What to bring from Prague – TOP souvenirs and gifts

I’ll be frank – I’m not the kind of traveler who spends his time on search for original souvenirs. I do not buy a separate one for them a suitcase and do not torment the forums with questions about the loyalty of customs inspections and freight rates. But the topic is claimed, you are interested, and I still bother with the question. I read what they write, walked in some places in Prague, looked at the range and prices. Besides conventional classical souvenirs that people are massively lucky from Prague, I added to my post a number of non-standard things, that your friends and family may like.

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What to bring from Prague

So, first the TOP souvenirs from Prague, which are considered to be a master hev for any tourist. It is based on the analysis of the first five search pages in Yandex, and it can be judged by what souvenirs in Prague will cost you the most. For demand creates supply, and in the tourism industry – also lifts the price (do not worry – Not all items of my top are so expensive).

  • Trdelnik
  • Czech Mole
  • Jewelry from Vltavina and pomegranate
  • Bohemian glass or crystal
  • T-shirts and caps with symbols of the Czech Republic
  • Liter Beer Mugs
  • Karlovy Vary wafers and gingerbread Pardubice
  • Becherovka, Fernet, Absinthe, Slivovice
  • Beer cosmetics and just cosmetics
  • Puppet dolls
  • Canned beer
  • Cheese and Meat Products
  • Magnets, commemorative coins
  • Czech porcelain
  • Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt
  • And now a little more detail about each of the souvenirs than he remarkable, and where you can buy it. If the place of purchase is not indicated, then you can buy in any place where there is a large tourist traffic. All addresses and shops from the text are marked by markers. on the map at the end of the article.


    Prague trdelnik is a bakery product. Hollow bun, I would generally call it a yeast dough cylinder, dusting. Trdelnik is eaten freshly baked without anything, or fill the hole with something tasty. Cream, ice cream or chocolate cream of your choice. In general – this is a classic Prague flavors, so bring him home and share with family and close – well-founded decision. The main thing to take care of packaging.

    Czech Mole

    Czech Mole is a character who is familiar to every Russian man since childhood. Character recognizable, popular and cute, why souvenirs with him – an unconditional favorite in selling. Mole make and individual figures, and soft toys, and put his image on any surface of any goods that can be sold. Charms, pencils, t-shirts, bags, in short – everywhere. It seemed to me very good a selection of souvenirs with Mole is on Celetna Street, in a shop Pohadka In general, I note that prices in Prague are very high. kicked up.

    Jewelry made of stone Vntavine and pomegranate

    Czech garnet and vltavin – two stones that are known to the whole world thanks to the tourist business in Prague. Well, a little bit – due to its attractiveness, although with respect to vltavin I would argued Pomegranate in the Czech Republic is really beautiful, different small stone size of 5-7 mm, so all that you will be Vparivat larger than these sizes – fake. When buying a must a certificate of quality must be issued. To purchase products with pomegranate, I recommend three brand stores “Granát, d.u.v. Turnov “(addresses found on the map below).

    The semi-precious stone “vltavin” has a meteoric origin. Supposedly 15 million years ago, in the region of the Vltava River in a meteorite fell in the southern part of the Czech Republic, around which still find this stone. The meteorite was rather big, for the radius Search for stones reaches hundreds of kilometers. The color of vltavina – like u bottle glass, with a color range from pale green to bright emerald. According to rumors from tourists (he did not check) – in Krumlov is the state shop with grenades and a vltavine, where prices are 30% lower.

    Bohemian glass and crystal

    When people do something for almost a thousand years – it becomes unique product. Bohemian glass and crystal is one of the most serious gifts you can bring from the Czech Republic. So that if you were brought from Prague a crystal vase, candy bowl, limonnitsa, glasses, or even an ashtray company Moser, it is true a sign that for the giver, you are not the last person. Caezar Crystal Bohemia, Gold Crystal, Jihlava, RONA and Riva Glass are considered most preferred brands when choosing utensils.

    T-shirts and caps with symbols of the Czech Republic

    Trite, but true: T-shirts and caps are leaving the souvenir trays stores like hot cakes. Buy a few “dacha” options – the easiest way to get away from not particularly demanding buddies or (with a fairly original design) even keep these things to yourself. Although, personally, I would never pull on yourself a t-shirt with the logo of Czech beer, for example. In the world enough advertising and I would not want to become man-banner.

    Liter Beer Mugs

    Also a classic of the genre, simple as a door. Ceramic options Mugs are just millions, so a gift for a mother, father-in-law, and even a father – here it is, in the palm of your hand. Although from my own experience I know that such circles as As a rule, they simply gather dust on the kitchen shelves or behind the glass of the cupboard. – it is inconvenient to drink from them, and even to wash in general you are tormented. So if and you will buy, then either watch the bigger and more practical circles, either bigger in size but smaller.

    Karlovy Vary waffles (karloské oplatky) and Pardubice gingerbread

    Thin, sweet, round (or triangular) plates with a print some kind of drawing. Different soft fillings are added to round waffles. who hide between the plates. Well, triangular waffles, size with a cake, usually made multi-layered, interspersed with filling. Sold in large supermarkets (and cheaper) and in tourist places. Easy to carry in baggage, price from 25 to 40 CZK

    Well, here are the Pardubice gingerbread, which was originally began to produce in the town of Pardubice. Special taste, pleasant flavor, unusual shapes and unusual decoration of gingerbread make not food, but real souvenirs. If desired, the gingerbread can be just put in a sideboard, it eventually dries and remains unchanged for many years.

    Czech alcohol: Becherovka, Fernet, Absinthe, Slivovice

    Becherovka – herbal traditional liqueur, the taste of which is not changes over 200 years. Do it in the Czech Republic, so that will a mistake not to bring from Becherovka’s homeland several copies for yourself and friends, connoisseurs of beauty. Becherovka is not only classic, but three more tastes: Becherovka Lemond – with citrus (20 °), Becherovka Cordia – from lime color (35 °) and Becherovka KV 14 – red aperitif (40 °). If there is no direct order for a specific drink, then I recommend taking a souvenir as a souvenir probes, from 2 to 4 pieces.

    Fernet Stoke – the original Czech strong liqueur on herbs. If a Becherovka can be bought in any city of the Russian Federation, then Fernet for export rarely leaves. In the Czech Republic, I saw him on the shelves in the alcohol section Albert store, but far from everywhere.

    Slivovitsa – purely Czech fruit brandy made on based plum juice. Taste is an amateur, but if among your acquaintances have an owner of a home bar, then for him it will be worthy addition to the collection.

    Absinthe is a hellish strong spirtoid (75 °) green, which was invented as a drug. In the best of times the drink contained thujone, which (as it was thought) contributed to the emergence of hallucinations, why ardently revered creative elite of Europe. But in the modern drink from the extract bitter wormwood was only the color, and the arrival of the drink – no more, than the usual alcohol intoxication. In addition to green (here attention), there is still red (with pomegranate extract) and black (roots wormwood) absinthe – that is interesting to carry as souvenirs.

    Beer cosmetics

    It is impossible to plump this cosmetics. The name is purely commercial, for attracting attention. In fact, all beer cosmetics just made based on beer ingredients. With all that said, cosmetics regularly performs its duties and will not remain dusty bathroom shelves. It seems to me the best purchase option – in a deuce at departure. Less worries and luggage weight, and the price is not much different from the main tourist shops.

    Dolls and puppets

    There are puppets – puppets. And there are dolls for collectors, hand-made, with particular precision, and dressed up in national clothes. Both those and others – pleasure not from cheap, and in principle, are collectible items. Shops with there are a lot of puppets, but in the national costume you have dolls You will find them in Pohadka Toys (available on the map below). Prices for dolls 10-12 centimeters – about 300 CZK. At the same time on the same dolls in other places prices vary from 600 to 800 crowns. It’s about plastic dolls, not about china, there prices – space.


    The original Czech product, familiar to us from erasers and crayons since childhood. But KOH-I-NOOR Hardmuch does production not only of pencils and gum, so that the hike in company store can be equated to the purchase of souvenirs. These people came up with a graphite pencil guys! There is something to see.

    Canned Czech beer

    In fact, the topic on the Internet sounds like “bring Czech in the Russian Federation beer “. In case you don’t know the preferences of beer addicts friends, take the main Czech brands, and not in the glass (although this tastier), but in banks. Weight is less, load is more compact, reliability shipments are higher. And, yes – canned beer will not explode when climbing on 11 km altitude, you can not bother with plastic bags.

    Cheese and Meat Products

    Traditional Czech cheese is Hermelin, which in composition and its quality something looks like a French Camembert. Nicely It goes well with white wine and beer. Served as an appetizer, or quite fry baked or pickled the form. Well, for a change, I recommend Gerarnont, Plesnivec, Niva and Vltavin. At the border is not selected, if not carry wholesale in batches. Buy in any large hypermarkets.

    Magnets, commemorative coins

    Here I have no comments. The same souvenir “garbage” that worthless and brings pleasure only to children and collectors like stuff. Sold everywhere.

    Czech porcelain

    According to an old tradition, Czechs paint their porcelain in style “onion”, and some murals are quite identical to our Gzhel. Most You will find an interesting selection of ceramics and porcelain on the street market. near Wenceslas Square. Dishes brought to this market has a more authentic look. More interesting and original than one that is massively sold in souvenir shops. And in May and September in the city of Beroun is held the fair of ceramics, where porcelain locals are procured. I myself did not get there yet, so information from eyewitnesses, and if you have something to add – wait in comments.

    Hard Rock Cafe T-shirt

    I’m a little off topic, but the network is quite common Tips for buying Hard Rock Cafe Praha T-shirts as souvenirs. I suspect that this is what happened because of the lazy copywriters over the years thoughtlessly copied someone’s original post, the author of which is really a fanite from the brand. If i am something I miss, and Hard Rock Cafe is a mastby and a valuable trophy, then write in the comments – why.

    The list of “classic” souvenirs from Prague is over. At the beginning post I promised you a few non-standard things that you can make souvenirs from Prague. The selection is made on the basis of its and someone else’s experience, and if you have some really interesting options, which I forgot or did not know – write in the comments.

    Smoked mackerel

    As well as brawn and smoked neck of different cooking. All this is sold in Prague supermarkets like Albert or Bills, not on the shelves of shops in the Russian Federation and is incredibly tasty and original gift for any friend or relative. Do not think that this is a trivial matter – it is rather a peculiar “taste Czech Republic “. You will have to hiccup for a long time on your return, while grateful recipients will savor your gift.

    Stained glass windows

    Not to say that interest in Czech stained glass is massive character, which is explained by the specifics of the subject itself. But if you looking for something out of the ordinary, for very important in your human life, and you are sure that he has an interest in this kind of thing, a stained glass window from Prague is the most it. For transportation fragile things can be purchased packaging material at the post.

    Christmas decorations

    Unobvious, but so simple and unjustly ignored. version of souvenirs, which in our time is very relevant. Considering that the amount of plastic junk that is sold in department stores RF under the guise of Christmas decorations, Czech glassware – The perfect gift for any person. The main thing is that he does not was in the house of cats.


    The price tag here is not the most humane, but the choice is among items truly authentic. What exactly to buy – you decide yourself, the main thing here is to reach and not be ashamed of the word “antiques”. it Not necessarily cumbersome granny dresser or dressing table. Antique There are also small items.


    In any large shopping center. The quality of gloves – in the Russian Federation such still need to search, prices are within reason, but the choice of models and flowers chic. In all stores make out tax-free.

    Coffins cakes and pills for children

    In Café Márnice (point on the map) funny cakes are sold in form of coffins – the Czechs love the afterlife theme. if you have fans of Tim Burton or true Goths – take the box and Carefully take the sweet gift home. And in any grocery the store you can buy sweet dragee Lentilky. It is inexpensive, and children lose consciousness from him (in a good way, of course).

    Knife-keychain factory Mikov

    For boys from 5 to 65 years old, a knife-shaped gift is immortal classics. The legendary brand Mikov, excellent quality, and The price of the issue is like a magnet on a refrigerator. They become indispensable thing in everyday life. No need to shell out for full knives: there is little point in them if a person is not a fan of hunting or hikes

    Spice Sets

    Any hostess or lover of cooking suitable for collection set of spices “in Czech”. Not for everyday use, but on several national dishes will be enough.

    Krzhemelik and Vakhmurka

    No less popular and interesting cartoon characters, action figures and images which are suitable for souvenir. Although perhaps before donation (or at the same time), you should give a flash drive with cartoons. Suddenly the bestowed person is not at all aware going on.

    Grandma-Ezhka with a laugh

    Already daunting, but still, a funny gift. Classic bag laughter, stylized Baba Yaga or other characters. By pressing on a hidden button or clap hands, from the figure is distributed hellishly infectious laughter that can with equal success cause laughter or heart attack. Watching who presses and when on the button. For example, if the Grandma is forgotten by everyone on the cabinet, and on the button came your cat in the morning, then everyone will have a heart attack including a cat (this is an example from life, not a joke).

    Karlovy Vary stone souvenirs

    In Karlovy Vary, as you know, there are mineral sources. Some of the sources contain the beyond the amount of calcium aragonite that settles on the surface any item that is lowered into the source. In short, if put down the rose for a decent time – it will turn to stone. In this way, unique and original souvenirs are created that arrive before Prague, just in Karlovy Vary, they are cheaper.

    Czech wines

    Tastes differ, so I do not propose to discuss my a selection of. Just give a list of wines that (in my humble opinion) have the right to use or purchase as a souvenir from Czech Republic.

    • Frankovka and Modry Portugal
    • Cabernet sauvignon
    • Rundské modré
    • Svyatovavrzhinetsky
    • Svatovavřinecké
    • Zweigeltrebe
    • Veltlínské zelené
    • Palava
    • Classy ryzlink
    • Muller thurgau
    • Chardonnay
    • Rulandske bile
    • Moravsky muskat
    • Sauvignon

    Original Czech Handmade

    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    Rings with a scattering of beads and colored liquid Rings with a scattering of beads and colored liquid
    Rings with a scattering of beads and colored liquid
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    Lids for cups Lids for cups
    Lids for cups
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    Stand for glass Stand for glass
    Cup holder
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts
    What to bring from Prague - TOP souvenirs and gifts

    The norms of transportation of products from the Czech Republic to the Russian Federation

    Well, now briefly about the norms of transportation through customs. Czechs they let out with everything that you bought, but on the border with the Russian Federation you already waiting for restrictions.

    Allowed to import into the Russian Federation no more than 5 kilograms of finished products animal origin per person: canned food, sausage, fish products, heat treated and finished dairy products (including cheese).

    It is prohibited to import without original packaging for meat, fish, meat and dairy products. They must be sealed, otherwise customs has the right to request you permission Rosselkhoznadzor for import, as well as a veterinary certificate from the Czech Republic.

    Alcohol import duty at 3 liters per person (from 18 years). Check your absinthe for the amount of thujone are unlikely to be, so if you are lucky enough to buy the right absinthe – carry calmly

    On the map

    On the map, all souvenir shops are marked with markers of the sea. colors. Press + or – to zoom, markers can block each other when far away from the surface land.

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