Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport is the most important information!

Until 2006, Don Muang Airport served all flights arriving in Bangkok. The load was such that he did not coped with passenger traffic. He later passed the palm championship Suvarnabhumi. However, he did not lose status international (its DMK code). In addition, he became the main base area of low-cost companies, so the number of passengers passing through its terminal increases annually. His runway sends and receives airliners making flights within Thailand and to the nearest countries of Southeast Asia, for example, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, and also to Japan.

Online flight display

Find airline tickets arriving at this airport You can use the search widget below. Search is carried out by all famous and popular aggregator He finds flights both between settlements of Thailand and from other countries.

Also does not interfere and pay attention to the online scoreboard Don Muang flights, showing important details and Prompt time of arrival / departure of your aircraft. Thanks frequent updates, the data in the table are always relevant.

Excursion.At the airport located the museum of the Royal Thai Air Force, which contains more than 30 exhibits aircraft technology of all time, which was used for defense of thailand.


It is four-storied, and there is underground parking in it. For tourists Of interest are the first, third and fourth tiers, and on the second Directorate of the air port and several offices are located. premises. The layout of Don Muang Airport is presented below.

Scheme of the arrival zone of Don Muang Airport in Bangkok Scheme of departure zone of Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

1st floor

Actually, this is the main passenger terminal of the airport. It is common to all arriving flights — both local and international. As in any arrival zone, there are located information racks. Unfortunately, none of them are Russified On the first floor you can exchange currency, contact to one of the transport companies that rent cars. Those who wish can have a snack in the cafe where they offer light snacks and the drinks. To the left of the entrance to the terminal is a taxi rank. Same way Shuttle bass arrives and from there Suvarnabhumi.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - 1st floor

2nd floor

In addition to administrative offices, there is nothing interesting.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - 2nd floor

3rd floor

Departure area As with any airport, most of the area allotted to the customs control points and places where luggage is handed over. The remaining space is occupied by a seating area with trivial benches and souvenir shops. If you are completely bored, and the time to There are many more departures, go on an excursion to the temple of Wat Don Muang, located opposite the Amari hotel.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - 3rd floor

4th floor

More like a balcony hanging over the departure area. Interesting because there is a restaurant where you can not only to have a bite, but also to fully eat. This option turned out thanks to the proximity to the offices of local airlines Orient Thai Airlines and Nok Air.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - 4th floor

Arrival area

Bangkok’s Don Muang Airport less Suvarnabhumi. Therefore, in the arrival area you will not be difficult to orient and, following the signs, get to the racks passport control. There is also a point of baggage. In the zone Arrival, you can consult a doctor – the first-aid post works, and have a quick meal in one of the small cafes and if you’re still not stocked with bats, currency exchange.

Scheme of the arrival zone of Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

Information stands are all in English. And free city maps as well. However, mnemonic characters are quite understandable. in order to go out and find a taxi rank, bus to Suvarnabhumi or the underground line station Mo Chit and Underground – Chatuchak Park.

Departure area

It is located on the third floor of the airport and is so typical for of all the air ports that, do not be inscriptions in Thai and English, you could decide if you are somewhere in Russia. On large electronic boards indicate the flight number, its direction and the reception desk to which you must go. Registration begins 2.5 hours before the liner leaves the runway. If a International flight, then, following the signs, you will pass to the zone customs control. In the drive and waiting area work Duty free shops.

Scheme of departure zone of Don Muang Airport in Bangkok

Where to leave luggage

Luggage storage in Don Muang is not only on first, but also on the third floor. And in the arrival area, she works with 8:00 to 20:00, and in the departure area – around the clock. Whole airport hung with quite clear signs, so find a place where you can It’s pretty easy to leave a piece of baggage. If you not If you want to guess the Thai quest, you can contact the staff. They will be eager to help you, but for this you need to know at least a couple of common phrases in English. For registration Receipts for storage is sufficient passport.

Don Muang Airport Luggage Storage in Bangkok

Nearby hotels

Many arriving in Bangkok via this air port interested in the question: “Are there hotels near the airport Don Muang? “And the answer is yes. Closest just two hundred meters, the hotel is Amari Don Muang Airport Bangkok. WITH the landing terminal is connected by an alley passing over the branch railway. To get to the reception, you do not need Taxi. In the areas adjacent to the airport there are a dozen more. hotels of different price categories.

Don Muang Airport Logistics

Getting from Don Muang Airport to the center of Bangkok and back is not difficult. In addition to taxis and shuttle bass, near the terminal there is a branch of the railway, the cost travel on it does not exceed a dozen baht.


The bus from Don Muang departs from the parking lot, located behind the railway line. A covered overpass leads to it. ending at the Amari. Relatively inexpensive way transfer to Bangkok but extremely dependent on traffic jams on metropolitan streets. Every Thai bus has a luggage office, in the cabin air conditioning works. Six routes passing through all significant areas of the capital of Thailand.

  1. № 513 – will deliver to the East bus station.
  2. No. 4 – route to Siam Road.
  3. No. 13 – via Sukhumvit Road to the East Bus Station.
  4. No. 29 – Flight to Hua Lumpong Railway Station via Siam Square and Chatuchak Market.
  5. No. 59 – goes to the very center of Bangkok, Sanam Luang Square.
  6. No. 10 and 510 – goes to the south railway station.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - signs to buses

SRT Railway

The surest way to get from Don Muang to Bangkok. Not depends on traffic jams. Don Mueang station can be reached by the same overpass as to the bus stop. A day passes through it 32 trains. The first is at three in the morning. Last – at ten in the evening. Tickets are sold at the box office on the platform. End station – Hua Lamphong Railway Station. Schedule can suddenly change and electric trains canceled voluntarist decision. therefore when traveling in thai it is better to plan stock of time.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - railway station


Taxis from Don Muang go to Bangkok around the clock. It’s not as cheap as a bus or train, but can deliver right to the hotel porch or to any other point capital Cities. And if you wish, you can agree on a trip, for example, in Pattaya In the city center, if there are no traffic jams, you will reach within half an hour. The cost depends on the method of removal. Rent on site or at the counter transport company is always cheaper. In addition, you do not have to communicate with the driver in sign language taiga. Catch a car outdoors is recommended only to those who know the local specifics.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - Taxi Call Desk


The most comfortable way for those who are in Thailand for the first time or travels with kids. Transfer is made in advance on the website. transport company, for example, In addition to renting cars of negotiated capacity, the service includes a meeting in the arrival hall, escort to the car, carrying and loading baggage, delivery to the desired point of the capital. Instructions how to order transfer, read here.

Transfer between Don Muang and Suvarnabhumi airports

The trip between the airports takes a little more than an hour and a half. WITH taking into account passport and customs control, receiving (handing over) baggage and check-in transfer to transfer at least four hours.

  1. Taxi. The cost of the counter from 400 to 500 baht. Are possible force majeure due to traffic jams.
  2. Free Shuttle Bass. Bus aeroexpress, pass in cabin which is boarding pass for the flight. It can Replace the e-ticket printout. Point of departure from Don Muang is located to the right of the entrance to the terminal. There is also reception where free tickets are issued. Suvarnabhumi Free Shuttle bass is sent from the entrance number 2 on the second floor.
  3. Get from Don Muang to Suvarnabhumi and You can go back on city buses number 554 and 555.

Don Muang Airport in Bangkok - shuttle-bass plying between two airports

From Don Muang Airport to Pattaya and other cities

From the Don Muang Railway train station you can go not only in Bangkok, but also in the northern provinces of the country.

Direct bus service to other cities of the country airport does not have. Therefore, to get from Pattaya to Don Muang, you need to transfer to Mo Chit bus station, having another name – Bangkok Bus Terminal (Chatuchak). The most convenient flight to the airport is Shuttle A1 (Aeroexpress). Bus stops number 510, 59 and 29 are located on nearby streets, they do not have schedules, a trip along these routes will be more long. Try to find tickets on the site (or use the search form below). Search sekretah on This site can be read here.

Another transfer point is Suvarnabhumi Airport. From his The terminal runs a free shuttle bass to Don Muang. But to them to use, you need to have a boarding pass.

Don Muang Airport on the map of Bangkok

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Don Muang Airport

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