All about paradise vacation on the Phi Phi Islands

The Phi Phi Islands are a group of small resort islands in the Adaman Sea. Phi Phi Island Thailand can be reached from the mainland or Phuket by ferry, which can be booked on the website of the company 12 Go Asia. Distance from Phuket Island – 48 km, from the mainland part of the province of Crabia tourist cityAo Nang – 42 km. By the way, local residents call this place “Phi-Phi”.

The island archipelago is entirely rarely explored. The most a popular and sought after place among guests is an island Phi Phi Don, he is the only one who has a well-organized infrastructure abundant in hotels, restaurants, shops and other tourist places. But the island Phi Phi Le is best known not for tourist zones, but his landscapes, among which were shooting in 1999 the famous painting “The Beach” with Leonardo DiCaprio. Phi Phi Tours Le and the other four almost wild island groups enjoy in demand among fans of wild recreation, divers (diving on the island Phuket) and snorkeling fans.

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Who will love Phi Phi

Due to the diversity of landscapes and entertainment, excursions to Phi Phi Islands will appeal to various tourist groups. Main comfortable island of the archipelago is conditionally divided into several sites, each of which lives its own life.

The most popular place among youth is Loh beach Dalum. In this area, collected the noisiest places, after sunset nightclubs and massage parlors open the door, offering both a standard list of services, and for lovers of sex tourism in Thailand. Every evening off the coast of Loh Dalum lights the beach disco lights, sometimes continuing to dawn itself. Prices are usually affordable because rest on Phi Phi Island in the area and enjoys so much in high demand.

The other side of the coin is Long Beach. In that clean, well-groomed and practically not living nightly life beaches of Phi Phi Island. This is often family couples with children come to rest, as well as divers, descent in the sea with local beaches quite sharp. Nearest nightly fun located half an hour walk to Tonsai.

The eastern part of the island like the “savages”. The beaches here are usually completely deserted, but such solitude is not cheap. Oriental hotels on Phi Phi Island for those who ready to lay out a few hundred dollars in a week.

Phi Phi Island Beaches

Tonsai Beach – the most unkempt beach of the island. Not far from him, the pier and ship pier, taking ferries from mainland and phuket. Housing nearby is cheap (more about rental housing in Thailand), there is some kind of infrastructure with bars, markets and shops.

Phi Phi Island Tonsai Beach

Tonsai Beach

Beach Lo Dalam is a place to enjoy sociable tourists who are not looking for peace in the rest. Exactly Most of the Thai nightlife is concentrated on this beach. entertainment.

Luo Dalam Beach on Phi Phi Island

Luo Dalam Beach

Beach Long Beach, oddly enough, but one of most quiet beaches of the island. The infrastructure here is not bad, the prices for nearby accommodation is also available, but at night the place falls asleep, seekers adventures and noisy disco is better to choose another place for recreation. According to reviews of tourists, this is the best beach in Thailand!

Long Beach on Phi Phi Island

Long Beach

Beach Lo Moo Di is beautiful and comfortable, but not here without flaws. Getting to this place will have to walk and go It takes about an hour from the nearest settlement.

Lo Moo Di Beach on Phi Phi Islands

Beach Lo Mu Di

What to visit on Phi Phi

The main local tourist attractions are diving, snorkeling and thai fishing Demand is excursions to neighboring islands. archipelago. In general, everything is focused on unity with nature and healthy lifestyle. Night clubs and bars too, but not so much like in Phuket or Bangkok, because avid party-goers rarely choose to relax Phi Phi.

Ferries from the mainland and Phuket bring guests to the village bay Tonsai. On the waterfront there are a lot of souvenir shops and stores with locally produced goods, you can immediately find tour desk. Next to the pier there is a lift to a lookout. area, with impressive views of the island’s landscapes and bay On foot from the bay it is convenient to walk to Long Beach, there is several cozy cafes offering a large selection of drinks and dishes local cuisine.

The climate on the Phi Phi Islands

The weather on Phi Phi worsens infrequently. Average air temperature does not exceed 28-32 degrees in winter a little colder, but completely imperceptible. Coming to rest is worth between November and May, during this period the sea is especially calm, it rarely rains and the water temperature does not fall below 27 degrees. Use our informers to find out weather forecast in Thailand.

Phi Phi Island Hotels

If you are not ready to live in a villa or a small bungalow near the sea, then think three times whether to go to the islands Phi Phi High-rise hotel complexes on the archipelago not. The highest hotels on Loh Dalum, their height is 2-4 floor. This, by the way, is the only option to rent a house not by the sea, but in 10-15 minutes walk from it. All other options are usually very close to the water. Of course, “non-marine” housing is cheaper bungalow on the coast, the average cost of a fan room and shared toilet – from 400 baht. View all hotel deals and You can choose the most suitable one at the sites.

It is clear that the price tag is very dependent on the season. At the peak room cost increases by 40–50%, which is especially noticeable when rent cheap square meters. In August, the number will cost 400 baht, and by February the owner will have to ask for 600–800 baht To save, it is better to go out of season, but it is important to consider the possibility of rain, although they do not go every day, and disturbance of the sea.

As for booking, it is better to take care of it. early. The island is not so big and many guests can not accommodate. It often happens that there is literally not enough space for everyone. WITH expensive villas this rarely happens, but the budget rooms and rooms on Loh Dalum take up very quickly and sometimes on for a long time. If you do not want a few days to spend the night on the beach under open-air waiting for the room to stand free pre-check availability and book them before arrival on the island of Phi Phi.

How to get to Phi Phi Island

There are no direct flights to Phi Phi. there is no airport. As a rule, overseas Guests arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, located near Bangkok, or to the airport of Phuket Island. In any case, have to get to Krabi Town, or Phuket Town, and from there make a transfer, the cost of which includes a bus ticket and ferry payment (how to order transfer to Thailand?). Read more about all this read in the material “How to get to the island Phi Phi? ”

An interesting video about the islands of Phi Phi

Phi Phi Island on the map

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Laem Tong Beach: 7.784632, 98.759826 Loh Lana Beach: 7.763084, 98.765073 Loh Ba Kao Beach: 7.760831, 98.773570 Loh Moo Dee Beach: 7.734253, 98.789020 Long Beach: 7.729278, 98.786573 Tonsai Beach: 7.738208, 98.771939 Loh Dalum Beach: 7.739952, 98.768120 Wang Beach Long: 7.727875, 98.761672

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