1five museums of Bangkok, from which you visit jaw drop!

Bangkok’s museums are what really worth visiting in Thailand because the goods from numerous malls are almost the same in all corners of the world, and Here collections collected in metropolis are unique in their own way. Only there you can see the cultural relics of the country with its own a great and tragic history for which tourism in general and Sex tourism in particular is only external and very deceptive shell. We advise you to begin acquaintance with the historical and the cultural heritage of the kingdom of Siam from visiting the island Rattanakosin – the old city of Bangkok, where the Big the palace, the temple of Wat Pho and the whole constellation of museums.1

Национальный музей Бангкока (Bangkok NationalMuseum)

National Museum of Bangkok

The National Museum of Bangkok is not only the main and official museum of Thailand, but also the largest a facility of this kind in Southeast Asia. It opened in 1eight 7 four year with the personal participation of King Rama V. His collection is rich collection of historical artifacts, objects of national art (murals, bronzes, jewelry, sculptures), as well as personal belongings of crowned persons of the country, objects of religious worship, weapons, musical instruments.


Национальная галерея (National Gallery)

National Gallery of Bangkok

National Gallery opened relatively recently – in 19 74 year, but its exposition devoted to traditional Thai art, affects the period from the beginning of the XVII century to the present day. There you can also see pictures painted by royals – Rama VI and Deceased Pumpion in October 2016 Adulyadeyat.


Музей Сиама (Museum of Siam)

Museum of Siam in Bangkok

If you want to know the answer to the question: “Who are the Thais”, – you You should definitely visit this museum. His exposure is illustration of the history of the country from the period of antiquity to ours days At the beginning of the tour you will be offered a short film with subtitles. Then you will pass through the thematic halls, where see real household items that surrounded residents the kingdoms of Siam in antiquity and which they used even in the middle of the last century. The exposition is interactive. You can learn how to cook Thai dishes, participate in virtual medieval battles, visit a diner with authentic the interior of the 50–60s of the 20th century, sit in a public van tuk-tuk scooter … You can find the address, telephone and work time on that website.


Музей текстиля Королевы Сирикит (Queen Sirikit ofTextiles)

Queen Sirikit Textile Museum in Bangkok

The Queen Sirikit Textile Museum is part of the complex. Grand Palace Bangkok. It is located to the right of the entrance to royal apartments. Introduction to the history of the traditional Thai costume, silk thread and fabric production technology of them. In addition to the collections of textiles from Asia – South, East and Southeast, presents the personal costumes of Queen Sirikit.


Дом Джима Томпсона (Jim Thompson’s House)

Jim Thompson House in Bangkok

Jim Thompson Museum in Bangkok is the museum of folk architecture, consisting of six traditional Thai houses built from teak wood. He is named American businessman who brought these buildings from all the end of the country from 1950 to 1960. Similar exposures in the capital a few, but Jim Thompson’s House enjoys the greatest popular. If a trip to Thailand is limited only Bangkok, you must visit it to get a rough idea of this country.


Дворец Суан Паккад (Suan Pakkad Palace)

Suan Pakkad Palace in Bangkok

Once this museum was a country estate. In 1952, the hosts turned it into a museum. In a small area there are five traditional Thai houses, one of which (Lacquer Pavilion) 450 years. Inside the pavilions is a collection of historic objects and works of art. The houses are called traditional, but no peasants lived in them. Their interiors are richly decorated for this gilding and black lacquer are used.


Дом-музей Камтхиенг (Kamthieng House Museum)

Kamthieng House Museum in Bangkok

Kamthieng Museum is another historic civil architectural complex in the open. It is located next to Bangkok metro station Sukhumvit. This farmhouse is late XIX century teak wood. Previously, he stood on the banks of the river Ping – northwest of thailand Next to him is a rice barn. The main Part of the exhibition tells about the Lanna nationality, its traditions and ceremonies. You can look at the tools – plow, loom, authentic silk fabrics are presented. The territory of the museum is a small shady park surrounded by skyscrapers. Good place for walks in the hot afternoon


Дом-музей премьера Кукрита (M.R. Kukrit’s HeritageHome)

House-Museum of Kukrit Premiere in Bangkok

A small park in which the former Prime Minister Kukrit Prama collected five Thai houses, traditionally built from teak wood that does not rot. The oldest of them is over a hundred years old.


Королевский музей ВВС (The Royal Thai Air ForceMuseum)

Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok

Thai Royal Air Force Museum, located near Don Airport Muang is not as big as similar places in London, Paris or in the USA. But he will be interesting to fans of military equipment, since there is an opportunity to see unique Japanese planes since the Second World War. The exhibition consists of 30 boards, part which is located on an open concrete site, and others in hangars.


Музей Эраван (Erawan Museum)

Erawan Museum in Bangkok

Erawan Museum in Bangkokkeb the mythical animal – the three-headed elephant Ayravata. Building decorated with his sculptural image, whose height is 20 meters, and the weight is 250 tons. It is both a Thai temple and visual representation of how Thai mythology is built Universe. The first floor (basement) is completely given to the world of Naga – the lord hell, on the second (rotunda) is the world of living people. And the third located in the body of an elephant and it symbolizes the Buddhist paradise.


Медицинский музей Сирирай (Siriraj MedicalMuseum)

Medical Museum Siriray in Bangkok

The Bangkokenazvan Museum of Medicine named Siriraj Hospital. But he has a folk The name is the Museum of Death. It consists of six independent exposures. But only three of them are of some interest. those who do not have a medical degree. Their topics are forensic medicine, anatomy and pathological anatomy. In the halls that are dedicated forensic medicine, exhibited for everyone to see the mummy of the first thai serial killer. He was exposed and executed, and his body became a real warning to those who are prone to violence. Also in the windows of this kind of Kunstkamera you can see the skull and other parts of the human body. Mostly – this victims violent crime. In this museum, you are exactly surprised jaw drop! Nervous entrance is prohibited!


Музей восковых фигур Мадам Тюссо (Madame Tussaud’s WaxMuseum)

Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in Bangkok

Madame Tussauds in Bangkok significantly more interesting than the institutions of this kind in the same Paris, for example. That’s because his main goal is to entertain tourists. Therefore, there are many wax doubles of world celebrities, and heads of state, athletes, artists and even crowned special If you want to take a picture with one of them, Go to the Siam area and find the Siam Discovery Center.


Музей королевских лодок (Royal Barge NationalMuseum)

Royal Boat Museum in Bangkok

For Bangkok, built in the marshy floodplain of the Chao Phraya River (previously Menam) and until the beginning of the 20th century permeated with channels so that Venice is just resting, boats and barges are the primary means movement. And it is very interesting to see watercraft for important person The museum has fifty royal boats, each of which is unique. The most valuable of them are stored in a special hangar. All of them are able to move on water. Excursion can be combined with a riverboat ride or a rowboat similar to those what you saw in the museum.


Музей Древний город (Muang Boran)

Museum Ancient City in Bangkok

The museum, which is a large-scale copy of Thailand. There you can see mockups of all the most historically significant structures. They are located exactly as their originals. Total 120 buildings – palaces, temples, monasteries. The area of the museum is 130 hectares. Is in 32 km outside the city. If you like antique architecture, then definitely worth a look at one of the 10 most beautiful ancient cities of Thailand!


Тронный зал Ананты Самахом (Ananta Samakhom ThroneHall)

The Throne Hall of Ananta Samahom in Bangkok

Bangkok also has its Champs Elysees. Its architectural The dominant feature is a white marble palace with a height of two floors. it throne room, but everyone can visit it – both citizens of the country and its guests The museum exposition is constantly updated. There are exhibited works of folk artists, as well as the work of students of the center arts and crafts Chitralada.

Bangkok Museums on the map

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The throne room of Ananta Samah: 13.771679, 100.513174National Gallery in Bangkok: 13.759075, 100.493966Siam Museum in Bangkok: 13.744114, 100.494155 National Museum in Bangkok: 13.757448, 100.492599Eravan Museum in Bangkok: 13.628487, 100.589072Jim House Thompson in Bangkok: 13.749155, 100.528384 Kamthieng House Museum Bangkok: 13.739221, 100.561599Madame Tussauds wax museum in Bangkok: 13.746392, 100.531681Museum Ancient city in Bangkok: 13.539295, 100.622931 Queen Sirikit textile museum in Bangkok: 13.751955, 100.490925A royal boat museum in Bangkok: 13.761947, 100.484595 Siriray Medical Museum in Bangkok: 13.758794, 100.485113 Palace Suan Pakkad in Bangkok: 13.756976, 100.536876 Royal Thai Air Force Museum in Bangkok: 13.919647, 100.621811 House Museum of the Premiere of Kukrit in Bangkok: 13.720258, 100.533559

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