Bangkok’s ten largest shopping centers shopaholics

The Thai capital is a shopaholic paradise: total and total the area of its trading floors is approximately equal to everything that is other cities of the country, including island municipalities. Bangkok’s major shopping centers are multi-storey (and pulls say “cyclopean”) buildings, which floors you can travel all day a lot of small restaurants and cafes located next to stalls. 1

Siam paragon

Siam Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok

The Siam Paragon shopping center beats all records of the ratings, which based on the results of surveys of visitors tourist resources online. And the main “lure” in it is not even salons and boutiques, but Siam Ocean World Aquarium, which most coming tourists. Children there are so easy to squeal with delight. If a if you want to buy something there, then get ready to fork out. This store is one of the most prestigious and expensive. On one of his the floors are located pathos auto show, where they offer self-runners premium strollers. And, of course, at every turn There are signs with global brands – Prada, Hermes, Gucci and others. With great luck you can get on sale.


Central World Plaza

Central World Plaza Shopping Center in Bangkok

A big shopping mall in Bangkok, quite competitive with Siam Paragon. He really huge: eight floors, on which, besides the Zen department stores (left wing) and Setan are located about five hundred shops slightly less. On the seventh floor is a six-room cinema and Duty Free Shop, and the eighth, probably the largest in Asia ice rink. You can take a break from shopping on the sixth floor, where There are several restaurants.


Terminal 21

Terminal 21 Shopping Center in Bangkok

If you want to combine shopping in Bangkok with getting aesthetic pleasure, you should visit this shopping the site. Each of its floors is stylized as one of the world’s metropolises. For example, if you exit the BTS Asok station, you will immediately get to the Italian capital, you will be surrounded by antique statues and fountains. Something like this you will see on the floors decorated under San Francisco Paris, London, Tokyo.

The store is quite democratic, if you do not want known brands, you can pay attention to things from local designers, which are full of Thai flavor. There are souvenir shops, and for rest between shopping, go to the cinema, where there is a food court.



Emporium Shopping Center in Bangkok

Not Bangkok’s largest shopping center, but probably the most cozy. Only four floors and no crowds. Among stores on the first three floors there are signs of world brands – Louis Vuitton and Christian Dior. The fourth is all given to the food court. The convenience of visiting this outlet also adds the fact that the entrance to from the Phrom Phong BTS station.


Bangkok Fashion Outlet

Bangkok Fashion Outlet Bangkok

This stock outlet will appeal to those who want to buy with significant (you can guess with a visit so that it will be 9 0%) discounted brand clothes or shoes and not really bothered by the fact that they are from last year’s collections. The outlet area is small – a total of three floors, of which the first is completely dedicated to the jewelry Department. We do not undertake to vouch for absolute authenticity, but there are any sizes: for miniature and for XXL. Bangkok FashionOutlet enters the infrastructure of the Jewelry Trade shopping center.



Emquartier Shopping Center in Bangkok

Bangkok’s best mall if you I want to not only buy, but also to relax. On the floor where is located a food court and many small cafes, a garden is laid out, from where it opens wonderful view of the city. Available on the ground floor grocery the store allows you to combine the process of acquiring branded clothing with zatarivaniem edibles.



MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok

MVK Shopping Center in Bangkok is just across the street from Siam Paragon and on its background looks no more than a market, a sort of Thai “Cherkizon”. It consists entirely of countless shops and kiosks. Trade absolutely everything, from shoes and ending with smartphones. However, not a single original thing you are here will not find. Everything comes “from Malaya Arnautskaya”, about which sellers quite honestly inform buyers. But cheaper than there you are not Go nowhere.


Gateway Ekkamai

Gateway Ekkamai Shopping Center in Bangkok

Being near Ekkamai – the eastern bus station, and thinking about what to buy in Bangkok on the way to Pattaya, Take a look at this mall. At the same time and pass the time waiting the bus. It is a standard set of goods: clothing, shoes, watches, electronics. Appeals to him add food court with predominant japanese menu. If you do not have time to eat or want take something with you on the road, you can take out.


Big c supercenter

Big C Supercenter Shopping Center in Bangkok

Network hypermarkets, where there are departments of household appliances, clothing, food products, as well as food court. Attractive because prices are lower than in specialized food supermarkets, and the quality of food significantly higher than in street makashnitsah. Buy on this network it is also advantageous that promotions are often held, discounts are offered and bonuses. For those who stayed in Bangkok for a long time and prefers cooking at home; Big C hypermarkets are real find


Tesco lotus

Tesco Lotus Shopping Center in Bangkok

Another chain of hypermarkets, somewhat reminiscent of our Auchan. AT Bangkok has more than two dozen. The range is fantastic is huge. Products, household appliances and chemicals, every little thing like needles, combs, pampers and sponges for washing dishes. there is sporting goods, you can even buy a bicycle. This is where you can buy blue plastic containers on wheels in which it is convenient transport fruit if you decide to bring something home exotic. Prices are very reasonable, in these stores prefer Thais purchased themselves, which can be considered the best recommendation. The buildings are usually two-storied, on the second tier there is a food court, where is tasty and cheap food. Only one is marked on the map below. such a shop.

Shopping centers on Bangkok map

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Siam Paragon Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.746088, 100.534355 Central World Plaza Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.746108, 100.539240 Shopping Center Terminal 21 in Bangkok: 13.737660, 100.560395 Emporium Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.730141, 100.568869 Bangkok Fashion Outlet Bangkok: 13.723048, 100.520114 Emquartier Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.731504, 100.569292 MBK Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.744468, 100.529909 Gateway Ekkamai Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.719119, 100.585241 Big C Supercenter Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.747168, 100.541271 Tesco Lotus Shopping Center in Bangkok: 13.748308, 100.524514

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