Bangkok’s Suvarnabhumi Airport – action after arrival

Suvarnabhumi took the lead in passenger traffic among all airports in Thailand, it takes a huge amount as international and domestic flights (second line keeps don muang). Despite the huge size, navigation It is thought out to the smallest detail and intuitive. All pointers duplicated in English. Plan your actions upon arrival always the same regardless of the international airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi you arrived, or, say, the island’s airport Phuket

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Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Scheme

Bangkok airport map

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Online Scoreboard

Placed below, the table is an online airport table Bangkok Suvarnabhumi. Information on this board is updated. several times a day, therefore, before your eyes always up to date information about each and every one flight at the airport. For reference, the online scoreboard allows you to trace what time arrives, is sent, or your is delayed the plane, thereby, the risk of being late for landing or, conversely, long waiting times at the airport are minimized.

1. Migration (passport) control

From the E1-E10 gates on the second floor, where all the connections occur, to the test point – a decent distance. Overcome it It is recommended as soon as possible, despite the temptation to make ways some stocks in duty free. This will increase the chances of getting into start the queue and save up to 40 minutes. Orange pointer “Immigration” and moving sidewalks to help you!

Passport Control at Suvarnabhumi Airport

And here is the stand with the words Passport control / Migration control at Suvarnabhumi Airport. If failed fill out the migration map of Thailand on the plane – now time to do it (a table with blanks and pens will definitely be somewhere nearby). Then, with a map and passport at the ready, take a line to the window of the officer of the migration service (by the way, I recommend reading the article “What to do if you lose your passport in Thailand? “) After checking the documents you can to photograph. Two parts of the card remain with customs officers, and one will be attached to your passport (the date will be indicated on it, which country must leave). From this moment you are in Thailand, officially, do not violate the migration rules, but would not earn overstey!

2. Luggage compartment

Focus on the Luggage index and list board. arrivals of flights – in front of your number will be listed conveyor belt with luggage. You will also find a convenient trolley for their things. It is recommended to mark them in advance in order not to there was confusion because of similar suitcases.

Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

If the baggage persistently does not appear – it is necessary to approach the service rack office. In the case when things are lost at the airport Suvarnabhumi, they are searched for 15 minutes. In more complex cases, they can be delivered to your hotel the next day.

3. Customs control

It’s simple: if you are not carrying anything that needs to be declared – just go through the so-called. “Green corridor”. Otherwise – with the completed “red” declaration. At this stage, customs officers can selectively withdraw luggage for inspection, but it happens quite rare.

Customs at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok

Very big problems arise when importing pornographic / erotic products and any drugs in Thailand in any volume. For this shines the death penalty or life conclusion (even farangam). Alcohol limit – 1 liter, per cigarettes – 200 pieces (more about cigarettes in Thailand).

4. Public area

Here you can buy local SIM cards and exchange money. Course quite disadvantageous, but if on your own (without transfer travel agencies) to reach the city exchangers aboveground Bangkok Metro ARL (the station is located right there on the lower floor) or by taxi, the money can be exchanged at a better course.

And if in a nutshell, what to do at the airport Suvarnabhumi in Bangkok after arrival? The answer is: smile and smile again! The local staff, always friendly and attentive, they will never leave the guest alone with the difficulties whatever they were.

And so, you flew to Bangkok, now, if you need to to reach other resorts and islands, we watch instructions (on this moment in the process of filling)

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To the hotel with comfort!

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Photo of Bangkok Airport

Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport
Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Suvarnabhumi Airport on Bangkok map

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Suvarnabhumi Airport

(Calculate route) Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok 13.689999, 100.750112 Suvarnabhumi Airport (Calculate the route)

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