Bangkok Metro, Bangkok bus terminals, Bangkok train stations

The transportation system in Bangkok is represented by a good set of services, which will be discussed later. For those who have not been to Thailand and going on an independent journey, given information may be useful. And for those who are going a ride on the Bangkok subway, and for those who need to get there from Bangkok airport to the bus station or railway station to continue trips.

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The content of the article

  • 1 Metro Bangkok
    • 1.1 Types, time, cost
    • 1.2 Bangkok Metro Map
    • 1.3 Tokens and cards
  • 2 Bangkok Railway Stations
    • 2.1 Station Hua Lamphong
    • 2.2 Thonburi Station
    • 2.3 Prices and Schedule
    • 2.4 How to buy a train ticket via the Internet
  • 3 Bus stations of Bangkok
    • 3.1 General Information
    • 3.2 South Bus Station Sai Tai Mai
    • 3.3 North Moh Chit Bus Station
    • 3.4 East Ekkamai Bus Station
    • 3.5 Bus station at Victory Monument
    • 3.6 City buses in Bangkok

Bangkok Metro

Types, time, cost

Bangkok Metro is of three types:

  • Underground MRT.
  • Ground BTS Skytrain.
  • Ground City Line (Airport Link). Only one land branch from Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport to the city center.

Bangkok Metro hours from 6.00 am to 12.00 at night.

The fare on MRT and BTS Skytrain depends on the number of stations, and about the same on both types transport – 15-45 baht.

City Line runs in two versions – with stops and express, cost, respectively, 15-45 baht and 150 baht. More like to get from the airport by subway, read the article – Airport Bangkok Suvarnabhumi.

Price for travel in the metro City Line Price for travel in the metro City Line

Price for travel in the subway City Line

Bangkok Metro Map

Large image is loaded by clicking.

Bangkok subway map Bangkok subway map

Bangkok Metro Map

  • The blue and red branches from right to left are the City Line from airport (two of them because, one with stops, the other express, but physically it is the same branch). Separate self branch.
  • Vertical blue narrow line is an underground subway MRT.
  • Two wide branches of dark azure and light green are Skytrain BTS.
  • In August 2016, the MRT Purple Line was launched – a purple branch Bangkok Metro. It is above ground, unlike the blue branch of the MRT. Now the end station of the lilac branch of Tao Poon is connected to the ultimate on the blue branch (Bang Sue) free shuttles, and in the future is supposed to connect the blue and purple lines.

Tokens and cards

In the underground metro (MRT) – tokens. At the entrance to the station are vending machines where you can buy a token by selecting the necessary station. The machine accepts coins, paper, and gives change. there is English interface. You can also buy a ticket at the box office from a person or exchange paper money for a trifle, in case at the station there are automatons accepting only metal. Sign at the entrance you need apply to the turnstile, and not lower it into it! BUT here at the exit just lower into the slot. If you come out for more you will hear a beep and you’ll need to pay in addition, there is nothing terrible in it, ask, they will tell you as.

With the underground metro (BTS) all the same, only there are not tokens, but cards. They are also bought in automatic machines and on the same principle.

If you passed your station, then go back between There is a simple round-trip transfer by train. BUT not to pass the station, keep track of the names, or read number of stations. You can still listen, but at first it will be very unusual.

Bangkok MRT Metro. Doors at stations are duplicated Bangkok MRT Metro. Doors at stations are duplicated

Bangkok Metro MRT. Doors at stations are duplicated

You can neither drink nor eat in the subway You can neither drink nor eat in the subway

In the subway, you can neither drink nor eat

Bangkok Railway Stations

Station Hua Lamphong

Bangkok Railway Station is called Hua Lamphong (Hua Lamphong) and is located at the final MRT underground station with of the same name (on my map above – this is a blue branch, left).

Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway Station Bangkok's Hua Lamphong Railway Station

Bangkok Railway Station Hua Lamphong

If you are coming from Bangkok airport and you need a train station, then you need to go to the station Makkasan and transfer to the station Phetchaburi Metro MRT. This transplant is simple, it is now built. jump and just need to follow the signs. Transplant takes 10 minutes

Thonburi Station

There is also a railway station Thonburi serving direction to Kanchanaburi.

Prices and Schedule

From Bangkok’s Hua Lamphong railway station, you can get by any directions. Only it is necessary to consider that in a season, or on the eve any holiday in Thailand, and there are a lot of them, tickets may not be. If they offer you bus tickets here, don’t agree. The prices are twice as high as the real ones, it’s better to get to bus station and self buy. We were offered somehow for 1200 baht to Chiang Mai, with the “last” tickets remaining, and on bus station without any problems left for 500 baht in a half-empty bus. Read more about Thailand’s railways and class of tickets.

Train timetable must be viewed on the official website. Choose a departure and following station and see all the information. At prices, for example, a ticket from Bangkok to Chiang Mai stands in a second-class sleeper car (reserved seat) with air conditioning – 791 baht upper shelf, 881 baht lower shelf.

How to buy a train ticket via the Internet

Buy tickets online on the official site is now impossible only at the box office train stations. If you need a ticket in advance and through Internet, then only through an agency, for example, Now This is the only service with this service. Payment by card or Paypal. But the ticket will not be electronic, as the Thai Iron roads there is no such system, you will need to get the original, either in agency office (several points) or by mail. Here, below can choose the right cities and see what comes out of it :) and bus tickets will be offered.

Railway tickets to Thailand →

Bangkok Bus Stations

general information

Intercity bus service is very common and represented by a large number of private companies. Almost from Any point can be reached in another. Buses are good, comfortable, with air conditioning. As a rule, there are several classes – VIP, Class 1, 2 class. They differ slightly by the width of the seat, and the presence of food (water + cookies on the bus and in the cafe on stop).

Prices are as follows: Bangkok-Chiang Mai (~ 700km) 400-800 baht. Read more about buses in Thailand. And a ticket via the Internet can be bought there on

Bus tickets →

A typical window for selling tickets at the bus station A typical window for selling tickets at the bus station

Typical ticketing window at the bus terminal

First class on the bus First class on the bus

First class on the bus

South Bus Station Sai Tai Mai

Bus station Sai Tai Mai (Sai Thai Mai), located in the west Bangkok City (Boromratchchonnani Rd, +66 2435-1200, 2434-7192), serves western and southwestern directions, for example on Phuket, Samui, Krabi, Hua Hin.

Unfortunately, the subway does not reach it, only by bus or Taxi. I would choose a taxi to quickly and without crap. Cost of about 200 baht over the counter from the center of Bangkok and about 500-600 baht from Suvarnabhumi Airport. On the bus, the same 1.5-2 hours to cut from the center of Bangkok. It is better to check in the street at the Thais or in a hotel What kind of bus, because the Internet has a list of buses, but it is not true. Alternatively, use Google Maps, there is an opportunity to build a route by bus, True, Google is also mistaken, judging by my experience.

North Bus Station Moh Chit

Bus station Moh Chit (Mo Chit), located in the north of the city (Kampaengphet 2 Rd, +66 2936-3660). The largest bus station. Direction to Chiang Mai (Chiang Mai), Ayutthaya (Ayuthaya), Kanchanaburi, Phitsanulok, Sukhothai and others. But You can also go to Pattaya and Hua Hin (by minivans) and to Koh Chang in Trat province (bus several times a day).

You can get to the bus station on foot from the station Chatuchak Park (MRT subway) or from Mo Chit station (BTS Skytrain), walk 15 minutes, You can also take the bus 138. Accordingly, if you are coming from Bangkok Airport on the City Line, then you need to transfer to Makkasan station at Phetchaburi (MRT) or Phaya Thai station transfer to BTS Skytrain. The last option is shorter.

How to get from Bangkok to Chiang Mai

East bus station Ekkamai

Bus station Ekkamai (Ekkamai), located in the south-east Bangkok (Sukhumvit Rd, +66 2391-2504), near Ekkamai Station Metro BTS Skytrain, and opposite Soi 63. Directions to Pattaya, Rayong, Koh Chang.

You can get to Ekkamai bus station on foot from Ekkamai station. (BTS Skytrain). And if you are coming from Bangkok Airport on the City Line, then you need to transfer at Phaya Thai station, where transfer to BTS Skytrain.

How to get from Bangkok to Pattaya How to get from Bangkok to Koh chang

Bus station at Victory Monument

Victory Monument is a metro station. Around her, until October 2016 years, was the unofficial bus station of Bangkok, where launched about 4,000 minivans in various directions Thailand The place was terribly popular because, it almost the only bus station (albeit illegal), where people are right from the subways got into the microbus and immediately went home. Accompanied by all this pleasure is serious traffic jams on the square near the monument, with what, in fact, decided to fight the military. Now all four thousands of minibuses distributed between state bus terminals, and on the square temporarily continue to stop only several routes that carry people to the nearest suburb.

Considering that the illegal bus station functioned several tens of years, and hundreds of thousands of people come here out of habit, the government of Bangkok has provided free shuttles to citizens bass terminals, which, it should be noted, are scattered throughout the city and difficult to access even for the local population. Meaning that ride there are hemorrhoids, costs and lost time. Shuttles ply from Chatuchak to Mo Chit 2 and from the monument to Sai Tai Mai and Ekkamai daily from 5:30 to 20:30 every 20 minutes. Shuttle to Sai Tai May starts even at 4:30.

Terminal Mo Chit 2 – for those traveling north, northeast and in the central part of Thailand. From the bus station Sai Tai Mai go buses to the south; and with Ekkamai you will go east.

City buses in Bangkok

A bus service in Bangkok itself is also developed, and until some places you can only go by bus (or tuk-tuk), for example, up to the popular Khao San Road among the backpackers, Where more guesthouses and hotels are located. Information Bus routes can be seen at Also Bus routes can be built on Google Maps. He is not always shows the correct numbers of buses, but generally works fine.

P.S. I also recommend to save time. Taxi. They are very cheap there, if you drive over the counter. But at one o’clock the peak, of course, is better to move on the subway, otherwise you can in traffic jams to stand

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