1five of the most famous films shot in Thailand!

Repeatedly visited Thailand may notice in the frames of many famous movies are painfully familiar places. These films are marked The most prestigious awards – Oscar, Grammys, for some of them it was impossible to buy a ticket during the premiere and festival hits, their characters are replicated in comics, memes and computer games. Often films made in Thailand, according to their plot in general have nothing to do with this country and can tell about semi-legendary events of the past centuries. We offer your Attention to the list of films made in Thailand, which You should definitely see it. Perhaps this will be the first the impetus for a trip to this amazing country South-East Asia. And then you can independently recognize what films were shot in Thailand.1

Bondiana: The Man with the Golden Gun (19 7 four )


Part of the stories about the adventures of Agent 007 removed in the provinces of Phang Nga and Krabi. More precisely – on the island of Ko Tapu in Phang Nga Bay, which was later called the island of James Bond, and he is a national natural park. For the forty years that have passed since the moment of shooting, hundreds of thousands came to see the picturesque rock adventurers from all over the world. Well, the script of the film and his stage scenes performed in the best traditions of spy thrillers. Fatal beauties with Asian eyes and heads of mafia clans do their dark affairs against the backdrop of exotic beauties, because of the abundance of which the authors of the film have forgotten that James Bond is supposed to bring down enemies every thirty seconds – in this series retribution overtakes them much less often.


Rambo (19eight 5)


Cult film shot in Thailand. Sylvester Stallone, the leading man, generally a frequent guest in this country. There there is where its legendary brutality manifest itself. Scenery to parts of the second series became Bangkok and Chiang Mai, but the entire fourth occurs on the border of Thailand and Myanmar (Burma). Exactly there preserved virgin mountain forests, every step along the paths which can cost life.


Mortal Kombat 1 and 2 (1995 and 1997)


Few have heard of this fantasy-style series filmed on based on the plot of the computer game Mortal Combat. Scenery for him became the ruins of the ancient city of Ayutthaya and the historic park Sukhothai. For the Thai actor Tony Jaa, the second season of the film has become peculiar springboard in his career. During filming, he was the understudy of Robin Shu.


Beach (2000)


In fact, Phi Phi Islands where they made the film “The Beach” in Thailand, belong to strictly protected areas – there is a reserve. therefore after the end of the filming was a universal scandal, because the director for the best shot ordered to cut a couple of authentic trees and plant coconut palms, which have never grown there. At the same time spoiled coral reef, because otherwise the barges could not come to shore. The aborigines were in shock, and tourists who did not see the original, were quite pleased with the island species and crowds of crowded there, where the very young Leo Di Caprio in the company of the same backpackers was looking for adventures on his fifth point finding a cannabis plantation and reservation of Europeans with a matriarchal social system.


Bangkok Hilton (1989)


The film is made in Thailand, which can be considered a parable warning for those who want to break the law kingdom The main character – Catherine Stanton (Spanish Nicole Kidman) – by will of fate becomes a drug courier and tries to take out Australia is a large shipment of heroin. The culmination of the plot of this the thrilling serial takes place in the fictional Thai prison Lum Tyau, which the prisoner was nicknamed “Bangkok Hilton”. As scenery used interior of the real Bangkok’s casemates Prison Klong Prem.


Alexander (2004)


The film is made in Thailand, but tells about the campaign of Alexander Macedonian and the events taking place in India. The location of the filming northern provinces, as well as the delta of the Sacred Valley Mekong. All local actors, for the extras involved the military. Their so made up that compatriots could not distinguish from real hindus. The reason for using Thailand as the shooting area has become the physical unpreparedness of Indian elephants.


Gangster (2007)


The film is made in Thailand on real events, occurred during the war between South and North Vietnam in 60s of the last century. At the heart of the story about Frank Lucas – smuggler and drug dealer who used the chaos of war for drug trafficking across the ocean – from Southeast Asia to North American continent. Most of the scenes shot in Chiang Mai. Interestingly, real members were attracted for filming in the crowd. gang of lucas


Stag Party 2: From Vegas to Bangkok (20eleven )


No one before, and it seems that no one after will shoot comedies on the roof of the Lebua State Tower – a skyscraper in Bangkok (Silom), from whose windows overlook the Chao Phraya River. For luck the director of her master was a fan of “Hangover” – the first series of comedy about the adventures of an alcoholic stupor. therefore he happily provided both the hotel and the rooftop restaurant as scenery. Let’s face it – the company was profitable, now in The hotel offers rooms and tours based on the film, as well as themed cocktails that use just mad popular.


Impossible (2012 )


The film about the tsunami in Thailand in 2004. Narrates about the events occurred after the earthquake of 2004, the epicenter of which was in the Indian Ocean. Bennett Family – the main characters film – comes to Thailand for the Christmas holidays. A serene vacation interrupts the tsunami, sweeping away everything in its path. The scale of the tragedy and inhuman efforts is very realistic. who are making parents (Maria and Henry) to save their sons – Simon, Lucas and Tom.


There is no way out (2014 )


American action movie, starring Owen Wilson and Pierce Brosnan. An American gets a job and transports his family to Southeast Asia. At this time there is a military coup and him you have to flee, fighting against everyone, because he is an expat, a stranger. AT the basis of the film to some extent laid down the events of May 2014, when in Thailand there was a military coup. Director intentionally aggravated and sharpened the course of events. The shooting took place in Chiang Mai and Lampang The footage was censored by the authorities of the northern Provinces of Thailand.


Thai voyage Stepanycha (2005)


Not all movies originating in Thailand are action films. and thrillers. Russian comedy with Lyubov Polishchuk and Ilya Oleinikov are the happy exception to the creepy filmography of killings, military coups and mafia clans. The film is hilarious and otvyazny, on his script is the imprint of dashing permissiveness, characteristic of everything that was filmed in Russia in the 90s. In that the film starred Oleinikov’s son, Denis Klyaver, as well as Stas Kostyushkin. They got the role of the police, depicted in the tradition of those years not too smart and prone to bribery. Lots of music and songs. Filming took place throughout Thailand, and the role of mistress Stepanych invited Chanidu Somrak, a local actress.


Love in the big city 2 (2010)


A romantic comedy in which the whole pop and Russian media party of the first decade of the two thousandth. Alexey Chadov, Vera Brezhneva (filmed pregnant), Ville Haapsalo, Leonid Yarmolnik, Philip Kirkorov, Anastasia Zadorozhnaya. Film can attributed to the comedy genre, although the plot is extremely simple and based on the tradition of holding otvyaznyh parties, usual in those time. Overnight, wealthy businessmen, their foolish children and it is not clear where the spell came from …


Star Wars. Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2005)


For shooting episodes and general plans of the planet Kashyik used small islands near Phuket. In fact, these frames are a cinematic monument, because a year after shooting (conducted in 2003) all the rocks were destroyed catastrophic tsunami.


Saving the Dawn (2007)


Another film shot in Thailand based on real events. It tells the story of Dieter Dengler – the pilot of the US Navy, shot down North Vietnam. Captivity, torture, escape, and two-week wanderings jungle of laos. Actors had to lose weight so that their appearance corresponded to the moment experienced. Film practically documented accurate.


Dangerous Bangkok (2008)


Classic thriller. The assassin Joe (whose role is played by Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage goes to Bangkok where he needs complete four orders. This time he will depart from his rule – kill everyone who helped him. How it all ends better see for yourself.

Notable facts about Thai cinema

  1. Shooting foreign films annually replenish the Thai treasury on worth over a billion baht.
  2. For permission to shoot is enough to provide script and list of locations. If you are not required as scenery national parks or historical sights, then the solution is Thai cinematic management will be taken for three days.
  3. All shooting is carried out in the presence of an official from cinematic control. His business is to ensure that the director did not deviate from the script. And he has the right to stop process if this happened.
  4. Bangkok is the most popular place to film due to the fact that there are many attractions, all the fault a large cluster of film studios where you can recreate the necessary atmosphere of motion pictures.
  5. Almost everyone can take part in the crowd. in Thailand time filming movies, earn a few thousand baht and take pictures with famous actors. For this You just need to apply and get to the casting.

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