What to see in Liberec – my list attractions

Liberec is a small town in the northeast of the Czech Republic. Can be a pleasant stopover on your route en route to Germany, or with a circular route around the Czech Republic. Of course, here for the most part local sights (except for 2-3x), however Liberec well worth a stop for a couple of days.

I spent 4 days in it, managed to walk around the city and visit with a dozen sights, which will tell you about it post some top. And you will choose there that you look.

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  • 1 What to see in Liberec
    • 1.1 Mount Jested, TV tower and hotel
    • 1.2 Central Square and Town Hall
    • 1.3 IQ Landia
    • 1.4 Babilon Entertainment Center
    • 1.5 Botanical Garden
    • 1.6 Liberec Zoo
    • 1.7 Museums
    • 1.8 Castle Friedstein
    • 1.9 Castle Friedland
  • 2 Map of Attractions

What to see in Liberec

About my impressions of Liberec, I already wrote, not to repeat I will.

Mount Yested, TV tower and hotel

This is probably the very first place to come. Special, if you like mountains, views from the heights and trekking. All this is here. Up to the mountain you will reach the funicular, which can be regarded, as a separate entertainment (though only 5 minutes to go), and there already You can walk in the mountains for as long as you want.

Очень рекомендую остановиться в отеле в ТAT башне What to see in Liberec - my list attractions , если едете со второй половинкой, романтикаprovided. The hotel is average in quality, but the view from the window is incredible and the interior is not quite normal, he reminded me of a spaceship because of the windows. But the main thing is to be lucky with the weather, as if low clouds, you will see from the window only “nothing” and all the romance disappears. There’s also a restaurant in the TV tower, but frankly, not highly. However, you can take a cup of coffee calmly to warm yourself. in the winter. There is no more infrastructure there. Learn more about the tower and the hotel.

Ještěd TV Tower in Liberec Ještěd TV Tower in Liberec

TV tower Jested in Liberec

Hotel in Jested TV Tower Hotel in Jested TV Tower

Hotel in Jested TV Tower

Central Square and Town Hall

Typical for any city landmark, and you anyway on it you will appear, but it is necessary to mention all the same. So, this area same as everywhere: paved, surrounded by ancient buildings. On the eve of Christmas market is placed on it, and there is at least some dvizhuha, you can eat sausages, drink coffee or mulled wine, listen to speeches by local bands on stage. But here that definitely worth trying to do more so it is up to the lookout Town Hall, from where the view will open not only on the square below, but to the whole city. Including, in good weather, it will be possible see Mount Yested and the tower.

Sideways in the basement of the town hall (if you face her, then right) will be the entrance to a nice restaurant Radnicni sklipek with authentic the atmosphere. I was there, I recommend. Food is average but the choice of beer nice and the atmosphere is nice Czech. Read more about the town hall.

City square, view from the town hall City square, view from the town hall

City square, view from the town hall

Liberetskaya Town Hall Liberetskaya Town Hall

Liberec Town Hall

IQ Landia

Awesome stuff for kids. If you were in Moscow Experimental or in various scientific interactive museums of science abroad, here it is plus or minus the same. Several floors with various things that can be touched, twisted, twisted, comprehending physical processes. Honestly, I was there without a child but dropped out of reality for an hour, really interesting. Still there there is a planetarium, but you can do without it, nothing special. TO the same in English, everyone talks without knowing the language there nothing to do at all, but it costs some money More on IQ Landia.

IQ Landia - Science and Entertainment Center IQ Landia - Science and Entertainment Center

IQ Landia – Science and Entertainment Center

Entertainment center Babilon

The largest entertainment center in the Czech Republic. Is right opposite IQ Landia and occupies a decent area. Probably the most interesting here is a big water park. In addition to water activities, there is an amusement park, a race track, climbing walls, a mirrored labyrinth, sauna, laser tag and so on. The building used to be textile factory, so the interior is not quite typical for such institutions, usually built quite recently from glass and concrete. ВBabilone is a hotel if a friend wants to stay exactly there.

Botanical Garden

Whenever there is such an opportunity, I try to visit botanical gardens. No, I’m not an amateur gardener, but for some reason very It is interesting to look at strange plants, on the organization garden space, and stay in the man-made, but still little corner of nature.

Botanical Garden in Liberec done just fine! It is small and is a covered two-storey pavilion. Whole inside a collection of everything and everything: plants of different climatic zones, small aquarium, rainforest zone, ponds, scenery. Not I will list the names of plants, I do not understand anything about this. To me I remember the hall with the tropics, it’s stuffy, hot and humid, straight immediately remembered my favorite Thailand. As if traveled. I visited the botanical garden in the winter and it was open to the public, if that. Summer there will be something on the street, flowers, and refined area in front of the entrance to the pavilion (ponds with stones and trees in a circle). Read more about the botanical garden.

One of the tropical rooms in the Liberec Botanical Garden One of the tropical rooms in the Liberec Botanical Garden

One of the tropical rooms in the Botanic Garden Liberec

Liberec Zoo

A good zoo, less than in Prague, but the oldest in Czech Republic. Most of the area covered with forest, for animals created conditions close to natural due to the landscape instead of cells in many animals pens instead of cells. This zoo is the only place in central Europe where you can see whites tigers from bengal. Of course, do not expect a zoo-scale sights of a large city, but you will spend 2-3 hours in cozy and pleasant atmosphere.


In my opinion, this is not Liberec’s forte. They can just and do not attend. I only went to the Technology Museum, it is not far from the central square. The museum is quite small, but there, as they say knowledgeable people, very nice collection of old motorcycles. Apparently it is necessary to understand something in it, otherwise it is boring. I remember only 2 luxury old american cars – Dodge Chalenger and Edsel Ford, both end of the 50s. Would not refuse on such a ride.

Also in Liberec there is still the North Bohemian Museum and Museum cars, respectively, the first historical, the second is similar to technological and parochial too.

Technology Museum and American Cars Technology Museum and American Cars

Technological Museum and American Cars

Friedstein Castle

If you like ruins, then you here. Unfortunately, or to Fortunately, this is a tourist site and to be here alone, Climbing on the stones, will not work. But kamenyuki could survive to this day at least in such a state than if they were thrown on arbitrariness of fate. The place is picturesque, beautiful. Good idea to call in here on the way from Prague to Liberec, it will just be on the way, that is This castle is not in Liberec itself, but before entering him

By the way, Liberec has its own castle – Liberec, but it’s so-so, even externally, you do not immediately catch up that this is exactly the castle. It seems to me, do not waste time on it.

Castle friedland

This castle is preserved as it was in ancient times, and there is now a working museum dedicated to the commander Albrecht von Wallenstein and the 30 year war in which he participated. Honestly, I’m not sure what to go here. specifically, only if passing somewhere else. Just in case – the castle is not in Liberec itself, and 20 kilometers to the north of cities.

Attractions map

Arranged all the points on the map so that it would be more convenient for you to understand where and what, and how far from the center.

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