All beaches of Koh Lanta and the best beaches of the island – description from personal experience

The beaches of Lanta are a continuation of the review articles on the beaches of the main resorts in Thailand. The site also has reviews of Phuket beaches, Koh Samui, Phangan, Pattaya, Koh Chang, Krabi, Phi Phi, Koh Lanta and Hua Hina. Already traditionally for the series, all the beaches of the resort are divided into major and minor, and they are listed starting with the main Pier Island in the north of Lanta Yai, to the south of his point. For more a clear understanding of what and where is you can scroll through the post until the end down and see the map of the beaches of Koh Lanta. To each marker beach link is attached to the post description, so click and Go to the beach page with photos.

Koh Lanta is a small island that can be crossed from the north. south in about one hour, and if you leave early in the morning and without traffic jams, then forty minutes. Geographical feature of the island affected the characteristics of the seabed around it, and thanks to them, all tourist beaches were on the west coast. Lanta Yai has several mountain ranges along the entire length of the island. The mountains smaller and lower (up to 250 meters) are located on the northern half, and more serious arrays with heights of up to 600 meters – on the south half, part of which is generally reserved for the reserve.

The content of the article

  • 1 List of the best beaches of Koh Lanta
  • 2 Main beaches
    • 2.1 Klong Dao (Klong Dao Beach)
    • 2.2 Long Beach
    • 2.3 Klong Khong Beach
    • 2.4 Klong Nin Beach
  • 3 Other beaches
    • 3.1 Kaw Kwang Beach
    • 3.2 Relax (Relax Beach)
    • 3.3 Lanta Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach)
    • 3.4 Klong Toab Beach
    • 3.5 Nui (Nui Beach)
    • 3.6 Klong Chak Beach
    • 3.7 Klong Hin Beach
    • 3.8 Kantiag Bay (Kantiag Bay)
    • 3.9 Nui Bay Beach
    • 3.10 Mai Phai Beach
  • 4 Map of beaches of Koh Lanta

List of the best beaches of Koh Lanta

In my personal, subjective opinion, with beaches on Koh Lanta things are somehow not very. For myself, I saw only three options of the fourteen, which I have no doubt identified as “the best beaches Koh Lanta “, the rest is either wild, either an amateur or shallow or completely unwieldy. Three best beaches of Ko Lanta is:

  • Klong Dao
  • Long beach
  • Klong Ning

All other beaches of Koh Lanta are either very specific places or require a compromise.

In the case of Koh Lanta, it doesn’t matter for how long you stop: two weeks of vacation or wintering from three months. Is that Winterers will have a little more space to choose – they need tied not to a particular beach, but to the infrastructure that able to meet the needs of the winterer at home at no extra cost on time.

If you look at the scale of the whole island, then the most advanced in this regard, the north-west. There is a large hypermarket Tesco Lotus and its express version, large hospitals, authorities and transport nodes Kanty. That is, the winterer can choose any the beach, starting at the Saladan Pier and Ao Ko Kwang Beach, and ending Klong Hin beach in the northwest and the Old Town area on southeast. And it is important for tourists to relax on the originally good beach with developed infrastructure, so his choice comes down to the Three beaches: Klong Dao, Long Beach and Klong Ning.

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Main beaches

Klong Dao Beach

Crescent Bay, with strongly rounded flanks of the beach. It looks very beautiful, but only are suitable for a full bath central and left parts of Klong Dao. The right edge is popular like tourists and locals as a place to walk and picnics. The sea is quite shallow, you can not swim. But very Looks beautiful at high tide and serves as a great backdrop for peaceful family activities on land. On Klong Dao good developed infrastructure and a decent choice of housing at various levels. A detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Beach Klong Dao (Klong Dao) on Lanta is a great family beach!

Klong Dao Beach (Klong Dao), Koh Lanta Klong Dao Beach (Klong Dao), Koh Lanta

Klong Dao Beach, Koh Lanta

Long Beach

Long beach (translated from English long beach) really is the longest beach of the island of Lanta Yai, and in most Internet reviews call it the best beach of Koh Lanta, with which I personally I agree. The Thai name is Phra Ae Beach. Good the entrance to the water, a lot of natural shade, infrastructure, proximity to the major points of the island (hypermarket, hospital, market) make it a universal beach for all occasions of rest: Long Beach love and vacationers, and longstery. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Long Beach – the best Beach on Koh Lanta.

Long Beach, Koh Lanta Long Beach, Koh Lanta

Long Beach Beach, Koh Lanta

Klong Khong Beach

The third largest beach after Klong Dao and Long Beach. Despite Popular with tourists, I did not understand this beach. Or rather – did not understand than he attracts people. In addition to more or less developed infrastructure and proximity to Saladan, I saw no advantage in it. Klong khong long but shallow, and the entrance to the sea here is complicated by stone sediments, if it is properly called. At low tide to Klong Khong is impossible to watch without tears, and I do not quite understand why the beach was given such a colorful nickname – Bali Beach. Detailed description Beach, with photos – see the article Beach Klong Khong (Klong Khong) – type fabulous Bali on Lanta.

Klong Khong Beach, Koh Lanta Klong Khong Beach, Koh Lanta

Klong Khong Beach, Koh Lanta

Klong Nin Beach

But with Klong Ning the opposite situation: the beach is not considered popular with most of the tourists who visited him, but in my opinion – This is one of the three best beaches of Koh Lanta. Comfortable beach-infrastructure ratio, good location in the center west coast, between the civilization of the northern Koh Lanta and reserved southern part. And a few people, a good choice of housing and a splash beach for children – all that is necessary for full family vacation. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Beach Klong Nin (Klong Nin) on Lante – I’d live here!

Klong Nin Beach, Koh Lanta Klong Nin Beach, Koh Lanta

Klong Nin Beach, Koh Lanta

Other beaches

Kaw Kwang Beach

The very first beach, which begins immediately from the pier Saladan. True, Ao Koh Kwang usually stays away from tourist routes – everyone rushes to Long Beach, and further south. And the beach of Ko Kwang hiding in the backyard of a village in the Saladan area, remaining something unpopular and unknown. But people do not lose much from this: the beach sad, scary shallow and practically not adapted for bathing. Mostly here it’s nice to spend time walking or sitting in a seaside cafe. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Ao Kaw Kwang (Ao Kaw Kwang) – walking beach with the waterfront.

Ao Koh Kwang, Koh Lanta Ao Koh Kwang, Koh Lanta

Ao Koh Kwang, Koh Lanta

Relax (Relax Beach)

Most likely the Relax beach is just a lost corner of the beach. Long Beach, but not the point. The place is pleasant in all respects, but It is interesting to come here for one or two days, maximum. And exactly his should not be considered as a permanent stop on Koh Lanta. Good, authentic, slightly out of the way, but still popular popularly, the beach. Due to its conditional wildness, Relax Beach is often can be dirty. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see in the article Relax Beach (Relax Beach) – where to relax on Ko Lanta

Relax Beach, Koh Lanta Relax Beach, Koh Lanta

Relax Beach, Koh Lanta

Lanta Secret Beach

Secret this beach remained until the gate with the road, leading to it through a private plot, were not open to all wanting. The coast was badly damaged at the hands of a man, almost the entire the stretch of shore is deprived of plantations, but the first line is fortified special planting of palm trees. The beach is beautiful Cupable, not yet very popular and people are found here very little. A detailed description of the beach, with photos – see article Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach) – yet wild beach on Lante.

Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach) Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach)

Secret Beach (Lanta Secret Beach)

Klong Toab Beach

Klong Toab beach is a catchy place, so I looked around. only half of the beach, and not the best. So, for the current I don’t have an objective assessment of the entire location as a whole, but there is a detailed post describing that half of Klong Toab, which It is considered passing, unwilling, and in general there just tourists stop making specific pictures, and on certain days Comes mobile Thai market. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Klong Toab Beach on Lante – mixed emotions, incomplete review.

Klong Toab Beach on Lanta Klong Toab Beach on Lanta

Klong Toab beach on Lanta

Nui (Nui Beach)

Of the two beaches of Nui on Koh Lanta, I have only looked at this one. Not a bad place in a pretty bay. Not the most swimable beach, almost no natural shade, infrastructure – one restaurant per the rocks. True, he is also a modest resort, so Nui Beach can be attributed to the category of “hotels with its own beach” on Koh Lanta. By the workers of the resort, bamboo canopies were built on the beach. from the sun, so that a beach holiday here is comfortable, but I would not want hang around here for longer than one day. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Nui Beach – decent wild beach on Lanta.

Nui Beach, Koh Lanta Nui Beach, Koh Lanta

Nui Beach, Koh Lanta

Klong Chak Beach

Klong Chak Beach is also called Waterfall Beach for its Neighborhood with a small waterfall on Lanta. On the beach near the beach Klong Chuck village of the same name is located with the corresponding infrastructure. Well, then there is only a minimum here. Beach and myself is a short stretch of coast a little less than a kilometer long There is a lot of shade, there are several resorts with hire of sun beds and umbrellas, and only the central part can be called cupable Klong Chuck. He has a lot of stones and coral fragments in his carriages.

Klong Hin Beach

Not the most built-up and not very habitable area of Koh Lanta. Its name is consonant with Klong Ning, and therefore they are often confused, although Nin is a beach sweetie compared to Hin. Klong Hin corresponds to the area: wild, dirty, stony. There is a place, where a couple of resorts are built with bungalows, but as for me – this is the place on the big lover. The bottom is studded with stones and get in a run the sea will not work right away. At low tide, you can observe the lunar landscapes or Mordor – who is closer. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see Klong Hin’s article on Lanta – beach for survivors.

Klong Hin on Lanta Klong Hin on Lanta

Klong Hin on Lanta

Kantiag Bay

The last large beach on the west coast of Lanta. there is a good choice of housing, relatively well-developed infrastructure and surprisingly suitable beach with fine sand. Thanks to its distance from the main tourist get-togethers, Kantiang Bay It seemed to me a moderate, calm place for people seeking to silence, away from the hustle and bustle. Especially because next door you have here conservation area with an array of jungles and hiking trails – there is where to hide from the world. Detailed description of the beach, with photos – see the article Ba Kan Tiang Bay Beach – Place for a quiet holiday on Lanta.

Ba Kan Tiang Bay Beach Ba Kan Tiang Bay Beach

Ba Kan Tiang Bay Beach

Nui Bay Beach

Nui Bay Beach is a tiny stretch of sand, which is hidden from prying eyes and attracts lovers of wild recreation. Beach parties of locals and visitors often gather here. Robinson. From the pier Saladan it is located about half an hour drive, then you have to throw the technique on the road, and by go down to the sea. There is absolutely nothing here, except the abandoned bar and the tents of the savages who were stuck here on overnight stay Very cozy, charming corner of Lanta.

Mai Phai Beach

Completes the list of beaches Koh Lanta is the southernmost, farthest from Saladan Pier – Bambu Beach, aka Mai Phai Beach. On dead-end road is not such a busy traffic to here there was some decent infrastructure. So you goes half-wild, charming in its abandonment, corner old lanta. But there is a couple of full-fledged taykafe with toilets, plenty of shade and uncrowded sandy beach.

Map of beaches of Koh Lanta

Map of beaches of Koh Lanta Map of beaches of Koh Lanta

Map of beaches of Koh Lanta

P.S. Huskies and reposts are welcome :)

P.P.S. Also I will be very happy to express your opinions, regarding the various beaches on Koh Lanta, where you rested. Which and than liked.

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