Bangkok viewing platforms with beautiful species

Bangkok was built in the Chao Phraya Delta, in the recent past its the territory was permeated with a network of canals, currently most of them are buried and turned into highways. Height above sea level is only two meters. Within a radius of fifty kilometers from Bangkok’s royal palace is no natural hills, and even the capital’s Suvarnabhumi Airport is built on a place that was called “Swamp Cobra”. Therefore, all viewing Bangkok sites have man-made nature. They can include both the bulk hills under the temple complexes, and the open terraces of restaurants, located on the roofs of skyscrapers. We offer you a description of several points of the most successful, with our point of view, for a panoramic view of this giant human anthill.

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Bangkok viewing platforms - MahaNakhon skyscraper

August 29 , 2016 opened a new and highest skyscraper Bangkok MahaNakhon (from Thai means – “Megapolis”) 3 1four meters high and with 7 7 floors. Noteworthy skyscraper its “pixel façade”, which resembles mutilated buildings aliens in the movie “Pixels.” Here guests pre-composed 360 ° panoramic viewing platform. Because This tower is located far away from Baioke Sky, contemplating Visitors are completely different and not less beautiful. kinds.


Baiyoke II Tower

Bangkok Viewing Grounds - Baiyoke Sky Skyscraper

In the Bayok Skye skyscraper (Baiyoke II Tower or Baiyoke Sky) height of 309 meters is a network of restaurants. On the eight 1st floor – Bangkok Balcony with an open balcony, on the 82nd fish restaurant Crystal Grill, and on the 83rd – a bar with panoramic windows. The only Bangkok Bayok rotating viewing platform Skyline is on its roof. If you don’t feel like eating and drink, exit the elevator on the 77th floor where the observation point is located platform with telescopes, the use of which is paid, but not very expensive There is also a small museum exhibition. To all observation platforms can be reached in the elevator with a glazed cabin on the outside of the building.


River vibe

Bangkok Viewing Grounds - River Vibe Restaurant

This observation deck of Bangkok is located in so called Chinatown, near Hualamphong Station. WITH the guest terrace of the River Vibe rooftop restaurant skyscrapers River View Guest House, a panoramic view of the river and the nearby Royal Palace complex. According to reviews visited there, the view of the capital is much better served there Thai dishes. Very democratic place where you will not be reminded of need to comply with the dress code.


Golden mount

Bangkok viewing platforms - Golden Mount

Bundle Mountain to the east of the Royal Palace, on which stands Wat Saket Temple. Golden it was called because of the gold-covered chedi. WITH Observation platform shows several temples and Royal Avenue – local “Champs Elysees”. The temple is valid, so visit it possible only in clothes that cover the shoulders and legs. It is ordinary requirement for all who visit the historical center of Bangkok.


Park society

Bangkok viewing platforms - Sofitel

This is the name of the restaurant located on the top floor of the hotel. Sofitel This is not the most impressive high-rise Bangkok, in it some 29 floors. At this point catering there is a special “trick” – an open porch on the roof, fenced impact resistant glass. Climbing there, do not think that transferred to Manhattan – from the observation deck below you can see green crowns of Lumpini Park trees, surrounded by skyscrapers. On An inconspicuous staircase leads to the open porch, marked with a sign “Hi-So Only” is something like “high society only”, but this is a kind of Thai humor, no more.


Moon bar

Bangkok viewing platforms - rooftop bar

This is a bar located on the roof of the Banyan Tree Bangkok hotel. Fully open to all winds Bangkok viewing platform with low (to the waist) tempered glass fencing. To land 61 floor, therefore, the format of the “roof bar” is perceived as a place for a party lovers climb higher. Great view of the Phra Pa Daeng area, behind An abundance of greenery called the “lungs of Bangkok.” Strict requirement for compliance with the dress code is softened by the offer of trousers that can be Wear straight over the shorts.


Cloud 47

Bangkok viewing points - Cloud 47 bar

United Center – an office tower in Bangkok, 47 floors high. On the open veranda of the latter is located Cloud 47 bar (Cloud 47). It is located near the park Lumphini and Bangkok Skytrain Station – Sala Daeng. When looking at west is visible the bend of the Chao Phraya River, winding among the stone the jungle. In the east – the green expanse of the park. Happy at the bar free The live music party begins at around nine in the evening. The decor is democratic, no dress code is required.


Roof (Roof)

Bangkok viewing points - Sala Rattanakosin Hotel

Bar, located on the roof of the hotel Sala Rattanakosin. Located in Rattanakosin town of the same name. This Bangkok’s observation deck offering to one of the most publicized views of the city. She is adjacent to the temple of Wat Arun – Morning Dawn, which is in the evening is highlighted. There are places overlooking the Chao Praya, but they are not. just take.


Long table

Bangkok Viewing Platforms - Hotel Column

The bar and restaurant “Long Table” is located on the 25th floor of a high-rise building Column Hotel, located at Sukhumvit Soi, 16. expensive, with a strict dress code. Particularly interesting is the view of human anthill hours from six in the evening when the tracks below loaded with cars. On the veranda of the restaurant there is a swimming pool.


Sky bar

Bangkok viewing platforms - Sky Bar

Aerial view of Bangkok offers Sky Bar, located on the 63rd floor of the State Tower – skyscraper on the banks of the Chao Phraya River, noticeable for its gilded the dome. Veranda open, closed in a ring. You can walk on it and explore the metropolis to all parts of the world. Bang business district The rank of which he is the visual dominant does not imply the appearance of personalities there in shorts, slippers and T-shirts-alcoholics.


Temple wat arun

Bangkok viewing platforms - Wat Arun Temple

Temple of the Morning Dawn, located on the right bank of the Chao River Phraya is considered one of the most beautiful ancient temples of Thailand. Its complex consists of five towers. The central one is shaped cob. It has two viewing platforms. The rise on them is very steep (stairs almost vertical) steps. Therefore, consider your physical condition. Although a similar test is conceived temple builders specifically. It is a symbol of what to achieve higher level of enlightenment is not easy at all.

Bangkok viewing platforms on the map

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MahaNakhon skyscraper in Bangkok: 13.724167, 100.528333 Skyscraper Baiyoke Sky in Bangkok: 13.754546, 100.540329 River Vibe Ruff Bar Bangkok: 13.734452, 100.512049 Wat Saket Temple in Bangkok: 13.753800, 100.506669Kind at the Park Society in Bangkok: 13.726155, 100.543166 Banyan Tree Bangkok Hotel in Bangkok: 13.723771, 100.539711Bar Cloud 47 in Bangkok: 13.726681, 100.531659Sala Hotel Rattanakosin in Bangkok: 13.745252, 100.490800 Column Hotel in Bangkok: 13.733043, 100.560308 Sky Bar in Bangkok: 13.721322, 100.516737 Wat Arun Temple in Bangkok: 13.743704, 100.489006

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