Thongsai Bay Beach – private beach Hotel Thong Sai Bay Hotel

Thongsai Bay bay beach is one hundred meters amazing calm beauty. The beach is located on the northern part of Samui, facing eastward, bordered at the edges by huge rocks and is closed пляжем отеля Thong Sai Bay Hotel Thongsai Bay Beach - private beach Hotel Thong Sai Bay Hotel .

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  • 1 Description of the beach
  • 2 Entry into the water, depth and waves
  • 3 Sun beds and shade
  • 4 Beach Photos
  • 5 Infrastructure
  • 6 Houses and hotels on the beach
  • 7 How to find a beach
  • 8 beach map

Beach description

The sand strip on the beach is quite wide, about 40 meters and not varies throughout Tongsai. The sand is coarse, light yellow and medium friability. Clean maintain the hotel staff, cleaning rubbish and smoothing sand in the morning. Crowded beach name It is impossible, mainly on the shore, the hotel guests are walking. Here you can come alone, it is not forbidden, and you will even be allocated Golf cart for a comfortable descent to the water.

But to use the beach equipment will not succeed, only for their own. In case anyone is interested in reading about other places, I have a brief overview of all the beaches of Samui, will help you decide in choosing a beach.

Entry, depth and waves

The sea on Tongsai is deep, very comfortable to enter and slightly dangerous for a single swim, the depth increases almost immediately, in 3-4 steps. The bottom is loose, from the same sand as on the beach, and closer to the edges begin underwater cliffs. For children is not suitable for certain. Waves are constantly due to the depth.

Sun beds and shade

As was said – the hotel is expensive, everything is very civil and serious. The administration keeps accordingly, the public walks in whites shirts and noble reverie in the eyes. It’s clear that people are far from poor, so it is logical that their comfort guarded with increased zeal. Aliens are not welcome here. Show the beach will be shown, they will even be allowed to stay, but they immediately warn that the beach, the restaurant and the pool are open only for hotel guests.

So on Tongsai there are two options for rest: die from the heat on empty beach, or drag your umbrella and break the system. There is no natural shadow on Tongsai at all.

Beach photo

plyazh-thongsai-bay-01 plyazh-thongsai-bay-01

plyazh-thongsai-bay-02 plyazh-thongsai-bay-02

plyazh-thongsai-bay-03 plyazh-thongsai-bay-03

plyazh-thongsai-bay-04 plyazh-thongsai-bay-04

plyazh-thongsai-bay-06 plyazh-thongsai-bay-06

plyazh-thongsai-bay-07 plyazh-thongsai-bay-07

plyazh-thongsai-bay-05 plyazh-thongsai-bay-05


The area around Tongsai beach is very deserted. On the right is a mountain on the left. – mountain, behind – mountain. Everything you need for life can be obtained in the hotel. But if you pick up a house for rent, one of those hidden behind Tongsai Road, then all the comforts of civilization will turn out to be a kilometer away, on Chong Monet, on the 4171 road.

The section of this road that passes through the Chong Mona district, similar to the one-way road on Lamai. There are mini-markets, tourist shops, travel agencies, equipment rental, bottle gas stations, cafes, restaurants, laundries, massage parlors and a market. Banks, ATMs, bars, workshops and so on and so forth.

In the evenings, a walking street is formed here, and on Wednesdays pass night fairs. These fairs unfold only on The most crowded places on the island: Maenam, Bo Phut, Chong Mon, Chaweng and Lamai Chong Mon has a very good infrastructure and provides everything you need for a good rest and stay. Immediate attractions for living in Tongsai:

  • Temple Pla Laem Sor (Plai Laem Sor);
  • Temple Nuan Naram (Wan Nuam Naran);
  • Big Buddha (Big Buddha).

Five kilometers from Tongsaya is the airport of Koh Samui. Airplanes on the beach itself can not be heard, no discomfort from this neighborhood is not felt. Airplanes usually land or soar over Bang Rak and Chaweng beaches. But the cost of a taxi to airport is low. On the beach there is only a restaurant. For their own.

plyazh-thongsai-bay-08 plyazh-thongsai-bay-08

Houses and hotels on the beach

The hotel on the bank of Tongsai is the only one, this is the Thong Sai Bay Hotel Thongsai Bay Beach - private beach Hotel Thong Sai Bay Hotel with a price tag of $ 300 per night. In radius two kilometers from the beach there are several resorts with houses for rent, several large construction projects are underway, so there are houses. For example, Samui Grove Villas .

Finding housing will work out, and the place to live on the island is one of the best ones, considering that the infrastructure of Chong Mona is all near by. But here the beach for daily swimming, you probably will like some next door, without such difficulties. Tongson or Chong Mont

If you want to book a hotel here in advance or search for accommodation on other beaches, I have a selection of hotels on Samui with good rating and reviews.

Hotels near Tongsai →

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For the lazy, here are the direct links to the hotels listed above:

  • Thong Sai Bay Hotel Thongsai Bay Beach - private beach Hotel Thong Sai Bay Hotel
  • Samui Grove Villas

How to find the beach

You can find Tongsai following the signs to the hotel. Need to go on road 4171 in the direction of Chong Mona. Passing Big Buddha, be on the alert – after 300 meters a protracted turn will begin. Without going into it need to turn left. This is a T-junction in the open, without buildings and trees, which in itself is rare on the island. Then follow the signs to the hotel itself.

Beach map

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