All the beaches of Phi Phi and the best beaches of the island – description from personal experience

The blog has reviews of the beaches of Phuket, Samui, Phangan, Pattaya, Ko Changa, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Hua Hin.

In this article I will briefly present my vision of the beaches of the island. Phi Phi and I will give links to a detailed description of each beach, with photos and coordinates. At the end of the post you will find a general map. the beaches of the island and do not be surprised that the islands of Phi Phi are two, and the beaches described only by one of them. The fact is that the second island, Phi Phi Le is a nature reserve and I have a separate article about it. – Maya Bay and Phi Phi Island Tour.

The content of the article

  • 1 List of the best beaches of Phi Phi
  • 2 Main beaches
    • 2.1 Thon Sai Beach
    • 2.2 Lo Dalum Beach
    • 2.3 Lo Ba Kao Beach
    • 2.4 Lo Mo De Beach
    • 2.5 Long Beach
    • 2.6 Ao Hin Khom, aka Viking-1 and Viking-2 (Viking Beach)
  • 3 Other beaches
    • 3.1 Beach Wang Long Bay
    • 3.2 Monkey Beach
    • 3.3 Nui Beach
    • 3.4 Laem Thong Beach
    • 3.5 Lo Lana Beach
    • 3.6 Ranti Bay Beach
  • 4 Phi Phi Beaches Map

Phi Phi best beaches list

I will not consider the beaches in terms of long-term living and wintering because I don’t really understand what to do here longer than one week of vacation (it took me 3 days) and especially – with children. Phi Phi is a young, noisy island, the main charm which – beautiful beaches and parties. There are no large stores here. hospitals and banks, and the entire infrastructure is aimed at short-term splash of energy and money. So we will talk about the “best” beaches. Pi-Pi Don in terms of vacationers.

The ideal infrastructure is the Lo Dalam. is he located on the central isthmus of the island, near Phi Phi Town, has a good choice of accommodation (including cheap hotels) and entertainment, as well as close to the main piers of the island. But silence is not there it will be, all the parties here too.

More quiet and well suited for holidays will be the left side. Thonsai – there is also a capital building, high stone hotels (remember about the tsunami, right?), albeit small, but not very crowded beach. Up to 10 minutes to the whole infrastructure, no more, in fact it’s Phi Phi Town It is also convenient that from here it is possible for 10-20 minutes walk to Viking Beach and Long Beach, who are already quite fit for beach relaxation.

And under the third number I would call the far right edge of Ton Sai – there is a good sea of cubables, completely loose construction and accurate also 10 minutes to pee pee town.

If you are only interested in relaxation and you have enough services the hotel, then I would go away from Phi-Pi Town, on Lam Tong (local Ruble) and Lo Ba Kao. A complete separation from civilization, few tourists Freaky beaches with excellent sand and a sea of cucumbers. Lam Tong has a bonus in the form of its pier, and Lo Ba Khao is close to the two beaches of Lo Lana and Nui are also an option for entertainment and leisure diversity.

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Main beaches

Thon Sai Beach

Tonsai Beach is the beach of Phi Phi Don Island. Exactly here is the main (but not the only) pier on the island. Beach beautiful, long, but suitable for swimming only on one half, which stretches to the rocks on the far right, if stand facing the sea. The central part is a technical beach with a bunch of boats and boats, and the left edge of the parked parked longtails and stones. Tonsai is considered a beach to “see”, and do not swim. Read more about the beach – Thon Sai Beach – The main beach of the island of Phi Phi Don.

Tonsai Beach - Phi Phi Don Island’s Main Beach Tonsai Beach - Phi Phi Don Island’s Main Beach

Tonsai Beach – Phi Phi Don Island’s Main Beach

Lo Dalum Beach

Lo Dalam is the second main beach on the isthmus of Phi Phi Island Don. Unlike the deep-sea Ton Sai, Lo Dalam is shallow. the beach, where you can swim only at the peak of the tide. He’s very handsome, looks gorgeous in pictures both from the shore and from the height of the viewpoint on pee pee. But for a quiet stay, I would not recommend it – This is the land of Pi-Pi Town and its parties, it is always very lively here and noisy, except for its furthest edges. more about the beach – Phi Phi Don Island’s Lo Dalum Beach is the most long but not the best.

Luo Dalam Beach, Phi Phi Don Luo Dalam Beach, Phi Phi Don

Beach Lo Dalam, Phi Phi Don

Beach Lo Ba Kao (Lo Ba Kao Beach)

Beach Lo Ba Kao and its surroundings are located in the northeast Phi Phi Don. The beach is considered one of the most remote on the island, where it is difficult to get but it is very cool to rest. Lo Ba Bao different beauty, comfort in terms of beach holidays and decent (for pee, pi) choice of housing. In the left edge of the district there are mangroves and flooded lowlands, next to which it is better not settle. Read more about the beach – Lo Ba Kao Beach – the best choice for a long vacation on Phi Phi Don Island.

Lo Ba Bao Beach, Pi Pi Don Lo Ba Bao Beach, Pi Pi Don

Beach Lo Ba Kao, Pi Pi Don

Beach Lo Mo De De

Lo Mo Mo Di is the wild beach that is closest to Pee pee town Wild in the sense that it has not been tasted yet massive tourist and get here is not so easy. Walk It is possible, but this is a dubious pleasure in the heat, and on the boats immediately increased spending holiday budget. Beautiful cove, palm grove, coral sand – a great place for tyleninga in style bounty Read more about the beach – Lo Mo De Beach is the most beautiful beach on Phi Phi Don.

Beach Lo Mo Di, Phi-Phi Don Beach Lo Mo Di, Phi-Phi Don

Beach Lo Mo Di, Pee Phi Don

Long Beach

Long Beach is not the longest “longest beach” on Phi Phi Don. Long Beach is located in the south of the island and it is the closest normal. the beach, in relation to Phi Phi Town, where you can safely swim, not scratching his feet on the rocks at the bottom. Characteristic feature of Long Beach on Pi-Pi Doné is his unaesthetic bluntness, as if made him especially for tourists. But in general – completely normal, normal beach for full sealing Beach Details – Long Beach (Long Beach) on Phi Phi Don is a standard tourist beach.

Long Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don Long Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don

Long Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don

Ao Hin Khom, aka Viking-1 and Viking-2 (Viking Beach)

Despite the small size and private attitude to a resort of the same name, Viking beaches are considered major on Phi-Pi Donne because of its well-known and popular. Well, they are real cool, hidden in the thick of greenery and stones, with excellent sand and photogenic exterior – they look great in pictures and live From the inconvenience – it is difficult to get and constantly walk past people who need to on Long Beach, so you have to hide things on beach or constantly look after them. More about the beach – Viking-1 and Viking-2 (Viking Beach) – private beaches of one resort on the island of Phi Phi Don.

Viking Beach Resort, Phi-Don Don Viking Beach Resort, Phi-Don Don

Viking Resort Beach, Phi Phi Don

Other beaches

Beach Wang Long Bay

The bay in the depths of the inaccessible rocky part of Pi-Pi Don, where can be reached exclusively by sea. At the end of the bay there is a tiny beach, which is almost hidden during the peak of the tide. Behind the beach there is a continuation of the corridor in the rocks, where you can go and to gape, but usually nobody comes to swim in this place. Only in a group, on a longtail, with a mask for snorkeling.

Monkey Beach Beach

Cool place with monkeys that are already accustomed to tourists, Insolent and their behavior pretty spoil the mood by this very to tourists. Periodically (and even systematically) bite the most careless, steal things and fight for food. The beach, as you know not for swimming, but for walking package guests. At peak times on the beach not overflowed from people, which obviously does not add space autism. Read more about the beach – Monkey Beach – monkey paradise on Phi Phi Don.

Monkey Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don Monkey Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don

Monkey Beach Beach, Phi Phi Don

Nui Beach

Nui Beach on Phi Phi is the farthest, farthest, but very nice and clean beach with decent depth, because of what is here it turns out to swim even at low tide. It can be reached on foot (option for neighborhood, desperate, and those who have too a lot of time). And it’s better to get here by boat and grab at the same time with a mask and lsty – there is a good place for snorkeling. Read more about the beach – Nui Beach on Phi Phi Don – wild piglet in the jungle.

Nui Beach, Phi Phi Don Nui Beach, Phi Phi Don

Nui Beach, Phi Phi Don

Laem Thong Beach

The farthest from civilization, the large beach of Phi Phi Don. Here can be reached by land, but the sea is much faster and more interesting. The beach is beautiful, uncrowded, with its infrastructure and even own small pier. Laem Tong I still inspected incomplete and you can read a partial description of what caught my eye – Laem Thong Beach – faraway paradise on Phi Phi Don

Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Don Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Don

Laem Tong Beach on Phi Phi Don

Lana Beach (Lo Lana Beach)

Lo Lana is located literally across the hill from beautiful Nui, but differs radically from him. On the shore here are abandoned houses of some resort, the beach itself is terribly filthy because it caused in waves. The place is completely uncomfortable, although it is possible that I got on him in February, when seasonal storms had not yet subsided and the beach appeared in front of me is not in the best light. Read more about Lana Beach – Beach Lana (Lo Lana Beach) on Phi Phi Don – an abandoned shore.

Lo Lana Beach, Phi Phi Don Lo Lana Beach, Phi Phi Don

Lo Lana Beach, Phi Phi Don

Ranti Bay Beach

The once quiet beach on the outskirts of Phi-Phi Don, and now enough lively and popular with snorkeling lovers as a place where You can perfectly snork near the shore. Shallow, with weight stones at the bottom, with not the most beautiful sand, but cozily hidden in Bay beach with its tiny infrastructure. Name beach received by the name of the Rantee Sunrise Hotel located here, which You can call a hotel only by mistake.

Phi Phi Beaches Map

P.S. Huskies and reposts are welcome :)

P.P.S. Also I will be very happy to express your opinions, regarding the various beaches on Koh Lanta, where you rested. Which and than liked.

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