Old Town Square in Prague – a city in the city

Old Town Square is when you walk into Middle Ages. The effect is enhanced if at this point in the square Czech musicians have already launched their workplace. They create great mood, playing old music.

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Old Town Square

So much so that I do not even want to move. Fans series of games about the Witcher will surely faint from excess emotions right at the foot of the Tyn Church. The benefit is immediately located cafe of Czech cuisine (read – beer) Cafe u Tyna. Old Town The square is one of the best events, if not in your life, then in this vacation – for sure.

Here, inexplicably festive atmosphere. She covers you even in the early morning, if you decide to walk here without crowds of tourists. AT the air you catch the aromas of Czech sweets, delicacies and spices. And on the Old Town Square it smells exhilarating. by time.

Bygone eras, with incredible events and amazing by people. Who knew how to build amazingly beautiful buildings in which then they did not open supermarkets or banks, but simply lived in them.

Old Town Square in Prague - a city in a city

Old Town Square in Prague

Old Town Square in Prague

Tyn Church in Prague

Tyn Church in Prague

Around the square and in its center there are several large sights of Prague. In theory, you need to visit each separately and describe in a separate article, but. My visit to Prague “Winter 2018” was quite rich in the number of tasks. Therefore, I walked around the square only outside, without going into a cafe, on lookout and to the museum.

There are always a lot of people in the square. Many street performers, musicians, mimes, even have their own local freaks. Tourists don’t even crowds walk and flow in an endless stream ,. Better during rush hour do not come in order not to spoil your mood and shoes. Early morning, late evening – the most it is for walking around the square with the greatest comfort.

And – yes, in winter there are significantly less people here.

And the astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall

And the astronomical clock on the Old Town Hall

Old Town Square in Prague - a city in a city

Old Town Square in Prague - a city in a city

History reference

Stare Mesto until the 18th century was an independent city. Him the square until the middle of the 14th century served as the largest trading market. Which was then moved by decree of the king outside the city. After such an eviction, the area began to be built up with rich houses, and the district gradually became the residence of the then beau monde.

In the 14th century, the town hall was built here. In 1410 on it set the astronomical clock, which was created when heliocentric system. Therefore, understand how this beautiful astrolabe, given by no means everyone.

Through the Old Town Square lay the royal road, Leading to Prague Castle. Accordingly, it is often seen here. royal processions that moved to their residence. AT escort-free days various events were held here, from rallies before executions. Medieval Prague residents entertained as could

For example, in the 15th century after the execution of Jan Zheliwski here there were serious clashes between the poor and the authorities. Ian was the leader of the poor and the ardent Hussite, who started the Hussite wars. And after 12 years, the last Hussite was executed here. military leader – Jan Rogac. The history of Old Town Square is rich such episodes in every century.

Of the recent significant updates, the Old Town Square received a monument to Jan Hus, who was installed in the center of the square in 1915 year

Information to visit

There is a great viewing platform on the town hall.

The most beautiful time to visit in winter is Christmas. a week.

If you want to shoot astronomical clocks and figures on them with advantageous position, it is better to take place in 15-20 minutes.

Entrance to the area around the clock and for free.

Old Town Square in Prague - a city in the city
Old Town Square in Prague - a city in the city

On the map

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