Transport in Warsaw – buses, subways, bicycles

Warsaw is a hefty enclave: two million inhabitants plus transit tourists and tourists. And if not for competent logistics, developed, working on the clock transport network, the city would have choked with human flow and stood rooted to the spot. Fortunately, the infrastructure in Warsaw well thought out. There are: metro, trams, buses, taxis, automatic bike rental system. In addition, valid high-speed railway that connects Warsaw with suburbs. And most importantly – the work of public transport. almost does not stop during the day. For example, the subway in Friday – Saturday plowing until three in the morning. Most buses Daily goes to the line at 5 am, they are replaced by night from 11 pm and half past four, that is, buses work almost around the clock.

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  • 1 Buses, trams and metro in Warsaw
  • 2 Bicycle paths and bike rental in Warsaw
  • 3 Fare and tickets
  • 4 Jakdojade Transport Application (Yakdoyad)

Buses, trams and metro in Warsaw

The most developed network is a bus: about 200 routes, covering 2600 km of the capital. Less developed – the subway, it continues to build. According to recent data, has two lines of length more than 20 km: north – south (22 stations), west – east (6 stations). The second branch will probably open only in 2015. So convenient Metro primarily to those who are based in the northern and partly southern areas of the capital. By the way, the Warsaw Metro has more fresh, modern look than Moscow, since opened in 1995 year

Buses in Warsaw Buses in Warsaw

Buses in Warsaw

Metro in Warsaw Metro in Warsaw

Metro in Warsaw

Metro in Warsaw Metro in Warsaw

Metro in Warsaw

Metro map of Warsaw Metro map of Warsaw

Warsaw metro map (from Wikipedia)

The tram is not as developed and dense as bus: 34 lines; trams do not look at every the street. But it has its advantages. For example, the range of motion – 5-10 minutes. Or – additional routes operating in peak hours and even days. Particularly interesting trams in the morning and evening a time when traffic is difficult. By tram lines – unlike the Russian tradition – cars do not go, so the tram congestion is not a hindrance. Although there are traffic jams in Warsaw that they are not at all traffic jams after Moscow :)

New tram in Warsaw New tram in Warsaw

New tram in Warsaw

Old tram in Warsaw Old tram in Warsaw

Old tram in Warsaw

Public transport runs clearly on schedule. At the bus and tram stops always hangs the schedule of one or another route. It was literally a time when the bus was waiting, but it was not was, but it was not at all that day, or the route has changed, or something else.

Of the minuses it should be said that the buses are already painful, sharply take off, stop abruptly. On the one hand, fast you get to the place, on the other hand, you feel firewood.

Cycle paths and bike rental in Warsaw

Bike lanes and well-established bike rental system – separate curious topic. Did not recognize in detail, but throughout the central part cities are located rental locations where you can take a bike in one place, and give in another. Conveniently! Payment only unfortunately not a bank card, but a little different. But if there is a local sim card, then you can pay with her balance. In general, it seemed to me that the city has a lot of cyclists, moreover, they drive on quite ordinary urban and inexpensive models.

In addition to bicycles there is also a taxi, for those on the contrary, wants to hurry.

Bike paths in Warsaw Bike paths in Warsaw

Bicycle paths in Warsaw

Bicycle rental in Warsaw Bicycle rental in Warsaw

Bicycle rental in Warsaw

Bicycle rental payment, information in Russian Bicycle rental payment, information in Russian

Bicycle rental, information in Russian

Bike rental point map in Warsaw Bike rental point map in Warsaw

Map of bicycle rental points in Warsaw

Fares and tickets

There are also a number of convenient nuances that can not be noted. Ticket for travel – one for all types of transport, as in Singapore or Budapest, and more recently in Moscow. Sold everywhere: in vending machines at metro stations and near bus stops, in kiosks print ruch and ordinary, inside the bus in the machine, as well as tram / bus driver.

The price of a travel is variable and depends on two parameters: a zone, which you intend to cross – urban (1) and suburban (2); and the time during which they intend to ride (from 20 minutes to seven days). For example, a ticket for 20 minutes costs 3.4 pln, a ticket for 75 4.4 pln minutes. I often did so, bought a ticket for 75 minutes and managed On it to return home (a trip to the store).

Automatic near the bus stop Automatic near the bus stop

Automatic near the bus stop

Machine for buying tickets inside the bus Machine for buying tickets inside the bus

Car for buying tickets inside the bus

Information in Russian Information in Russian

Information in Russian

Tickets for public transport in Warsaw Tickets for public transport in Warsaw

Tickets for public transport in Warsaw


  • In the vending machines on the street, you can pay for the ticket with banknotes, small change and by credit card, but in the machine inside the bus only card.
  • In the machine, which is located inside the bus, 20-minute 3.4 pln tickets are not for sale, only 4.4 pln and more. Tickets for 3.4 pln need to buy in the machines on the street or in the postal kiosks.
  • Bus drivers, as I understand it, want to get money without change, so it may be difficult for a tourist to buy a ticket without possessing trifles.
  • A ticket bought on a bus in a vending machine is not necessary. to compost. Time is worth it right away. Tickets purchased on the street in the machines and kiosks, it is necessary to compost.
  • Inside the old trams vending machines are not discovered. In the new trams, too, did not see, but maybe they are. Also, the old tram does not go with a stroller, the floor is very high.

I really liked the opportunity to buy tickets through the bank. map is very convenient. Ran into the bus and then you automatic. Neither little things do not have to go to the kiosk along the road.

Jakdojade transport application (Yakdoyad)

I am also delighted with the transport application (version for Android version for iPhone). It is just mega-mega convenient for a person who does not know the city. You can completely relax and generally Do not prepare for a trip to Warsaw, studying routes and schedules. Everything is in the application, you need only the Internet in your phone (3G Internet in Warsaw) and knowledge of the destination address, well, or where it is on the map. I used the cards, because my memory is much better for them than for addresses.

The application is simple, I think it will not be difficult to understand.

  • You have two options for building a route: by specifying an address for Point B (End Point) or by selecting a point on the map. Point A (Start Point) will be determined by your GPS coordinates.
  • After you have chosen a point and a point destination you click Search and get a list of routes with bus / tram / subway numbers, single transfer points transport to another and travel time.
  • You need to choose a route and see it on the map, so you will find out where the stop nearest you is from where you are start your journey.
  • After boarding the vehicle, you can stay on the same screen. with a map and watch your bus / tram ride. The map will be marked stops and transplant site. Or you can go to mode Navigate, which is designed to control the process trips, but in my opinion in it is particularly useful additional information.

Besides Yakdoyad (or Yakdoyade) there is also an official schedule. buses on the official site, where you can also build trip itinerary and download the app for your phone.

P.S. The article does not pretend to all the nuances, as it was used in mostly by bus and only in the first zone.

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