Buying silver in Thailand in general and in Bangkok in particular

Silverware in Thailand are buying not only tourists, but also thoughtful businessmen. Wholesale prices for precious jewels in this country are so low that expensive flight after retail sale of purchased goods pays off several times. Is it only to buy Thai trinkets need to be able, because the main benefit will be able to extract, only competently bargaining If you are interested in buying money in Phuket, then suggest to follow the proposed link.

Factory silver from Thailand required stamped breakdown 0.925. The presence of a sample indicates a relatively high quality of raw materials. Whereas in small shops the shop windows are littered with silver knick-knacks without samples, albeit by a very low prices. Most likely, not stamped jewelry if and contain silver, then in negligible quantities. Because on the presence of the sample is worth watching with special care.

Where to buy silver products in Bangkok?

Frequent guests of Bangkok, arriving here to buy silver from Thailand, first of all, rush to visit infested Tourists Street Khao San Road. It is there represented richest in Bangkok online silver selection at wholesale prices. And in different stores prices differ, and sellers try to lure a client more juicy than a competitor, discount. What does it mean you should not hurry to make a purchase, it is better to go across multiple outlets and compare prices and discounts.

Khao San Road Street in Bangkok

Khao San Road Street

Chatuchak Weekend Market is another place to find cheap silver in bangkok. Shopping Kiosks complex mainly sell jewelry made in ethnic style. Next to him is the park of the same name. Chatuchak, which gives both Thais and tourists calm rest on the grass or on a catamaran.

Chatuchak Weekend Market in Bangkok

Chatuchak Weekend Market

And the best online silver store from Thailand, no doubt, ELF 925. Company ELF 925 known far beyond Thailand, the supplier works, including with Russian customers for whom there is a separate translated version of the virtual storefront with descriptions of positions and their photos.

Also silver and gold products can be purchased. Gems Gallery network. This company has several shops in major cities and resorts in Thailand, including including one in bangkok.

What silver jewelry to buy in Bangkok?

Act to your liking if you choose souvenirs in Bangkok for loved ones or replenish your own collection of jewelry. Other deal with the selection of a party of silver for subsequent retail sale decorations. Fashion for earrings, rings, bracelets, pendants, earrings for piercing and much more changes every season. And to be on fashionable wave will be useful to buy a couple of glossy magazines and familiarize yourself with what they buy this season and will be worn in next.

Silver in Bangkok

How to bargain when buying silver?

In addition to the relevance of purchased jewelry, the wholesaler should be it is important how much is silver in Thailand what party he will be able to buy with the money available. Thai sellers no less than the Arabs love to bargain. In any trading tent you can bargain yourself up to 20% savings, and with increasing the purchased batch will grow and discount. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a store to buy to buy everything in one place, and total save up to 50% of the figure shown on the original price tag.

In Thailand, you need to bargain gently and courteously. Start by trying bargain for 15-20% of the original price without offending the seller persuasion to sell a worth 10 dollars decoration for 1 dollar. When the merchant is ready to yield, decide to increase the amount you buy decorations, which usually results in another 10–15% discount from seller.

But keep in mind that no one will give up the price on minimum purchases will become Some merchants even warn that the minimum purchase in their shop is released only from the amount of 3,000 baht. Is not It means that one pair of earrings will not be sold to you, just not be surprised, but you will have to pay for them the price indicated on the price tag, no concessions. And when buying for a thousand dollars, on the contrary, the seller himself will offer to discuss a discount, for this purpose he conducts you in the meeting room, and there you can leisurely discuss all details.

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