What to see in Warsaw for 1-2-3 days – attractions

I know Warsaw is not very popular among tourists because visually does not look as remarkable as other European capital Cities. However, it must be remembered that it was completely destroyed by time of war, and subsequently restored. In general, it has that see, but the choice is not very big, enough for 1-2 days.

We once lived in Warsaw for 3 months. It is comfortable and relatively comfortable city. We liked it, maybe back here. again.

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  • 1 Russian-speaking excursions
  • 2 What to see in Warsaw
    • 2.1 Palace Square (Zamkow Plyas)
    • 2.2 Park Royal Lazienki
    • 2.3 Market Square
    • 2.4 Palace Museum in Wilanów
    • 2.5 Warsaw Historical Museum
    • 2.6 Palace of Culture and Science
    • 2.7 Krakow suburb
    • 2.8 National Museum
    • 2.9 Center of Science “Copernicus”
    • 2.10 Multimedia Fountain Park
  • 3 Map of Attractions

Russian speaking excursions

To quickly plunge into the culture of the city, it is easier take advantage of an individual excursion. Guide can be set questions, he will show and tell the most interesting. Special true if you are limited in time and come literally 1-2 day, and do not want to spend time preparing.

Look at various copyright ex options, maybe you something will do.

Excursions in Warsaw

What to see in Warsaw

Palace Square (Zamkow’s dance)

The center and heart of Warsaw, akin to the Red Square in Moscow or Maidan in Kiev. The royal palace of the 17th century is also located here. The palace is open for visiting the art museum. In the center Square – the third column of Sigismund. Nearby – the cathedral St. John’s Cathedral, where the Polish kings and spent all sorts of holidays and solemn ceremonies. The ancients the streets of the Palace Square create a unique flavor of the old cities: everything is saturated with the atmosphere and the spirit of history. Not intentionally The royal palace is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Read more about the old town.

The entrance is free.


Palace Square at Christmas

Park Royal Lazienki

This is a huge palace and park complex, spread out on area of 76 hectares. The park was laid out in the 18th century on the spot wild forest, which was once a hunting ground. The complex includes a number of pavilions, castles, spatial, landscape compositions. Here and the palace on the island (the palace of the last King of Poland Stanislav August Poniatowski), and Myslevitsky the palace in the style of early classicism, and the old greenhouse, and the Hermitage, where the royal collection of paintings, sculptures and numismatics. The park is also located the sanctuary of Diana, built in 1822 in the style of ancient Greek architecture. Warsaw residents come here to wander through the alleys and paths of the picturesque parka. And tourists – to admire the miracle of a three-century history: Royal Лазazienki combine the 18th century Royal Park, romantic – the 19th and modernist – the 20th. More about the park Lazienki.

Entrance fee: entrance ticket to the museums of енокazenok for an adult visitor costs from 5 to 10 zł. Daily rate season tickets for visits to all museums in the summer is 25 zł (in winter – 20 zł). On Thursdays – for free.

Lazienki ParkLazienki Park

Lazienki Park

Market Square

It was founded at the end of the 14th century and throughout its entire the stories had a constant shape: there were always fairs, folk festivals, holidays. Most of the old buildings were destroyed during World War II and reconstructed in last decades. On the square is one of the most famous sights – a sculpture of the Warsaw Siren, the symbol of the city. Also here are the House of Culture, Museum Literature and Historical Museum.

The entrance is free.

Palace Museum in Wilanów

At the end of the 17th century, this castle was built for King Jan III. Sobieski. The palace has a long and interesting history: he changed many aristocratic owners, each of whom contributed their changes in the architecture and structure of the palace. Elizaveta Sinyavskaya, August Strong, Jan Sigmund Deibel, Isabella Lubomirska, princes Potocki – this is an incomplete list of celebrities who lived in Wilanow Palace. Now there is a museum with an exhibition portraits of Polish monarchs from the 16th to the 19th century. The palace is surrounded as usual, a beautiful garden in two levels, with a lake and cascade stream.

Entrance fee: PLN 20 per adult.

Warsaw Historical Museum

Located on the Market Square in the Old Town. Located in Eleven houses, has three ancient courtyard. Mainly exposure Museum dedicated to the history of Warsaw. It was opened in 1939. Exhibits in 60 rooms they tell about the history of the city and the townspeople from the moment the emergence of Warsaw to the present day.

Entrance fee: about 9 zł per adult.

Palace of Culture and Science

It was built in 1952-1955 according to the idea of Joseph himself. Stalin’s Vissarionovich as a gift from the Soviet people to the Polish. It is the tallest building in Warsaw: 237 meters and 42 floors. There there are many institutions: libraries, theaters, post office, museums, company offices and even the Polish Academy of Sciences. Huge halls for conferences, concerts, performances and expositions, and, of course, observation deck, where you can admire views of the city. AT In 2000, on New Year’s Eve, the second largest size watches in Europe. Today it is the highest clock tower in the world. Views from the 30th floor.

Entrance fee: from 18 zł per adult.

Views of Warsaw from the 30th floorViews of Warsaw from the 30th floor

Views of Warsaw from the 30th floor

Krakow suburb

Krakow suburb – one of the most famous tourist routes of Warsaw. To see all the sights of this places, it will take more than one hour. Prospectus originates from the Castle square and leads south, connecting the modern center of Warsaw and the Old city. Walking through the Krakow suburb, you can see Kazimirovsky Palace (Warsaw University, known throughout world), the Academy of Fine Arts, the church of St.. Anna, several monuments and two luxury hotels. The movement of passenger cars Avenue is prohibited – you can only move here by taxi and passenger buses.

The entrance is free.

National Museum

One of the oldest museums in Warsaw, while it is equipped in the most modern style. Founded in 1862. Collected in its halls more than 800 thousand exhibits in 17 different collections. Row Unique galleries will interest connoisseurs of art and history: Gallery Faras, Gallery of medieval art and many others. Here is the largest painting in Poland “The Battle of the Grunwald” by Jan Matejko. History and ancient antiquity coexist here with ultra-modern lighting and exhibition equipment. Museum building – This is an architectural masterpiece in modern style. The museum is located on the shore Wisla, next to the park At Xenzhentsom.

Entry fee: from 15 zł per adult.

Center of Science “Copernicus”

The center was opened in 2010 with the support of the President of the city Warsaw. This institution combines the functions of the exhibition center, educational institution, research institute and polygon for discoveries and experiments. Idea to combine in one project education, popularization of science and existing scientific The center really causes interest and respect – it confirms endless stream of tourists. It is worth saying that there is no clear the route or program of the visit: the person decides that he wants see and what to try. This will help modern multimedia equipment, electronic signage and in general ubiquitous hi-tech. Planetariums, numerous exhibitions, devoted to the natural sciences and the surrounding world, physical laboratory, workshop of robots, thematic workshops, and support for a number of research projects made this place one of The most impressive sights of Warsaw.

Entry fee: from 27 zł per adult.

Multimedia Fountain Park

The multimedia fountain is a complex of hydraulic, musical and lighting devices, united under the control of a single system. The park is also a work of art architectural complex and instrument for creating light-sound show. At the heart of the design are two huge fountains, the so-called water body. 367 nozzles simultaneously emit 30 thousand liters water. The jets are highlighted by three hundred multi-colored reflectors. Everything This is complemented by an amazingly beautiful laser show. The multimedia fountains on Podzamche are located near the Vistula River and Old Town of Warsaw.

The entrance is free.

Attractions map

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