Chatuchak Romantic Park in Bangkok

In the north of Bangkok, near the highway leading to Don Mueang Airport, there is a large recreation area, which many locals as well after them and tourists, called Chatuchak Park. However in reality, it consists of three independent parks with their own titles. Chatuchak Park in Bangkok (Chatuchak park) – the smallest of them, but developed much earlier other parks of bangkok. This popular among residents of the capital Thailand’s recreation area is named the same as the urban area, in where she is.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

In Chatuchak for leisure and shopping

Transport accessibility of this area of the city, surrounded by major highways, very good, get there from any part of the capital will not be difficult. Two stations Metro greatly facilitate this task. You can go to Chatuchak district both for rest and for the purpose of shopping. From the south to the park The zone adjoins a kind of Thai “Cherkizon”, a popular place weekend shopping where people from all the ends of the agglomeration of Big Bangkok. By the way, in this area you can buy cheap thai silver. Hit the market Chatuchak in Bangkok is more convenient from the subway station (MRT) Kamphaeng Phet, but if you are interested in just rest, then get off at Chatu Chak Park station. Both are located on the blue line of the underground metro Bangkok. The alternative is a ground tram station (Skytrain BTS) Mo Chit, having Interchange terminal on the blue subway branch.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Three in one

Most Bangkokupo guides denote a park. Chatuchak as a single recreation area, but this is a false statement, which must be refuted before you get there. She is divided into three unequal parts, separated by a branch Phahon Yothin Road. Its eastern part, with an area of 0.3 square meters. kilometers and there is the same park with the municipal district of the city. To the west are Queen Sirikit Park and Wachira Benchathat, which is more commonly called Mouth Fay. The area of the last plot is a bit more than the first two.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok


Rising from the subway at Chatu Chak Park station Bangkok, you immediately find yourself in the park. Like everyone else the underground structures of the Thai capital, its pavilion is put on low mound protecting the lower tiers from flooding during showers. From a peculiar podium you can take a look big part of this green public garden. Its southern part, which will begin walk, busy with a large pond with whimsically curving shores. Pond framed in lush green with two slung across its surface bridges, it has a small boat station, where you can rent a catamaran or a boat. The park has many pavilions and Pavilion, there is even one small pagoda. Broken numerous flower beds, which are carefully looked after. All this creates the entourage of the Thai province.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Thais prefer to relax in Chatuchak Park as close as possible to water, often located just on the green grass, although some take with them from home mat. In the gazebos like to be alone lovers relax elderly couples. On asphalt paths run lovers of a healthy lifestyle.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

The northern part of the park Chatuchakotdana Railway Museum transport. For lovers of outdoor sports a small training ground with the simplest strength shells and a mirror to hone the correctness of movements. Organized several playgrounds for children (rest with a child in Thailand). There is another pond there, but it is very small.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

This park in Bangkok is very quiet and inviting relaxation. AT it just rest. There are no noisy rides, places of entertainment and other attributes of tourism infrastructure (by the way, if you are interested in rides, then you need to park dreamworld in bangkok). On weekdays, and especially in workers hours, the park is almost deserted, except for staff – gardeners, janitors on his paths there is no one. By evening he becomes much more lively. In the evening the street is turned on. lighting, but the festivities do not last too long. At 21 o’clock local time, the park closes for visitors. The greatest an influx of people wishing to walk along its paths and relax by the water observed on weekends.

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok

Chatuchak Park in Bangkok, a huge metropolis with rather difficult environmental situation is real outlet for residents of the capital. Therefore he enjoys big popular, loved and kept in perfect condition. Him visiting is absolutely free.

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Chatuchak Park Chatuchak Romantic Park in Bangkok

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