Avallon (France)

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Avallon City – Avallon

Avallon – a small ancient city in the region Burgundy in France. The first settlement here arose in the days of Antiquity, when the Romans built a post office here to link settlements at the site of Lyon and Boulogne-sur-Mer.

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Avallon Panorama Avallona

Avallon – amazingly beautiful town that personifies a Burgundy: ancient medieval streets, buildings, fragments old fortress walls and towers, leisurely and measured situation. Avallon is often called the “city of 3 marshals.” Here Vauban, Claude de Beauvoir and Louis-Nicolas Davou were born.


The history of Avallon began in the era of the Roman Empire, when The Romans founded a postal station here. After the collapse of the Empire the settlement continued to develop. So here already in the 7th century was built the first castle. After the raids of the Saracen castle walls were significantly increased.

Central street of AvallonAvallon Central Street

At the beginning of the 11th century after the war of the Duchy of Burgundy with the king France, the city was taken by royal troops who destroyed Castle. Although a few decades later Avallon returns in the composition of Burgundy.

In the 12th century, new fortress walls were built, which destroyed in the walk of the Hundred Years War.

Old fortress walls Old fortress walls

In the 15th century Avallon is part of France. After that the city begins to develop: the population increases, crafts develop, new buildings are being built, a hospital.

Sights of Avallon

Saint-Lazare – a monastery and cathedral of the 12th century, dedicated to St. Lazarus, whose relics are stored here. This is a true masterpiece. Late Romanesque architecture.

Saint LazareSaint lazar

Under the building is a crypt of the 4th century.

The interior of the church of Saint-Lazar Interior churches saint lazar

The city walls – in the vicinity of the Old Town Avalonna preserved original areas of fortifications with towers of 12-16 centuries. Old walls, towers and bastions attached The city has a medieval charm.

The Walls of AvallonFortress walls of Avallon

The clock tower is a symbol of Avallon and architectural dominant historical center. This 49 meter tower is the second half of the 15th century was built as an observation tower. In the first half of the 19th century on the tower set the clock.

Clock towerClock tower

Monument to Voban – a bronze sculpture of the 19th century in honor famous native of this place. The sculpture is set to A small square in the historic center of Avallon. Marshal Vauban – famous military engineer and architect. Not far from Avallon located the municipality of Vezle, in which the castle of BazoŇ° is located – The official residence of Vauban. This castle of the 12th century, which brilliant engineer bought from the king and upgraded to fit his needs. It has preserved many of the original elements associated with famous marshal.

Monument to VobanMonument to Vauban

Frog sculpture – a bronze sculpture, located in the historic center of Avallon near the clock tower in front of the Cathedral of Saint Lazar. The frog symbol has long become a landmark in Avallone and one of the symbols of the city. Now characters are given animal indicate the direction of tourist routes so that be careful.

Frog sculptureFrog sculpture

Avallon map with interesting routes and landmarks

Interesting restaurants with French cuisine on the map

Interesting restaurants with French cuisine on the map

A short video about Avallon

Avallon on a map of France

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