schedule agreed with the daytime sleep. Also we They wanted to spend the night near the border to make their way easier and Again, it would be easier to fit into the dream of Egor. Leave him at home with the grandmother we could not, for it is still too long. I think somewhere after half a year it will be possible.

The cost of our vizarana in Cambodia:

Car rental – 3000 baht (1500 baht / day) Gasoline – 1500 baht Hotel – 680 baht Cambodian visa – $ 40 for two (20 + 20)

Total we get 6500 baht.


We left Bangkok around 5 pm. In Aranyapratet (or rather, near the border) were after 3.5 hours (270 km). Settled in the hotel, they ate, watched a movie and went to bed. The morning alternately (one of us sat with Egor in the hotel) passed the border and engaged second short After this afternoon, we started in Bangkok and got 4.5 hours with stops. We took the car at Suvarnabhumi Airport and returned it to the same place, it is convenient. In general, I can say that Such a trip, broken for two days, is not very tiring and allows adapts to the needs of the child (sleep, stop, etc.).

We left Bangkok and nykymsya in traffic We left Bangkok and nykymsya in traffic

We left Bangkok and weed in traffic jams

The only thing is, it’s better to go in the afternoon, because the markup is the road is faded and driving in the dark is not very pleasant. AT the rest of the car I liked: good roads, often There are gas stations with a toilet, shops and cafes, on two-lane road trucks do not interfere.

Here is the point to go. And note that if you build route through Google, it is better to go on the 304 road, and not on 359 road as he suggests. Because this part of the way (359 road) with one lane, gaining a distance of only 20 km, and trucks torment overtake. All the way approximately 270 km one way.

Hotel and infrastructure

Hotel Border Hotel, where we spent the night, is very well located. There is a market, a bank for buying dollars, 7/11, free parking And most importantly, here the border is 10 meters. It’s comfortable, because we took turns, one parent sat with Egor in Hotel it was necessary to specifically get from the hotel to the border. Specifically This hotel can be booked here on this link. But you can search and other hotels in the area.

However, there is nowhere to walk with the child. No green lawns and a lot of trash around. And for some reason, the smell of fish on the street, although I have not seen either the fish market or the river nearby. The border is in a few kilometers from the city of Aranyaprathet, where there is all that need, including shopping centers and green areas. And the city on The Cambodian side is called Poipet.

How to cut costs

Our visa-wound is not very budget, but we had to go exactly with overnight stay in the car to spend less time a day. However, those who are not critical, can reduce their spending for account in order to rent a car in advance (I shot two days before trips and for the new year in general, so there were no options) and just one day. Then we get: 1200 baht rent + 1500 baht gasoline + $ 40 visa for two = 4000 baht. For two people it will be same for the price as the vizaran on the minibus from any travel agencies. And if 4 people, then a good savings.

We could also rent a car for one day, for example, from 5 pm until 5 pm the next day, but decided not to be in a hurry and not risk it. In the end, it turned out that we needed the car as a result of 28 hours due to the fact that they passed the border for a long time and did everything slowly and measured.

Crossing the border

Having read horror stories about Cambodian border guards, I waited dirty trick every minute. But I was lucky, and everything went simply and without special extortion on their part. More about everything below.

Border hours from 7 am to 20 pm. Better all procedures do as much as possible in the morning or in the late afternoon. Because all Vizaranschiki, which bring travel agencies, are here about noon

You will need to go through 3 points in one direction (Thai border => пункт получения камбоджийской визы => камбоджийскаяborder), and then two points in reverse (Cambodian border => тайская граница). We passed all on December 23rd and maybe so there were a lot of people. I went through all the procedures in 1.5 hours (from 9 until 10:30), Daria passed in 3 hours (from 11 to 14).

Scheme of passing the border Poipet Scheme of passing the border Poipet

Poipet border crossing plan

From Thailand to Cambodia

First go through the Thai border. Border point is located on the left side of the road. Look for the Passport Control sign and Departure, you fall into a narrow long corridor, walk along it and You get to the Thai border guards. Make sure you get up in queue for foreigners (Foreigner), so as not to stand in vain. If you are no oversteys and nobody is looking for you, then the border guard put a stamp and you go on.

The corridor to the Thai border control The corridor to the Thai border control

Corridor to the Thai border control

Having passed the Thai border control, you will need to get Cambodian visa. Exit the Thai building and move on. Near the Khemer arch (with the Kukurus) on the right side of the road you see Cambodian emigration. Fill out the form, attach $ 20 (or 800 baht), international passport. Most likely you are here with Seriously ask for another 100-200 baht, but you, on the contrary, with good-natured look refuse. Ask for several times – refuse repeatedly. Most importantly do not forget to smile. I was asked to two times and I twice, smiling, refused. I had a visa passport after 5 minutes. There is another option to get electronic Cambodian visa, but I do not see the point. Well, only if place to save in the passport.

Khemer arch with corn Khemer arch with corn

Khemer arch with corn

Point of issue of Cambodian visas Point of issue of Cambodian visas

Point of issue of Cambodian visas

Questionnaire on Cambodian visa Questionnaire on Cambodian visa

Application form for Cambodian visa

Now the movement has changed from left to right, and then you need to go on the right side of the road. Passing alluring Casino signs, walk to Cambodian border to Arrival sign. You get an immigration card, fill it out (better straight in turn, standing), give the documents to the border guard. You will be removed fingerprints and then released with the world in the kingdom of Cambodia. They say they can also ask for money here, but I don’t have have requested.

We go to the Cambodian border and Arrival We go to the Cambodian border and Arrival

We go to the Cambodian border and Arrival

Cambodian Immigration Card Cambodian Immigration Card

Cambodian Immigration Card


After the Cambodian border crossing, they will immediately rush to you taxi drivers with the best offers to bring you to this or that country point. From here you can go by bus. Can also pounce children asking for money.

Here it is, Cambodia! Here it is, Cambodia!

Here it is, Cambodia!

Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished. Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished.

Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished

Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished. Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished.

Cambodia looks like something quite impoverished

From Cambodia to Thailand

We ignore everyone who asks for something. Turn around 180 degrees and on the right side of the road we are looking for a departure sign. There We give the passport, your fingerprints are taken away again, they put stamp and you will fall into the neutral zone. I read that because you did not stay in Cambodia even a day, you will be tried to be diluted for 100 baht, but I was not bred.

Turn back and go to Departure Turn back and go to Departure

Turn back and go to Departure.

Go further, after the casino and the point of issue of Cambodian visas, on On the left side of the road, look for the Thai border checkpoint. About the stairs (the control itself is on the second floor) and even before entering building you take an immigration card When there are a lot of people, a table where cards are dealt out you can skip, so look for him there necessarily, without a card you will not be allowed. But fill out the card better in line, standing, so that everything was faster, you and so there stand no less than an hour.

Then go through the border control. If you are driving on a tour visa, Be sure to check that you have activated exactly the visa. it easy to check on the stamp set, if you are on a visa, then there will be the date of departure after 60 days. Also pre, don’t forget enter your visa number on the immigration card.

Go back to the Thai border Go back to the Thai border

We go back to the Thai border

Thai Immigration Card Thai Immigration Card

Thai immigration card

Thai Immigration Card Thai Immigration Card

Thai immigration card

Thai Border Control Thai Border Control

Thai border control

Other Vizarana Ways to Cambodia from Bangkok

Although I did not use other methods, but I know about them, so I will tell in brief. In general, they resemble each other and do not depend on where you go from Bangkok or Pattaya. Well, or almost independent.

Vizaran from a travel agency

Another comfortable vizaran is to use the services. travel agencies Early in the morning you will be taken from a certain point, taken to border, then hold the handle back and forth (in some cases, even go nowhere is not necessary), brought back. Usually start at 6: 30-7: 00 am, and return at 16-17 pm. But there are vizarans and at another time. Price 1900-2000 baht, the cost of Cambodian visa there is already included. – start at 6:30 am – start at 9:30 am

These offices are not being taken to Aranyaprathet, but to the neighboring border point, so it should be faster, because it is less popular with tourists and there are fewer people.

By bus or mini bus

Minibas run from Khaosan (local travel agencies), cost about 300 baht to Poip Pet (i.e. one way). Cheap but the downside is that there are overlays with the departure time and other Kaosanov’s joy. Back also, on the spot look for some minibus next to Bangkok.

Transfers from Khao San Road in Bangkok, particularly at Poi Pet Transfers from Khao San Road in Bangkok, particularly at Poi Pet

Transfers from Khao San Road in Bangkok, particularly at Poi Pet

On the bus, you can leave from the two bus stations Mo Chit Bus Terminal and Ekkamai Bus Terminal (bus station location Bangkok). Buses run frequently, destination Aranyaprathet (Aranyaprathet), the cost of the ticket is about 200 baht one way, travel time 5 hours. Just keep in mind that you will come to the bus station, from which more then you need to get a tuk-tuk to the border (60-80 baht). In rare cases, the bus will reach the border. Back you will need to get from the border to the bus station in Aranyaprathet, and there already buy a return ticket to Bangkok.

In the case of tuk-tukers and in general with all transfers / buses (except vizaran services), you may try to land about some office for a couple of hundred meters from the border, where you will be help with getting a Cambodian visa for extra money. But in general, everything is done independently and the help of such intermediaries you do not need! It can be considered a divorce! It is not clear what they make. Therefore, we do not go anywhere and wait for the real border.


From Suvarnabhumi Airport, take a taxi to Cambodia somewhere in the 2-3 thousand baht. Back as much. Most likely you can agree with someone right on the street in the city, but you need to be confident that they understood where to drive. More about taxi in Bangkok.

By train

Exotic and long way. The train goes from the main railway station Hua Lampong in Bangkok and to the border twice a day: at 5.55 and 13.05. The ticket costs about 50 baht. This train, travel time more than 6 hours may easily be late. Similarly, from the railway station you will need to get to Aranyapratrat on tuk-tuk.

P.S. My personal choice is a rented car or a vizran. Services. Costs are comparable, but problems and inconveniences are much less.

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